Thursday, June 30, 2005

Being Bobby Brown

DJ Diva's 20 Bits on Being Bobby Brown

1. How the hell did Bobbi Kristina fit under the sink?
2. Why did Momma Whitney say that she and Bobby were gonna try and make a baby and shut the door in the kid’s face. Why do I respect her gangsta for that? I’d shut my door in a nanosecond for some nookie.
3. Why the hell were Bobby and Whitney dancing in sync in the gift shop? Popping locking and the cashier was dumbfounded?
4. Why was I so happy to hear Whitney say she wanted to eat something?
5. I felt so bad for her when those white folks wouldn’t leave her alone. Like she was a circus animal. It was hard to watch.
6. Whitney threatening to knock the shit out of Bobby was priceless. Him threatening to sue her was equally so.
7. It was refreshing to see their kids acting up. My twins aren’t the only troublemakers out there.
8. Quote: “Some of these women just don’t give a fuck”. My sentiments exactly Bobby!
9. The Soldering tool commercial let me write more. But then again…I may need to order that thing and fix some ish round here.
10. Two crackheads in a hammock. Wow.
11. “Court is Daddy Day”
12. Whitney reminded me of C…talking about ass related topics while folks is eating
13. Why must they perform wherever they go?
14. I learned about the warning signs of a stroke. And I paid attention.
15. I loved watching Whitney rub Bobby’s ashy feet with lotion. My tendency to perform pedicures for my man is not looking so bad now. And how come I didn't know she was so funny?
16. illllll Bobby Brown dug a turd out of Whitney’s ass? Did I need to know that?
17. Eddie Murphy references? Nice one!
18. Men take forever to order food. Bobby is no exception.
19. Laughter is very important in a relationship. They may act silly…but doesn’t that feel good yall?
20. I’m ready to get down with the get down.



I'm going to be talking about this in about an hour for the Ness Digi show...but I needed to get this out first. I watched the awards at BLVD on Spring and Bowery street. Pictures can be seen at Nice place, great atomosphere..I'll be going back.

But back to the post....

OMG Jay-Z better watch that hot country bootie. Terrance Howard is very hot right now...and Jay is retiring. Hmmmm. Terrance is also a full blooded dude. Did you see the sparks? I certainly did. And no offence...but Beyonce picks Terrance Howard, Kelly picks Nelly, and Michelle picks Magic Johnson? What the F? I'm going to be a little rude here but reality hurts. Magic still has the virus...of everybody she could pick...she picked him. O..K. Michelle is clearly not dealing with a full deck. And Magic still has Cookie catering to him. Let's not mention her mistep on the steps when they came out. It was reminicent of the James Debarge mistep on Motown 25. (aging myself again) Also similar to Michelle falling out on 106 and Park. Michelle is just off period.

Poor Lauren
The chile has just lost it. What in the hell was she wearing? A mushroom? Jesus. and the Prince ruffle shirt? She couldn't hit a note if she had a bat. Good dick can sometimes make you lose your that Marley boy must have somethin special.
and Wyclef looks like he’s searching for her sanity. Really…are we that enthused about a Fugees reunion now? I might have to pass.

I was going to include all these pics for this post…then decided to just list my points.

