Saturday, December 31, 2005

Re-cap of 2005

Well a lot of people are already have already done it...And I guess I'm kinda expected to join in right?

1) Was 2005 a good year for you? I'd have to say yes...I learned alot about myself this year

2) What was your favorite moment of the year? when I realized that I walked past AD and didn't even know he was standing there

3) What was your least favorite moment of the year? Sitting in the Harlem Grill with "Harlem" and another chick

4) Where were you when 2005 began? Sitting in a car in Memphis, TN

5) Who were you with? C

6) Where will you be when 2005 ends?Chuuuurch

7) Who will you be with when 2005 ends? my kids

8) Did you keep your new years resolution of 2005? Nope

9) Do you have a new years resolution for 2006? Not yet...but I've made resolutions all year...let's see if I continue to apply them next year

10) Did you fall in love in 2005? Sorry to say...No
11) If yes, with who?12) If yes, do they know?13) Are you still in love with them?14) You regret it?
15) Did you breakup with anyone in 2005? Well technically they weren't break-ups...but yeah I cut some folks off..

) Did you make any new friends in 2005? Yes

17) Who are your favorite new friends? hmmm I don't have call names...look at my blogroll or even better the Blogger Spotlight.

18) What was your favorite month of 2005? July/August

19) Did you travel outside of the US in 2005? No

20) How many different states have you traveled in 2005? 10

21) Did you lose anybody close to you in 2005? yes...3 people

22) Did you miss anybody in the past year? yes...I hate to admit it..but yes...and I had no reason to

23) What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2005? Crash

24) What was your favorite song from 2005? Every song I've posted on my mixtapes

25) What was your favorite album from 2005? Mariah

26) How many concerts did you see in 2005? 6

27) Did you have a favorite concert in 2005? yes...the Roots concert and the Blacksheep concert

28) Did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2005? Enough

29) Did you do a lot of drugs in 2005? Not a lot

30) How many people did you sleep with in 2005? Let's I'm not telling

31) Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year? I am never ashamed of anything I do

32) What was the biggest lie you told in 2005? "That was great"

33) What was the worst lie someone told you in 2005? "I'm single"

34) Did you treat somebody badly in 2005? ummm You might want to check the archives

35) Did somebody treat you badly in 2005? Definetely check the archives

36) How much money did you spend in 2005? hmmm enough to cover all my bills and habits

37) What was your proudest moment of 2005? Finally finishing school.

38) What was your most embarrassing moment of 2005? Writing an email/im...asking for information...when I really shouldn't have given a fuck!

39) If you could go back in time to any moment of 2005 what would it be? See above

40) What are your plans for 2006? Get a job...a new car for my birthday...go to Jamaica with my kids...see C's house after she put in the furniture...continue my grad classes...and continue to stay real!

Friday, December 30, 2005

Humping at Flow/PICS

In continuation of the X-rated theme this week...I'm posting pictures from last night's party at FLOW on Varick and Spring St. Yall should have been there!

The birthday boy is SASSYWOW's Brother YOUNGONE

Now see...he's technically not a "Milk and Cookies" per se (u notice I started using "per se" a lot LOL)...but he is young...I would eat him alive LMAO...but as you'll see later...he reversed it on me...Sometimes I post pictures of other folks wildin' out...but it is time to expose myself!

This is a picture of Sassywow...her brother's on and off again girlfriend...and me...DJ Diva LOL.

HOT ASS MESS ALERT: Why in the hell did I wear red underwear (bra and panties) under my black outfit?...I must have been crazy...cause I know I skipped over the 8 black bras and panties in the damn drawer! LOL

As you can see...Youngone and his friends were having a great time...Let me tell you...these guys can dance! I love to sit back and watch them work the floor...

Then I went to take a picture with Youngone:

Yeah it was a little much...but it was his birthday right? Wrong! I must have forgot what happened at Flow's the last time we danced...and it happened again:

Yeah the muscle man picked me up and held me in the air for an eternity...check out the look on my face! I don't have the pictures when he held me over his head like we were the gold medal couple in the ice dancing competition...and although I was embarrassed...I know I struck a lot of poses...if I can get the pics from the other photographer I'll post them later...He put me down and you can see he enjoyed it!

I hate profile shots!

The was a lot of grinding going on...I even caught Sassy doing her thing:

but Youngone wasn't finished with me yet:

There I was minding my own b-i...hand on the purse...check him out contemplating what he finna do! What happened next can not be shown on the internet...Trust me!

And yes the girlfriend watched and laughed at the whole thing...We crazy cool from the last ski ain't nobody trippin' LOL...but uhm...I like you girl...but Youngone could really catch it!

The next ski trip will be from February 24-26...anybody need details...hit up TRIPS BY US...Sassy's travel company...Last year Carl Thomas tore it up and the parties were off the hook! (for those crazy Xrated pics click here)... (or leave a comment) This year's trip will be near Reading PA...with Keyshia Cole and Elephant Man performing...I'm going on this trip!..and I'm probably gonna have a single room this time...


