Monday, November 29, 2004

Artest Revisited

It seems the police have reviewed the endless reams of videotape and found the season ticket holder who threw the chair. He's some 35 year old white dude who was so upset he had to throw something. They found him because he hit a cop. Charges. It is possible that he was just caught up in the fighting frenzy happening and wanted to add his two cents. I mean he did pay for the priviledge.

Why can't they find the fool who started it by throwing a drink on Artest. Here he is suspended without pay for 80 (lord have mercy) games and Mr. Soda Dasher walks away scot free after causing this whole mess. If I was Artest, I would find him and kick his ass for real this time!

The Pacers are apparently looking on the bright side. They are clocking the dollars they'll save by having these guys suspended.

Oh to be alive in America.

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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

New mixtape

Check out my newest mixtape.

I worked hard last nite ;)


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fool #1

I realize that I may have to start documenting truly foolish behaviors and conversations. Have you ever stood in line somewhere and heard the most retarded conversation? Where you had to turn your whole body around and laugh because you didn't want the speaking party to be offended and God Forbid the person slices you or something because he or she may not recognize the magnitude of their stupidity.

Fool #1

While waiting on the long ass line at the Bronx Family Court, outmaneuvering my ex husband once again, I happened to hear a discussion on what not to bring to court. I was happy that for once, I went through my pocketbook and other than the soon-to-be-too-damned expensive cigarette, I was good. Stashed the rest in the glove compartment. These Spanish (I will shout out a race to show that foolishness has no color) kids were pushing a stroller and asking if they could bring a Nextel camera phone into court. Now these kids didn't look like they had a nickel between them but they had a Nextel. My life is shit! I only have T-mobile. He's going on and on because "Oh that's a $400 phone and if they don't let it in I'm not going in!" This boy went on and on. I kept a smile on my face because I know that some people attach a lot of themselves to material items. I am quite partial to my computer. But this guy took it to the limit. After 10 mins of phone discussion and other court attendees assuring the boy that the phone was alright he calmed down. Two seconds later when we reach the door this fool goes, "Oh do they search pockets cause I have this blunt in this one." Now if the fool had drugs in his possession, shouldn't he have been more paranoid about catching a charge, going into family court to pick up a teenage drug dealer prisoner from Spotford than a goddamned cell phone?

Maybe its me...I shouldn't listen in...but I turned around and almost died trying to keep the laughter in. What a Dumb Ass!

Monday, November 22, 2004


I will admit I have been trying to avoid the whole Artest story. I have liked him since he was at St. John's but I could always see a mean streak in him. He was still my boy though! I watched the NBA draft that year he left school so I could watch his face when he got selected. I was soo happy for him. Then the fights began. Now this! I am not shocked. Those fans spend $200 and up just so they could sit behind the players and shout nasty obscenities at them all night. The sportcasters won't put microphones by the players because national T.V. can't afford to have the slurs, insults and simple assaults (cup throwing) broadcasted on live T.V.

I know its gotta be hard to sit there night after night and listen to that mess when you are a part of a visiting team. In no way am I saying Artest should be given a pass for what happened, but at the same time, given the fact that he is already of a volatile nature, it was bound to happen. If it had been another player, maybe it wouldn't have been taken to that extreme level. And I do love how his boy O'Neal tried to hold him down!

Fun Fact for African Americans: Did you know that the top three Fighters in the National Hockey League are black. Funny huh?

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Sunday, November 21, 2004

Gangsta Bush

Seems as if Puffy ain't the only celebrity always trying to get his boys thru the door. Check out your boy!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Iraq's oil

Maybe I'm just late in discovering this, but Iraq has the second largest oil reserves in the world. Hmmm...but we there to liberate the Iraqi people. From they oil perhaps?

Looking at a map of Iraq, They are mighty close to Israel. Lord knows the Israelis need oil to continue their terrorist activities against the Palestinians. We need oil to continue to fuel our bohemth vehicles.The Chinese is suffering from a lack of energy and it would be wonderful for the U.S. if we could finally have something to hold against them.

I hope they continue to burn the oil fields in Iraq.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Brazil U.S. connections

While surfing the net on interesting blogs I came across some fascinating things about Brazil. Noam Chomsky posted a thought provoking piece on the U.S's determination in having Brazil to be chosen as the country to expand the Security Council. Yeah I said it...Brazil! Who in f cares about Brazil? So I read it. What kind of underhanded country do we live in? Chomsky connected dots I didn't even imagine were drawn. Long story short: the U.S can't afford to have Germany or France, who would the most logical choices, gain any type of leverage or even power. From what I see the U.S. is really trying to prevent any real major alliances. God forbid Japan lined up with China! Woe be upon us if France and Germany linked up(though it would be kind of funky in they meetings). Britain and Tony Blair are our boys! Most people don't know that our First President George Washington said in his Farewell Address, "be wary of foreign alliances, attachments, and intrigues". Looks like we have jumped head first into all three. So does this mean the U.S and Britain are the only ones who get to unite and hold the largest voting block in the Security Council? Well, if they gonna expand it, why not Brazil? We been basically helping them out for years. If you read the article on CNN, they basically tell you that Brazil wants to run South America. Which would alleviate our efforts to rule the whole continent. Let Brazil do it since we control them?

Well why is it interesting to me? I am currently taking Latin American Civilizations in school and considering we just finished studying the colonial period of Brazil and the decimation that the Europeans inflicted on the natives. One of the most horrible ways was with the Bible. Nasty missionaries and their smallpox and venereal diseases wiped out half from trying to spread the gospel. When looking at the current census provided by the CIA, 55% of the population is white (European), which also means they have a majority vote from the gate. They oppress the hell out of their minority population. FUN FACT FOR African Americans: According to Philip Curtain, a noted historian, by the complete, on paper end of slavery in 1870, Brazil had the largest amount of slaves in the entire Western Hemisphere ; a grand total of 3,646,800. The U.S. came in second place with a paltry 1,552,100. Brazil is also one of the largest and successful drug smuggling countries in South America (don't believe all the hype about Columbia).

Seems like we'd make excellent bedfellows, don't ya think? I mean the U.S. and Brazil sound like sibling nations. Brazil, being the younger brother ready to enjoy some serious domination down there in South America. Like the Indians against the Conquistadores, those other countries don't have a chance!


So now I'm "blogging". Should be interesting. Lord knows I have a lot to say. Now you know who will have a lot of fodder to argue with me about.

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