20 bits about the Bet Music Awards

1. I’m sick of Jada acting so tart. A lemon wouldn’t be as sour as this chick. Damn…is that what it takes to keep Will? I guess I’m just too sweet.
2. How come Kanye was so sick over not winning a White award, but doesn’t show up to BET? Something’s funny…
3. Where in the hell was Ursher? His popping and locking behind could have had an old school pop off with Omarion.
4. Honestly, I prefer Omarion anyway.
5. Why majority of the winners…didn’t come to the damn show? They ass wouldn’t have gotten no award. I would have changed the name on the envelope for those folks that showed up. If you don’t come to the gets no plate!
6. I watched his performance…and I have decided I don’t give a (what) about a Mike Jones. Back then I didn’t know you, now I wish I never saw you. Too many negroes on stage. I think if I drank the sizzurps, I would understand swisha or whatever the hell that slow, retarded music is…
7. Mary, Mary, quite contrary…how does your afro grow? And go blond…with black roots? Can we talk about the boots? How about the voice? Got happy with the song and nobody could understand what the hell she was saying!
8. America’s Last Year’s Top Model’s neck looks so long…like those African folks with the rings around it. Should have been dancing with Luda.
9. I love Terrance Howard
10. I love Terrance Howard
11. Stevie Wonder messed up the song. Be Honest! I’m sick of hearing that dang song anyway. Crying about being Ordinary.. Didn’t John Legend have anything else on the album they want to release? I would have rather seen Stevie perform “What’s the Fuss”.
12. T.I. with Sheila-E was the shit. He looked soooo good in a suit (more of yall need to try it). It was so cool to see the combination.
13. Remy Martin. I told yall awhile back she looked like Magilla Gorilla. Then she comes out with a leopard bra talking about she wants to be Beyonce when she grows up. Dumbest comment of the night. You already grown! We got to see it all with that outfit you had. Lord have mercy. The blond bangs are not cute. No matter what Precious and nem told you.
14. Ying Yang…more like Frick and Frack…Let one of dem try and whisper in my ear…Tekken 2..down Kick kick left. Knockout!
15. Why do we love it when fat men take off their clothes? Fatman Scoop stole that one from Missy..
16. Anthony Hamilton was also hilarious after being rushed by the Set It Off girls. Jada’s outfit was little off.
17. Mariah? I can only shake my head. What the Hell was that? No Shake it Off, No Stay the Night, No Say Somethin with Snoop? She could have at least done the remix with Jadakiss and Styles. She was on BET…perfect place to do it.
18. Faith and the tattoos. After 30…it’s not cute anymore. It’s too much!
19. Toni Braxton still has it…I just didn’t necessarily want to see it.
20. Gladys needs to free the porcupine on her head.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


The NESS DIGI show is a smooth, well-informed and comfortable arena where we talk about various issues and critique new music. It’s broadcast live on Thursday mornings from 3am to 6am on 90.3 FM in Harlem, NY. If you can’t get the station, it is also available here for your internet listening pleasure. NESS also spins some of the hottest mixes out there in radio world. DJ Diva, Kwazo (Riverside Representa), JAM 1 and Skits combine to lend their opinions and to bring up relevant topics for the Hip-Hop community. Some of the topics we've discussed were:

Gullibility within the Hip Hop community
Michael Jackson’s exoneration
Cassidy’s arrest

On last week’s show a few songs that were critiqued were:

“She’s got kids” by Lyfe Jennings
Comments: He is definitely an artist to watch. The subject matter of the song is explosive. His voice lends a credibility to emotions he experiences while trying to reconcile his own vulnerabilities to the situation. The song was pumped by all.

“I Know” by Raphael Saadiq featuring Shuggie Otis
Comments: Great cut off his LP. Has a Prince feel to it. Raphael diversifies his CD with different rhythms and genres; this gives the listener a variety of tunes by Mr. Saadiq. The song was pumped.

“Clap those things” by Mobb Deep featuring 50 Cent
Comments: Great commercial track for an underground group. The song was pumped. (yes, even by me)

One of the topics we recently discussed was the question of using the word “Nigger” in our everyday vocabulary. Leading etymologists have concluded that the word nigger is derived from the Spanish word Negro: which was used to describe the color black. The white Europeans and Americans working with the Spanish slavers picked up on the word and changed it to suit their own purpose. Nigger was used by European and American whites to impose contempt upon blacks as an inferior race. The word was also used to describe blacks who had negative characteristics: lazy, ignorant, angry, physically strong, animalistic, obsessively self indulgent and prone to wanton violence.