Monday, December 26, 2005

Tits and Dick

I hope you all had a very good holiday. I don't really celebrate ain't really Christ's B' I don't get into all of that ...Could it be my Hebrew history?...and not to mention the fact tht they didn't have big ass trees in there no way that all this Christmas treeing should be going on...Folks just like to run up electricity...Did I have a tree? HMMM uh yeah...but it's a Barbie tree..Barbie?...yeah 2 feet high...bright pink with shoes and pocketbooks for ornaments and a jeweled tiara for the top piece...I use it to put the twins's stuff on that they make me in school...and I get the cutetest stuff too!...And they brought me some very nice girls have good taste when it comes to their mommy!...They want nothing but the best for her!

But on this wonderful holiday...I had to address two very important two interesting conversations based on gentalia...Breasts and Dick (not penis...I call it I can inwardly giggle when I meet someone with the name..)

Which one you want first? HMMM


Ok the Tits...

Ladies...PLEASE...PLEASE...PLEASE...stop using your bra as a damn pocketbook. I mean it...really...I know our mommas safety pinned our money to our panties growing up...but us females in this day and age have to stop the madness!!!

I met up with a girlfriend for lunch the other day..around the same age as me...bout the same titty size...we get to the cashier and I offer to know I'm mad glad to see her right? Cause I'm crazy cheap LOL...She says "Naw girl I got it!" (which is a mistake cause if I ever offer to pay ...u better take me up on it!) She reaches down her front of all the white executives from this Fortune 500 company I used to work front of like 30 people of assorted sexes and races...the Mexican cashier...ME!!!...lifts a titty and pulls out 5 dollars...

Now to avoid all of that shit I would have definetely paid!

Oh...but happened twice in one month...

I'm in court preceedings with my Mother (can't tell why...nothing criminal) But I am somewhat her Legal representative (paralegal classes at 23) and her lawyers are on her other side and the judge is talking...all of a sudden there's a meowing in the court room...the court reporter stops typing... the judge looks up...the laywer is looking on the floor under the desk...I am in shock...cause I know that damn sound!...It's Mommy's cellphone!'s so realistic that I sometimes think it's Tyrone when I hear it ring!

I'm thinking to myself :"Oh Lord...please let it be in her purse"...


My momma reaches in her 48 EE's (yeah I know...what the fuck happened to me?) and pulls out her cellphone and shuts it off...if you coulda seen the look on the judge's face...

He said "Mrs. Diva's mom...I fully expected you to pull a cat out of there...I have seen some strange things in my time...but that would have taken the cake!"

Please...stop putting shit in your titties...It's ridiculous...I get scolded all the time...cause I won't do it...and I do walk around with an open purse sometimes...I don't know why...Too much on my mind...but I have only been robbed once...and was when I was 19 and too busy looking for a bikini for the Greek Fest at Jones Beach...and my purse was closed!

If you out with me...and you carry stuff up top? make sure I don't see it...cause I'ma blast you!


How do I approach this subject nicely? I have a lot of male friends...I've never hid that...and sometimes we have some crazy the way ...shout out to the 18 texts I recieved yesterday from my Streetwise (new nickname Hint) and I were chatting yesterday...He stopped by for a plate of food...and somehow the convo turned to the difference in circumsized and uncircumsized...Now I'll be honest with you...I have no problem listing pro's and con's...I'm not a dick conisseur per se (stroking mustache)...but I have had both types...and there are differences...So as we talked...we went over my list:

Cleanliness: Hands down circum. Uncircum has all that extra skin...and fellas yall dont wipe after every piss...and well frankly...the thought of it makes me want to circum...well it's just straight skin... so no hidden pockets...of bacteria...cheese...ugh!...My mother told me a story about my father...and yall know he's from DR...and they don't cirum down there ..well at least not then...well yall don't want to know...Hell.. I didn't wanna know Mommy!

Length: Well if you had asked me 8 years ago...I would have said circum...but I have learned some stuff since I will say that it's about a tie..the extra flappage has nothing to do with the size of the dick...however I think that it does have something to do with head size...Dick head on circum...are usually bigger...more of a circumference so to speak...and height certainly has nothing do with it (AD: you happy now?) previous requirements were 6 feet and over...and I was good until ex-husband is 6'7"...and he had a small flabby problem

Feeling: we get to the good part...U ready?...Uncircum...I could that be? but I think we have to go back to the extra provides extra friction...or just does something extra...LOL...I remember my first one who taught me that..Darrio Flores (yeah I put that in case if he should ever google his name LOL) Lord have mercy!...I was 23 and mezmerized...I sang straight to him at B 52's after that...the first time I ever said someone else's name! A whole 'nother level...ok easy...back up...Diva contain yourself LOL

Streetwise was heavily into this convo...It's cool we can talk that way...

I'm just throwing this up in the can catch it or let it fall to the ground...

Friday, December 23, 2005


I swear I didn't want to do it. But it had to be done.

He'll be better for it...right? Honestly, all that testosterone was getting on my last nerve. And that tail was flicking a little too high...Like he really was the king around here. Sleeping wherever he wanted...bursting through doors like a superhero...Taking affection whenever he wanted to...

