Tuesday, January 31, 2006

RIP Mrs. King / I want to be a Minister's wife

Rest In Peace Mrs Coretta Scott King ....Job well done!

Actual conversation that took place 1/26/06 at 5:15 pm (2 hours before my car accident)

serenity_twentythree: u have big decisions to make
serenity_twentythree: ok
djdiva1973: lord lord
djdiva1973: church tonight too
djdiva1973: i wanna be a minister's wife

serenity_twentythree: where did that come from?
djdiva1973: maybe not minister Blank but def a minister
djdiva1973: LOL
djdiva1973: U know I stay thinking

serenity_twentythree: u don't think that's a lot of responsibility
serenity_twentythree: it would be for me
serenity_twentythree: always
being an example
djdiva1973: well by the time that happens I'll be a Professor
serenity_twentythree: people and women always calling your house
djdiva1973: that's cool
djdiva1973: shoot

serenity_twentythree: not for me.
djdiva1973: the women
djdiva1973: riiiiiiight
djdiva1973: i forgot the women

serenity_twentythree: they are probably the worst aspect
djdiva1973: but i dont be calling no ministers
serenity_twentythree: u aint like some women either
djdiva1973: oh wait...i gotta call Elder Meeks about the Singles thing
djdiva1973: and he married LOL

I know yall like DJ (Insert fav name here) done plum lost her mind. A minister's wife? M has really gone crazy. But think about it..

Go head back to my list of needs I wrote in August

The most important quality I left off the list back then

A man who loves God and Jesus Christ.

Bible verse:

2 Corinthians 6:14 - Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Well dang...that's about as plain as you can get! Let see did I try it and prove it wrong...Mentally looking over relationships...Well you know what...In my life...this was proven time and time again...I married and divorced a man who didn't believe in God at all...I was in a destructive relationship with a man who was a Muslim...or something close to it. There have been Catholics...and of course the Hebrew...who is still wasting time ignoring this Bible scripture

But to be yoked or married to someone is some serious stuff...

YOKE: A crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together.

Having been married...I understand the gravity and intensity of the relationship. The sacrifice each must make with each other's attitudes and issues. In part 2 of Eve I will be following up on something interesting that make a lot of women mad with me...But back to marrage...It takes alot to be in one...hence the yoke. And I don't know about yall...but that ring on your finger can sometimes weigh heavy around your shoulders too...So I can really understand why the term yoke was used.

So it is important to have someone who believes what you do. Because in times of trouble...running to different Gods will cause confusion on how you should interact with other...Of course this is just my opinion and that of the Bible...so don't try to go off on me ...But henceforth I am stating that I believe it for true cause I tested it and proved it.

But if that aint enough proof...think about how Solomon was brought down...

But I want to be a minister's wife.

I want to be the wife of a man touched by God. I want to sit and be taught by him. I want to have long discussion on scriptures and strive together to be as holy as we can...cause that's what the Bible says yall...1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

I may have some other reasons like I want to sit in a good seat at every service LOL...Wear beautiful clothes and hear my husband praise me...But I also want to work toward a common goal with a man of God...I have a desire to save souls...and I end up ministering to folks around me...

But what if I could be married to a man Like Martin Luther King. Would I work as hard for his ministry as I do for these white folks? Yup...I would work even harder...because as a helpmeet...it is my duty to make a great man greater...

Hence the reason trying to emulate Proverbs 31 is so important...I keep quoting it...I hope yall have read it by now...LOL

I hope you have enjoyed my photo tribute to Coretta Scott King....It would be my honor if I could be 1/24th the person she was...The love for Martin? Unbelievable! She was probably annoyed at all the phone calls...the women...the responsibility...then the grief...but she loved that man...and believed in him wholeheartedly...I want a love like that....and all I can do is pray that God gives me strength to deal with it as gracefully as she did...

That I would be a minister's wife was prophecied to me by more than one saint...including my Grand Aunts in Memphis Christmas time '04...it wasn't until January '06 that the idea entertwined itself in my head...

So if it comes true...well then.....