There developed an interesting habit of using the word nigger as a prefix to describe an action or event. One interesting term is “niggerlipping”- wetting the end of a cigarette while smoking it. There was also a puzzle game called “Chopped Up Niggas”

Now the word nigger is described as a term of endearment by blacks done with irony that is based on an understanding of the term’s racist origins and a presumed close relationship with the person they are saying it to. It’s now a symbol of Street Authenticity. The Dictionary of Afro-American Slang defines it as “nigger is a racial term with undertones of warmth and goodwill reflecting a sensibility that is aware of black history”.

Some of the questions raised on the show were:

Knowing the history of the word, how can black people use it as a term of endearment?
Why are we so uncomfortable when we hear other races use the term?
Should they be allowed to use it in the same manner that we do?
Why is it that we never see the Jews calling each other “Kikes” in a friendly manner or Hispanics using the word “Spic” when greeting each other, but “Wassup Nigga” is so acceptable?

If you want to chime in on any of these topics, feel free to leave a comment below.

Monday, June 27, 2005


so icey

"I'm da shit
Is this a chain on my neck, or the watch in my wrist
Maybe the ice in my ear, or my bracelet
" - Gucci Mane

All White Affair at Mad 28 on 28th Street in Madison Ave. Carmella and I met up with some friends from ELS to celebrate her departure from NY. Yeah we still celebrating...yall know how we do!


Carmella, Traci,Aretha and Me

els crew

The place was nice. Very opulent with comfortable couches and Mediterranean decor. The wine bottles lined up on a ledge near the ceiling reminded me of my dorm room at Temple :) The people were ok, I guess. Everyone showed up in all white...males included. That was great.

Now what I found strange was the chick on chick action going on. I'm as open-minded as possible, but I think that it wasn't sincere. I don't believe that all of the girls grinding with girls were lesbians. If so, then I was at the wrong party! What I really believe is that the girls who were grinding? They were only doing it for male attention. It is a long standing fact that most men fantasize about menage a trois. And with the attitude that men in New York have, women need to step up their game to be noticed. Hence the lesbianic displays such as lap dancing and bumping uglies. To each his own, this is true, but sweethearts don't do it just for a dude's attention. If you meet a man in a club after dancing nasty with your girlfriend, chances are you won't be going to his family's house for Thanksgiving. But hey, do what makes you feel good.

You better not come near me though....I am strictly d____y(fill it in) and it will definitely be a Girlfight (Remy Martin's verse) if your ass comes near me.

Get some f-ing decorum anyway. Didn't ya momma teach you how to be a lady?

Mine did.

Monday, June 13, 2005

My Power

I have the power
To make you feel total joy
In my hands and under my care
All of your fears I will destroy

You don’t understand me?
Need further proof?
Well, let me explain
And tell you what I can do

With me, you might have to exercise
And keep a close eye on your weight
Between my knowledge and thirst to please
You will eat the best food you ever ate

When you need to talk
And express your dreams
Away from you, I would never walk
Believing in you, my face would continuously beam

The burdens of this world
Rest heavily on your shoulders
I will ease your load
Because my optimism will move boulders

A best friend?
You’ll never have a better one than me
Tell me all your secrets
While nestled next to me

Your physical desires will be
The easiest for me to handle
Your wants are my needs
For you I am the everlasting candle (hot)

You will feel like a total man
Never to be ruled or controlled
All I ask is for Honesty, Respect and Love
And an occasional hand to hold

This may be a boast
And you may not comprehend
But my powers are mighty
And my talents have no end

The man that captures my attention
Is very lucky indeed
To have my focus attuned
To all of his special needs

I almost feel sorry
For those who failed to understand me
As I watch them struggle through life
Without the help of my abilities

For I was created as a helpmeet
And this fact has never left me
I will always support my man
and do it powerfully.


Wednesday, June 08, 2005



All right, all right...I put the pen down and put on the headphones... Full of Divaness (components needed to be a Diva)

I have graduation party to do this month so I had to get into DJ Diva mode...The Radio Show with NESS DIGI is on tonight. Sooo check me out from 3am-6am..
Here's your DJ DIVA for the month...each of these songs I would drop a bomb to...and I don't put a song on the list if I can't listen to everything straight thru. And I'm still Mariah heavy. She's Number One Right NOW!