Poor thing...I tried to be strong...This morning at 6:30 am ...I pushed him head first into his kitty carrier and left with the twins before sunlight. Did I ever tell you that I'm the queen of free ish? I was fully prepared to spend $100...but through a little investigation...I discovered that the ASPCA in NYC did it for free...all you had to do was show up early and be one of the 22 lucky individuals. I drove to the Bronx..with him crying all the way...As I passed the build-up of traffic leading into Mann...I was laughing my fool head off as I thought to myself:

Dammit...I'm soooo glad I moved out of the city. I ain't playing with NYC...I takes no trains or buses...haven't since 3/02(BALLS). I learned my lesson on 9/11...Don't be beholding to nobody's mass transit...Hell naw...your ass'll get stuck somewhere...not me...and man dude was on point...Toussaint gave it to Bloomberg(BIG BALLS)...served it up nice too! Gotta love the slogan: "We Move NY! Respect Us! Gangsta! And of course Toussiant's pronunciation of the word "thug" or "tug" LOL...Did I watch all of the damn press conferences? Damn I did...and them niggas think they slick...bringing up the pension issue...want somebody to work until they in they grave!...and they know they only getting involved because the state's contracts are coming up and they think they can twist those contracts if the MTA did it...and who is the MTA anyway but government officials...People up here thinking the MTA is separate from the government...The MTA is only a board of members appointed by the Bloomberg and Pataki(SNEAKY BALLS)...That's why they got involved...Pataki is speaking differently too...I think Pataki might be running for some higher office after Hillary runs the country for 8 years...Speaking of Republicans....oooh I know that chick Pirro(NO BALLS) is maaaad...I never liked the chick anyway when she was running ish up here in Westchester....she knew she couldn't win against Hillary....

As I froze my ass off in the cold...#18 on the line...I fellowshiped with my fellow pet owners...Man... folks had the friendliest dogs in the world (I hate dogs)...before they went in the van....

The doors swung open and the first dog was handed out...He looked happy to see his owner...then we were yelling at his owner that the poor thing was still he picked him up and carried him.....

The next dog was handed out and immediately tried to take his owners head off...GASP...all of us got nervous...this little mutt really kept trying to bite his owner...I began to get scared when a cat was handed out looking like it had seen the new movie "WOLF CREEK" ( I saw the bootleg)...another dog...more drama...BITING AND SNARLING...I'm like "Damn I gave them a sweet kitty...and I'ma get back CUJO!" I was next so I grabbed Tyrone and drove home...

When he got home...he ran around the house for a while...real nervous acting like he had been through hell...Mommy said "They ain't give him no pain killers?"

"No...and uh Ma?"


"Remember you said that they just clip a little tube on the inside of his things?...Well they did more that that....They cut the balls OFF!"



"Damn..that poor cat...Crush up a codeine and put it on his tongue"

"Ma, I ain't drugging the cat"

"I'm just saying...he gotta be in pain..."

I kept watching Tyrone...I felt so much better when he began to meow...

Then I used the bathroom...he jumped on me for a kiss...and I knew my baby would be ok...

He still loves me even if I cut his balls off....

And it goes somewhat with the tag I received from Sonya Red:

Post the 5th line of your 23rd post:

And the article says he had more than one cat. What the hell a man living alone need more than one cat for?

the post was "Cat Shoots Owner"...How's that for ironic?....

but until Zeezy completes his tag...I aint tagging no one else


Friday, December 16, 2005

I'se a College Graduate

ok I can't believe that this negro is singing 2 of my favorite songs right now

I'm Sprung

I'm in Luv with a Stripper - T Pain

I'll hit you with my current playlist. soon LOL

Yes, I have taken my last class as an undergraduate. Rushed up my last escalator stairs for class ...breathless cause I'm always late...cause I stop to talk to security...or that Asian kid from 20th Century writers...or I was getting a large latte...juggling my bookbag and purse...

My last class with the most handsome professor I have ever taken...well two of them...Professor Watts :) I love you...But Professor Hanley....Man what can I say????

You taught me how to critically read a text...before I read for pleasure...I devoured helped me see style and time and man just everything...I know you may read this blog...And I just want to extend my serious thanks...I may have made googly eyes for the first two classes with you...but I took the last two cause you are just smart as hell man! Maybe a "red" but the coolest dude I ever met. You must know you have quite a following...In the last was so much fun to see 6 repeaters and 4 newbies all watch you like sirens on the cliff....I'm almost tempted to stay so I could take you in Graduate school...But honestly...You are a brilliant man...a force to reckoned with...I'm thankful that you chose teaching as your I could have a chance to you....

I made so many friends in the last two years....I never would have thought that I would be saying that my very best friend in school was a tall thick Jewish/Irish man named Micah...29 and also very bright....4.0 average...our talks in between classes....brainstorming and talking about the texts way after classes were over...after our first Shakespeare class together...we contrived to take a fiction writing class and African American Lit together...Micah was unbelievable in that class...Dude...I mean dude...It was FUN!!!!

But I guess that I'm still shell shocked about finally finishing...and on the dean's list once's crazy that my degree will say Feb 2006 and I probably won't get the damn thing in hand until May....but I finished...

hopefully cum laude...we'll see when the transcripts are finalized....but definitely "Thank the laude"

Keep reading Blogger Spotlight...I've added to it....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blogger Spotlight/ Keep Checking

Warning...Keep checking this post for more names...I decided to make this a LONG ONE...and add all names to this many as I can until I'm done...I didn't know my blogroll was so long LOL

Damn if I don't say I'ma do something and end up not doing it...Busy I guess...