La Tortura by Shakiera is just hot...I don't care that it's in Spanish..Alejandro Sanz steals my breath away with his gravely voice..Besides I'm Dominican so I can understand the lyrics...

Anyway, detailed reasons for my choices here. Holla at ya girl!

June Jamz

1. Common - Corners Remix
2. Fat Joe ft Nelly - Get It Poppin
3. Memphis Bleek - Like That
4. The Pussycat Dolls - Don't Cha (Feat. Busta Rhymes) -
5. Timberland & Magoo feat Fat Man Scoop - Now Drop
6. Pitbull - Tomo (Lil Jon)
7. Teairra Mari, Joe Budden - Make Her Feel Good (Remix)
8. Brooke Valentine ft Da Brat, Miss B, & Remy Martin - Girlfight (Remix)
9. Mariah Carey - Say Somethin' (Feat. Snoop Dogg)
10. Mariah Carey - Get Your Number (Feat. Jermaine Dupri)
11. Gucci Mane ft. Young Jeezy - Icey
12. Shakira feat. Alejandro Sanz - La Tortura
13. Jay-Z - Dear Summer
14. Mariah Carey Ft. Styles P. And Jadakiss - We Belong Together (Remix)
15. Mariah Carey - Stay The Night
16. Nick Cannon feat Anthony Hamilton - Can I Live?
17. Marques Houston - All Because Of You
18. Trey Songz - Just Got To Make It (Feat. Twista)
19. 112 - What If
20. Destiny's Child - T-Shirt

Monday, June 06, 2005

25 Years To Life


I don't know what I ever do without you
from the beginning 'til the end
You've always been here right beside me
so I call you my best friend
Through the good times and the bad ones
whether I lose or if I win
I know one thing that never changes
and that's you as my best friend
- Brandy

Wow, what a weekend! Carmella and her children spent the weekend with me. The twins were ecstatic and it was cool to kick it with my bestest friend. Chilling in my bed, with Coronas, silk pajamas, the backdoor open, letting in the coolest breeze, while talking about everything from Michael Jackson to the dumb chicks having a Girlfight. We revisited my most painful episode, I revealed a co-conspirator role in the chaos, and she could see that I have finally healed. She's leaving me...well at least she's leaving NY.

She's got her ticket
I think she gonna use it
I think she going to fly away
No one should try and stop her
Persuade her with their power
She says that her mind is made
-Tracy Chapman

I haven’t talked about it much…but I am gonna miss the HELL out of her! Since she moved here from Memphis 25 years ago, she has been the counterpart of every aspect of my life. 25 years of playing Robin to her Batman, and then developing an equality similar to Storm and the Phoenix (me of course!). How do I describe those nights? She would cry because she missed Tennessee and I would promise her she was going back. Now she is going back and I’m going to spend nights crying because I miss my best friend. I am so immensely happy for her and want her to have everything she dreamed of. And which she has achieved. But I still think of those nights when she was 14 and I was 11, she made me tell her stories to help her go to sleep. Every night. And I loved it! She saw my talent early. She let me hang with her teenage friends and spying on her from the back room, I saw her first kiss. Carmella took me to my first real club. The Clubhouse on 57th and 5th Avenue, also known as the Silver Shadow. She was amazed that I danced all night until 5 am. She laughed when I couldn’t get up the next morning. She dressed me up at 17, to go to Bentley’s for the first time. Spandex dress complete with Kewpie Doll make-up (red lipstick, blue eyeliner and pink blush). Then sleeping on the 4 train because I made her stay out till 6 am again! She forced me to buy my equipment, because as she put it “you already a damn DJ, just buy the shit already so I can go to parties for free”. You know, she was right. I am just that good. There are so many experiences, late nights, arguments and even a fist fight (I still say I won! LMAO). But these 25 years with my best friend, confidante, advisor and one of the most important loves of my life have been wonderful. There’s no other way to describe it. Simply Wonderful. One of my twins has her name and her youngest bears mine as well. We may be separated by 800 miles, but we think of it as just 18 hours…less than a day…so you know we’ll be racking up plenty of mileage!