But here is the long overdue Blogger spotlight... I decided to just go down the list...with the exception of Man-N-Motion...he's a new read for me...and I have to check out his archives...

E J the DJ (ATL)
The first blog I stumbled upon was EJ Flavors. I was so was a DJ keeping a blog and he had a radio blog...where he could let folks hear his playlists...I fell in love immediately..His cool mellow jams...Back in the day mixtapes...I tune in every Wednesday for my dose...he's been opening up recently...and showed me that we are more alike than I could have hoped for...he's smart, funny...and extremely talented. I find myself IM'ing him while in the midst of the uploading process...and my main man always has time for me...even at 3AM...EJ inspired me to search for a way to do what he does...and for that sir...I am extremely grateful!

Comment:It may be cold outside...but this is hot EJ!!!! ;)

thanks for a morning warmup LOL...the super must have turned the heat off...but I'm about to warm it it!

Sassywow.. (NY)

My friend. One of my best in fact. Speaking almost everyday for 4 years will do it to you!!! This girl is honest, sweet, smart and loving. Holding each other's hands through the worst times in our lives...have brought us as close as sisters...No matter where I end up...we'll always be in contact. I'm glad I convinced her to blog...I can't really do our friendship justice on the blog...cause she is a real physical friend...but u know I love you...right girl? Her posts vary from club shots to personal reflection...she gives things to think about and things to inspire...A complex individual with the simplest of desires...One of the greatest people I will ever know...I thank God for you Sassy...2003 might have been the end...but you helped me see a new beginning...

Comment: Dang...yall look like yall had fun...Where was I? I know u probably invited me...did I flake out again? LOL

I been reading my girl for a long, long time. When I read her post "Dude you're white" I was hooked. I read through her angst with school, work..damn near listened to everything she had to say...she keeps it real...her trials often resemble mine...and she's there with an encouraging word on an IM if I'm feeling BLAH! LOL...She'll check me if I get out of line while talking about race relations...Gently reminding me that it isn't the same throughout her whole race...And I can take it from her...because she is my friend...and she certainly crosses all color lines. I enjoy her voice...although I haven't actually heard it yet...My brother did LOL...I'm looking forward to spending time with her in ATL during my birthday...I know we gonna kick up our heels and get into all types drama!!! And uhm Grayse...I move fast if we see T.I....I will be running like that "HO" in the high heels LOL....To get to him first LMAO

Comment: similac? BLAH..girl...take some nose plugs...little ones that no one can see...and breathe through your mouth LOL

Nikki (Mississippi)

Nikki is the most intropective, chilled out, consistent sister in blog world. She blogs about everthing. She's tight with her words...and you won't find page long posts like here LOL ...But what you will find are provacative, sincere, and interesting things to think about. I worried about her during Katrina...I was so thankful that she emerged safe..I cried when I read about the recent deaths in her family...she had really been through too much already...However her comback strength is amazing!!! In Nikki...I find someone who is persistent in reaching her goals...while laid back in her everyday life...Nikki strikes a great balance...and Funny? Jeez...her comments here have made me spit out my coffee ten times...I finally realized...I can't drink nothing when reading her responses...and that's cool...cause I sure love them...

Comment:I strained so hard to understand the lyrics to the "1st of the month"...I knew it had to be deep if they named the song after CHECK DAY!!!!

All I could recite was "it's the furst of da mooonth"...My momma thought I was banking on her check...

Prodigal Sun (CT)

My blog brother. He makes me giggle...he makes me think...I'm not sure how he found me...or if I found him...but when these two Dominicans get to chatting...nothing is taboo...I have been able to ask him some real questions...and he has given me real answers...His posts range from completely "I need to hug him today"..Serious and comedic...Prod always delivers! And he keeps up with me too...He'll read the archives and comments...letting me know that he cared about what I had to say...even if he couldn't read it right away...I appreciate that...cause I consider him my friend too...Prod let me know if you need a set of doubles ;)

Comment: sweetie that was beautiful...i am somewhat familiar through Stephen i know what u mean...nice contempory lyrical refrences too...tsk tsk...and u say u ain't a writer *smh*

Miss K (NC)

She was one of the first people to ever comment when I started this blog. She would stop in..leave a kind word and bounce. She made me feel good...I had a reader!!! Her blog is centered around celebrities..but her one pic posts are great...She picks out some good shots...One of these days... in honor of her return to blogging...I will throw up a radio blog with one of her posted playlists...they are always good! I'm sure that me putting her face on an internet milk carton brought her back to us...but whatever it was...I'm glad she's back...

Comment: dumb broad..."I love my baby daddy...I'll never let him go.."

Xquizzty 1 (ATL)

A transplanted NY native living in ATL. This girl is phenomenal. X inspired many of my rants. Reading her gave me the confidence to express exactly what was on my matter how silly..or conflicted...just to let it out...I found X through EJ...Her OSWs were always on point and I decided to look into more of her as a person...what I found was an energetic body of work that drew me in and I bonded with her personality...It was as big as my own...and through her I was able to bring out my own on my blog...She made me interested in learning code so that I could change around my comments...and to portray my emotions through my comment writing...She was a fresh voice...confident and unafraid..militant and soft and pink...I never pledged...but I would have been proud to have her as my line sister...I guess I'll have to settle for her being my blog sister...

Comment: Yo Son, my chili was better than yours son!

Jeez...U are str8 NY...I just used "son" the other day...and fell out laughing...

Brakes ain't no joke...I also learned the hard way...mira lissen...ju doan wait on de blakes...Ju gotta get dem done as soon as posible!

MIZ PowderPink (NJ)

She found me and left a comment one day. I went to her site and the title was "No Bastard Kids". I laughed. I knew this girl had spunk! Pretty and funny...You can just hear her stamping her dainty foot in disgust. A singer with cheeks of a cherub...her tales of single life are entirely thrilling...Her blog battles are...well..just legendary...I felt like I was watching that old Soda commercial with the female rapper ningas (I joined in...I had to be Amil LOL)...She's a busy girl...with a crazy social to be a "Fag Hag"...but I would call her someone who takes friendship seriously without regard for sexuality...I'm glad I know her....

Comment: tis the season...they comin out of the r funny...miss u lol...laying hands on the screen lol

Serenity 23 (Baton R, LA)

I looked for her page after reading her comments somewhere. A gentle soul with an affinity for a beautiful shoe ;) LOL...She's part of my little younger sister "baby mama" crew. A lover of fine wine...her tales of social events leave me in stitches. Trying to strike a balance between her spirituality and her personality...strikes a big cord...cause although I don't say it...i'm still struggling myself. Honest about well as reality based...her blog keeps me coming back...Maybe if I see her win the battle...I might too...

Comment: As my momma say "Shake the devil off"...Good for you that you recognized that demon for what it was...You fight the good girl!!!!Oh...and them shoes are hot!

Humanity Critic (NY)

This man is really something...Tales of strippers and he stumbles his way toward a meaningful relationship. His bravado is huge...but underneath you can see the vulnerabilty. His family tales are hilarious..his momma shining as the beacon of life in his life...Him fighting with the police and in bars are even funnier! I always breathe a sigh of relief when he narrowly escapes incarceration or infectio LOL...He's a great writer...with a high degree of subtlety and blink and you might miss some shit that will make you howl...I can't wait to see how he changing when he finds his true love...

Comment: I'm getting Jesus on the mainline right now!!! And tellin on you...Seriously dude...I'm not talking bout your momma...but damn u must act just like her...I wonder if she's related to my momma...LOL

Aquatic Muse (ATL)

Little sis...I found her through Brotha Code...I have to admit...I was a little jealous when he put up a link to her and ignored me...So I wanted to know why...and I'm glad I looked...she hardly has anytime to blog because she's got a great job that sends her all over the place...but she's sincere and deep when she does. She doesn't type anything...if it ain't thought provoking...I like that.. Her poetry is consuming with raw emotions leaping off of every line...she's also a part of my baby mama crew...juggling a single life with the demands of motherhood...but she's honest about it...Recently she said I was her Blog mentor...and I ws floored... I'm glad that my pettiness turned into something wonderful...A friendship with a wonderful little sister...

Comment: a whole month? I would be out every night lol! Go 'head girl with them extra activities....wait...I'm getting jealous...uh Beloved did she tell u where to get one? I want one 2!Glad u back! I took some time off too...but I made myself post

Sway (ATL)

Her blog is named "Perfect Chaos" but its her inner peace that shines. The first thing that drew me in was the beautiful layout. A blog that personal yet unviversal, Sway's life experiences will make you catch your breath. A new love that is absolutely soft and tender, I sincerely love reading every word. Progressive and funny....I hope she recovers from tendonitis quickly...but it'll give me time to read her archives LOL

Comment: I'm sooooooo immensely happy for u...i'm coming to the wedding if i can lol

Mr. Franklin's Place (NY)

A poet's search for love and the meaning of life. Math oriented...yet...the heart of a modern day Whitman. He poses real questions and provides an open, non judgemental forum for us to to discuss. Real issues...we also get a glimpse in to his personal trials and crossroads...Honest and seaching...I think he found me through Prod Sun...And although I thought his tag line"Coming into Reality" had a double meaning...I'm glad I went to find out what it really meant...

Comment: I'm glad you're staying on the East Coast...

LadyLee (ATL)

Damn it took too long to get to her LOL...I love me some LadyLee...Homegirl found me one day...and we been crazy cool ever since. She's smart...what? have no idea...with 3 scientific degrees...girlfriend could probably produce a cure for everything! But on her blog she has produced posts that can be personal...but damn her cartoon memories are incredible....For all of us 30 and above...she reminds us of the joys of our childhood...She's funny as hell!!! Posting pics of herself and co-workers playing jacks and bolo-bat at work...Damn I wanna work with yall!!!! As we become closer and learn more about each other...coupled with our instant connection...I have no doubt that I'm developing a friend for can tell my excitement by all the profanity ...but I'm excited about this woman...I love making new friends!