We are both spreading our wings…but we’ll fly to the same nest sometimes.

Now let me work on this book because she needs me to get her on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

I Love You Dog!


Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Ying and the Yang of it/ NESS DIGI YALL


Debra Lee is now the head of BET. Who is she? I took a look over her profile / various interviews and found some interesting information. Ms. Debra and her executives explained in a sales presentation to advertisers in New York, that BET's focus is reaching black viewers aged 18-to-34 with music programming as its primary focus. I don’t watch BET. Not for the videos..I watch MTV Hits (more variety)…not for the comedy…Comedy Central/On Demand…And certainly not for the news…do they still have news? Oh that’s right, BET now offers news briefs throughout the day, specials about newsworthy events and an urban affairs show, ``The Cousin Jeff Chronicles,'' that will run four times a year. Dang, that cuts me out. I can’t watch BET during the day because of the videos that are detrimental to my daughters…so that really cuts me out. How can I watch Black news if it will be on during the 12+ hours that they show videos? You can say what you want…but my 6 year olds don’t need to see how Gucci Mane is “So Icy”.
This leads me into DJ DIVA'S commentary last night on the NESS DIGI show. This week I chose to bring up the subject of the Ying Yang Twins article by Anthony Miccio and the female blogger reaction to the song being called a “crass flirt” that has been floating around the web. I’m a DJ. It’s in my blood. It’s a part of the multitalented alterego named Diva. That said, of course the beat knocks! (SKITS) Yes, the song can be considered harmless (KWAS-O). I have no choice but to play it at parties. However, I do have a problem with it being played around my children. Nobody but me answers those questions from my innocent 6 year old twins “Mommy, what is he talking about?”
How do I explain:
Got a sexy ass body and your ass look soft
Mind if i touch it? and see if its soft
Naw i'm jus playin' lets just say i can

He’s talking about touching your butts babies, which nobody is supposed to do.

And they say a closed mouth dont get fed
So i dont mind asking for your head

Oh girls he not asking for the head off your neck so he can eat it, he’s talking about fellatio. What’s fellatio? Nah, you aint ready for that one yet..

Just wait til you see my dick

What’s a dick? HMMMm That’s a hard one…

Imma beat dat pussy up

What’s a pussy? Your private parts between your legs. What? No honey, he’s not gonna beat on your private parts with his fists. He’s just’s a metaphor.... for…...What's a metaphor?..It's complicated and I’ll explain it to you later…

Now this is all conjecture. This is not an actual conversation but a very real example of the questions that my daughters would ask me and that I would be forced to answer. As NESS DIGI said “X-rated music by artists such as Millie Jackson, used to be sold underground and played at adults after-parties”. What was considered underground is now firmly entrenched in Hip Hop culture. The twins can’t listen to the song…because I play my own mixtapes (nobody’s better than me anyway!) We can’t listen to the radio..cause that song is on every station except 98.7. As KWAS-O said last night “just turn off the song when you hear it”. But who’s being censored here? Them or me? Because I have morals and I do not have the desire to see my children exhibiting premature sexual behavior by the age of nine because of over exposure to Porno Rap which is now considered mainstream Hip Hop, I have to turn off the outlet that used to provide me with extreme pleasure during the hours the girls are active and in my presence. That means I can only listen between 9-2pm and then after 9pm. Think about it…Who’s being discriminated against if we don’t allow that kind of music to be played during the morning show, afternoon show and evening shows, while children are listening? The Ying Yang Twins? HipHop? But if we continue to allow it to be played, then it’s the conscious parents being thrown to the side. And it’s the children who are being damaged.

I was informed that I have to accept it. So I will continue to attempt to keep my household from it.

But hey…It’s really no big deal that I have to go through all of that... right?

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