Comment: Oh I love the song fitting...I tell you...that was deep...from the local crackhead(who are always around) to your sister skipping the funeral for some butt...But Goodbye Jeremy...I bet you were a good baby...Now if I can just get mine under control!!!!

Celena (NY)

Another long time physical friend...Me andCelena share a 10 year friendship and we keeping it going...She's the epitome of her man, her child and her dreams...She's new to blogging...but already her voice is beginning to sound through the screen...I never knew she was a writer but I'm glad she picked up on blogging...It's hard for me to talk about my "real" friends...because I don't want to expose too much...but we became friends through an association with a mutual friend...and was meant to be...I'm glad we're friends Celena...

Comment:Oh I am gonna murder you!!! How dare u put up that picture!!!!!!!! LMAO...damn we had fun that day huh? I want that pic!....I love your 100...I read every line...I haven't done one yet...but I will...I could keep commenting...but u shouted me out as the only reader soooooo....LOL

Zeezy (ATL)

Dude is funny as heck. His "Zeezy Awards" had me in stiches...Reading his archives is on my to-do list...cause although he is very close to Milk and Cookies range...his personal posts show a sense of maturity unmatched by men older than me LOL...He stops in erry now and then...and posts sporadically...but hey...don't we all?

Comment:crack-ish...too f-ing funny...tevin campbell looks like Bobby brown with those twisted lips!

Cymple (NY)

She's anything but....complex and giving...she has such a sweet nature. She even asks for forgivessness for not blogging! She claims salvation...and I am inclined to believe her...I certainly wish it for her! A soft spirit...the joy in her life flows through her page...and what a pretty page it is ;) I don't keep up with her like I should...but I do like to check in with her...I am touched by the compassion she's shown me so far...and I look forward to seeing her succeed.

Comment: “anorexic chicken”…I almost died!!!LMAOI usually offer…if I’m looking at dude and I know he probably would leave a measly tip…but then…that would be the last for him too!!!
My best date? This summer…drinks, movie, dinner…It was just beautiful from the beginning to end…*sigh*


If you don't know about Crunk and Disorderly yet...ya slippin on ya blog game. Honey dip gets all the latest celeb news and the pictures are totally of the hook. She commented on me once and after that I was addicted to her site...I gave up on most gossip because with her? I knew I didn't have to do it!...Her commentary is just crazy and so on point...she speaks my mind before I can get to the words LOL...She's hilarious.. I don't comment much anymore on her site...seeing the 55 comments before mine...convinces me that whatever I would have thought of ...sombebody has said it already! But the girl is good yall...and should be added to everyone's blogroll...

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Blogger Spotlight

I really should have done this before now...But this week is Blogger Spotlight week...

As many of you know...once I read you and comment? I usually stay involved...I may take my time between commenting...but for the most part I'll pick back up where I left off and offer my two cents...

That's what it's about right?...our two cents...We look into other people's lives...connect and well...somewhat start a cyber friendship....Well at least I do...

As I make the transition from single student working taking 2-3 grad classes next semester (I haven't worked out the babysitting details yet)...

And I'm planning a week long vacation to Memphis... but not to worry...C has internet connection in her NEW HOUSE (check out the pics) LOL...I may have to take a dialup connection for the laptop just in case I get stuck at Grandma's house!...I plan to blog a coupla times to report back on my take on country living at its finest...I never mentioned it...but remember the "King's Club" in Hustle and Flow? Where Terrance Howard's character meets with Ludacris when he comes to the hood in Memphis...and Terrance is trying to get his big break?

Well my cousins own a similar the Memphis...pretty famous too...amongst the hood set....where the dancefloor is a cut down boxing ring and they sell forty ounces at the bar...I don't knock them though...they make a killing in the ghetto! ...They check the guns at the door and if the owner's are intoxicated.... at the end of the night...they keep the bullets. (????????)

Well I'm sure the country will give me more than enough thangs to talk about....I'll take the camera for live shots...but what I'm trying to say is...I'm going to have to take some time off here and there...and if I don't comment...don't mean I ain't reading...or that I won't read....Things are changing....

But before I get too busy...Let me start by doing the BLOG SHOUTOUT!!!

It's sort of like a self imposed Meme mini series...

I got the idea from Xquizzty1's 5 Random thoughts...

So I'll do 5 sentences on each a random comment I may have left on their blog...

What I hope to that I see a pattern of me being real...And if I have really been able to spread myself across the entire country...with a laptop...should be fun!

The first 5 up are Xquizzty, Jamie, Serenity23, LadyLee and Humanity Critic

(gotta spead the mens out cause aint that many of them LMAO)

There's Justice and "Just Us"/ RIP RICHARD

As I sit and wait to hear what will happen to Tookie Williams...I am doubly saddened today because of the death of Richard Pryor. I'm actually too hurt to write something about it..There nothing more than to say...He was the greatest...I will be spending time this afternoon...jacking every mp3 recording I can find of his comedy and downloading it onto you know what to do...

As the godfather of conscious comedy...he once said

"There is no justice...there's Just Us"

I am sad about Tookie Williams today. And not just because he's done so much to change around the gang situation...or because he was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because of his humanitarian efforts...I am sad because if AHnold doesn't grant innocent man will be executed...

He's innocent...if for no other reasons than:
1. he has always maintained his innocence in the murders...his story has never wavered...
2. The ballistic tests showed no residue on his person
3. The damn witnesses were phony...

But don't take it from my mouth...

You can sit down and read it here.....I mean after the first 10 pages you'll be saying he's innocent too.

I hope he lives...but if he doesn't it wouldn't surprise me...I mean we live in a country where a prosecutor can compare a black man to a Bengal Tiger in a zoo during a closing argument while the defendant is on tranquilizers against his will during his trial....And the man is condemned to death...

If I haven't said it before...Let me say it now...I'm not totally against the death cases like Jeffrey Dahmer, the B2K Killer....serial, psychopathic killers regardless of color should be killed period. Just like I think serial child molesters should be castrated...

But in this legal system where they rely on shady witness and bad well as crooked cops? Nah..I don't think Stanley Tookie Williams should be killed...

Shit ain't equal enough for me to say it's ok for a white jury to convict a black man...Maybe I'm still going through Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.....

"There was never a period of time when Africans in this nation were given the permission or the wherewithal to heal from our injury, so the trauma has continued," - Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary

It's an interesting book...

I'm done..

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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hey Jude/John Lennon

As you can see..... the radio blog is having some issues...something to do with ads placed on my host...Techie folks know what I mean...But I'm working on it...I found a "workaround"...I'm trying out a "non PHP" version of the playlist.xml give me a minute LOL

I almost said "Nah forget it, they'll think I'm strange"...when I thought about writing this quick post to John Lennon...By now you have all seen the news posts on this being the 25th year since his death. So I will blog about I've blogged about other celebrities when they die...Talk about their relevance in my life....

My love affair with the Beatles began at an early life. Birth probably...My father was a lover of all rock music...and when in his cups...would throw on a 8 track of Beatles hits...and play "the Yellow Submarine" over...and over...and over....I always thought it had something to do with him being in the Navy during the Vietnam War...But seriously...My father loved the Beatles...and I loved anything my father loved...When I was 7 years old...John Lennon walked out of his building...and was shot for no other reason than the fact he was John Lennon.

I sat with my father and held his hand on the couch during the nightly news that night. My father, A 26 year old Dominican man/boy, talked to me...said things like "We lost a great man Mommy", "Why did they have to kill him?"...I felt my father's pain that night...I was sad too...

Flash forward to age 14..I worked 30 hours a week after school in the local KeyFood supermarket. The owner was a white dude named Al...Fine as hell...but I found out he was sleeping with all of my hot-tail friends (another story)...He would play nothing on the radio but CBS-FM...the oldies station...Now for this budding DJ...It used to kill me...after about 3 months I decided to make the best of it. I began to enjoy certain songs and look forward to their airplay...Ok I'm lying...I loved every damn bit of IT!!!!....I was as happy as the older people who used to shop in the store...I would be doing the twist and the mashed potato at my cashiering station. I used to get the most customers because I was having the most fun...and I was fast as hell....The music helped move me quicker...and I always had a smile on my face.....If you know anything about oldies radio...50% is just about influenced by the Beatles or Paul McCartney or John Lennon....

Combined with my father's love ...I still have a love for those nasal, stiff-legged brothers from over the ocean. When I'm tired...I sometimes sing "It's been a long day's night...and I been workin like a dog" under my breath and it makes me smile....When I feel bad I'll throw on "Eleanor Rigby" and think about someone else who may have never had love in her life...and consider myself lucky...."All the lonely people"...It's in a house record too...God forbid I really start think of the past..."Yesterday" always has the power to bring me to tears.... as well as the "The Long and Winding Road" although one of the shortest lyrics sets...still packs enough punch to make me wail into my own cup of "Sex in the Shower"

The long and winding road that leads to your door,
Will never disappear,
I've seen that road before
It always leads me here,
leads me to your door.

The wild and windy night the rain washed away,
Has left a pool of tears crying for the day.
Why leave me standing here? let me know the way
Many times I've been alone and many times I've cried
Anyway you'll never know the many ways I've tried, but
Still they lead me back to the long and winding road
You left me standing here a long, long time ago
Don't leave me waiting here, lead me to you door

But with John Lennon...I think about that love he had for Yoko Ono...Believe me...when I look at footage...I used to say to myself..."Damn those ___ are crazy"...having a love-in...laying up in bed and having all those cameras in there LOL...But they had a deep love...there's no doubt in my mind that were he still alive?...They would still be together...No matter what the crazy idea she had...He was right there with her...If you ever see footage of them can tell that John Lennon was completely smitten with her...Enough to leave his group and try to live the rest of his life loving...I sometimes think that's what he was killed for...He had a lot of loving to do and that fool who shot him...really couldn't take it...So when I think sometimes of love?....His song "Woman" to Yoko reverbarates in my head:

Woman I know you understand
The little child inside the man,
Please remember my life is in your hands,
And woman hold me close to your heart,
However, distant don't keep us apart,
After all it is written in the stars,

So today... in honor of the day John Lennon was taken from us...I made a quick cd and combined it with my personal copy of the Number 1's by the Beatles....And I'll be playing it all day...and telling my kids about John Lennon...and how he taught us that "All You Need is Love" and love is all you need...and that we need to "Give Peace A Chance" and sometimes all u have to do is "Imagine"

...Like my father taught me....

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Monday, December 05, 2005

Blogging While Intoxicated/NEW RADIO BLOG

I want to thank you all for the love yall showed my crazy cat Tyrone.

He really showed his ass didn't he? Told all my bizness...BUT HE KNOW HE AINT GOING NOWHERE!!! LOL Actually he started to sing Jennifer Holiday's "And I Am Telling You".......ok I sang it and just forced him to act out the song...

But this brings me to another topic...I just want to know...

How many of yall blog after a sippy sip? Do you relax in front of a computer with a cold one?

I will admit...I tend to do this...I don't get blasted...but when I'm in a creative mood...a nice mixed drink and some cool grooves stimulate the process. The sad part I grow older...all it takes is one "Sex in the Shower" to get take me flying...So my cousin S suggested that it may be time to give up Henny, and Voddy, and Rummy...and switch to wine. I don't like wine...I faked it with "Wade in the Water"...but I have never liked the aftertaste of wine...

However as evidenced by the last 2 instances of BWI..I may be making the switch soon.

Kivikivikivi (DJ Scratch)

In continuance with the "Honey" theme...

We have been dancing together for 4 years now....That covers a long disco history LOL...

Here's a cd I made covering some of our greatest hits....

"Just Us" was the song playing the night we met....The DJ played the extended version twice after seeing us on the dance floor...Actually...we were like one of two or three couples...I think...jeez...I don't remember LOL

But anyway...while you listen to these songs...think about grooving to each one with the greatest dance partner you have ever had...where there's no holds barred...and you can be Beyonce, Janet, J-Lo, Mariah...and your partner picks up each step in sync...the music blasting...hundreds of people around...but there's only you and he on the dance floor....If the song says "Bend over to the front and touch your toes"... well then you are bending like Dominique Dawes at the Olympics....reggae like a belly dancing like those fools in the circle with the towel in the back pocket (I was one of them lol) ....if you know how all of this feels....then you might understand a little of how it feels to dance with him... (I'm such a damn clubhead)

Anyway...I talk too much...This here's the first installment...I'm sure there's more to come...I haven't really touched the hip-hop or the reggae/soca...or even the current out now!

And I'm still working on my website...but I'm such a newbie...If any of yall who read me can give me tips on a free design..I do have some designing blogging buddies (wink wink at Prodigal Sun...Yall have to check out his work here and the movie too) so if yall could help a sister out....I would greatly appreciate it...and it would make it easier for yall to order some music LOL

D and J's GROOVE vol 1

There some new shit going down...Look over to your left and you will see the radio blog...

DJ Diva stay learning new shit!!!!!!!

YOU WANT A COPY? HOLLA AT YA GIRL!!!!( i have about 8 ready)

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Cat Bloggin

Yeah I packed my shit and I'm outta here...I'm sick of this shit! SHE stay on these damn computers all day long...reading and writing...Now her ass is up and I'm leaving her this goodbye note:

Dear Bitch,

I'm leaving u...I'm tired of not being first in your life anymore...I can't compete with u love to call him...I know I kissed him when he first got there..All them other niggas had to be taught a I scratched all of them on purpose.....But I had the uncanny sense that Honey was a cat too...that's why you talked to him about being a "Lion" right? Or a Leo? Or some shit you said...but now that Honey's ignore me...I used to be able to sleep on the rug in your room...Now when he's here...You kick me out! Me...the one who rubs you and meows at you constantly...Those meows are I love u's Bitch!...But no...because he can say it in Human?...You love him more! And he gets to sleep with you...You always kick me out of the bed...and I was here first! You cook him all these great meats...and put dry food in my bowl....Sometimes you forget the damn water! I thought you would realize that my heart was broken when I stoppped covering my piss in the litter box....I had the stupid idea that my scent would bring you back to me....But you got mad and spanked me and threw me back in the box to cover it...I did it...but my heart wasn't in it....

Don't get me wrong...I like Honey....He cleans the house really good..But he must have some kind of hold over you...You don't come to kiss me no more...I have to jump in your lap while you on the toilet and kiss you by force...what kinda shit is that?...It's like you forgot you were mine bitch! I don't get mad when you leave me all day...but even when he's not here you're always doing something and you just ain't got no time for me...

And those kids of yours...Jesus, Mary and Josephus! Who's get did you spawn them from????? I could give you children if you let me...but noooo.....Those two girls terrorize me at every turn...put dresses on me and shit....I'm a man...A strong virile tomcat...but yall don't see that....

So I'm out of here...Keep that other Lion you got and I hope he spray your bed!



Yeah bitch my name is Tyrone...Yall been round here calling me Kitty and Puss and Boots and shit...that's why I be biting your ankles!

I ain't nobody's pussy!

ONE! My cousins and nem is waiting for me in the backyard...

This "Cat Blogging" episode is dedicated to LadyLee (recently lost her Lil' Head) and James & Jaimie (Whose cats are trying to ruin Christmas and steal James' beer)

And all yall other cat lovers out there!

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