Sunday, January 29, 2006


After spending all day Saturday in church…and regrettably only half of Sunday in church…I am upset because I really wanted to see the new evangelist at the evening service…Oh well I guess I needed the rest…

Saturday and Sunday were definitely awesome! You know where to go for my spritual blogging right? If not…email me…

The pictures that you see are what I wore to church Saturday. I don’t think I have ever felt more beautiful. The Bishop requested that we all wear white and honey I did up. Tush and Ali had a field day Friday night teasing me about my church apparel… have over 20 different Sunday outfits and about maybe 10 during the week outfits….At my church…you can’t wear make-up…let me let you collect your breaths from the gasps ….Some people do it...But I don’t wear make-up …or elaborate hairdo’s…or wigs or weaves…I have to work it in the clothes..

Please note the elaborate gold embroidery on the sleeves. The outfit was cream brushed silk with strands of gold woven into the fabric. Pearl buttons trimmed with gold and rhinestones. With matching gold shoes and purse. I killed it with the cream colored rabbit poncho with the little rabbit pom-poms.

Also because I feel so happy with my natural look…I wear some mascara…and a little light brown lipstick…but das it!

It may seem old ladish to you…I will admit my style is ultra modest…I am loving it…and at Saturday’s conference…Pastors and ministers were there from all of the churches under my Bishop’s jurisdiction…and the words I heard were “You look stunning.. Elegant, beautiful, graceful”

Although my friends may not understand…but when I am around the people in church…I know I’m dressing right…and when I am in the street? I garner respect, smiles and admiration. I feel good this way…and I’m gonna continue even if yall do tease me…

When I church? I church!!!!

But what I really felt like doing was writing a fictional piece on EVE…now if you want to skip the Biblical portion of the blog ….Leave now…However…I happened to like writing and would like some input….


She knew what she was made for. When she opened her eyes and laid them upon Adam, her soul instantly melded with the mirroring soul standing in front of her. She placed her hands on his chest and marveled at the matching blends of their skin. Adam spoke to her in soft voice.

“I was wondering why I slept so long. I have never had cause to sleep past my normal hours…but what a gift I have been given on my awakening.”

She lowered her shyly and heard him say “This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man.”

“Woman”, she thought, “What a wonderful name to be called.”

Those first days and nights were incredible. The things Adam showed her! The wondrous animals, who performed tricks whenever they were requested. The big soft furry creatures named lions who lapped at her face and nudged her for kisses. Adam showed her gray strange creatures he had named elephants who picked her up with their long noses. The flowers that bloomed bathed her in constant fragrance. Soft grass that rose to a firmament whenever Adam commanded it, to provide them with a comfortable resting place. Adam had wonderful powers and she did too. He taught her how to use her gifts to pick colors and adorn her hair, she frolicked with him in the water, splashing and playing like mermaids, she chased him on the backs of giraffes through grassy pastures. Living and loving in Eden was totality of Eve’s existence.

Somehow the two became separated. Adam may have been off discussing things with God. Maybe Eve decided to play hide and seek and ended up by herself somewhere. For some reason, another possibility has never been considered. You see, Adam was God’s chosen one. Made in his image. It is entirely possible that God wanted spend a lot of time with Adam. This gave Eve some time on her hands. Enter the serpent. It is also possible that the serpent had been watching Eve for quite some time. Slithering behind her, sliding above treetop, gazing down on the activities of her and Adam. The serpent also knew Adam was in God’s favor and was perhaps jealous of the two of them. The snake was also aware of the one thing that they were commanded not to do. Eat one particular fruit. He knew that. He also saw that Eve was alone a lot. Adam was placed in Eden to “dress and tend” it. This was a lot of work. Although Eve was created to be a helpmeet, Adam was really doing most of the work. So Eve had a lot of time on her hands. Alone a lot. Probably wanted someone to talk to, but she didn’t have any children and Adam was not with her.

The serpent struck up a conversation. She was probably awestruck to see a snake speak. Previously she had only heard two voices other than her own, that of God and Adam. To hear a snake speak her name, probably stopped her in the midst of doing God’s will. Once gaining her attention, the snake suckered her quickly telling her she wasn’t going to die if she ate the fruit. Eve, having no prior knowledge of falsehoods, believed what the snake told her. What baffles the mind is why would she want to know about the differences between good and evil? Having already experienced the good part of life, why would she then want to know about the bad side? The desire for knowledge must have completely overwhelmed her or it could have been the nosiness. In any event, she ate it.

I could have expanded this but I figured it was enough for your Monday morning!

Remain diligent and strong in the Lord. The Devil comes in many forms and speaks with soothing voices, but stay on your path.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Supergirl/Another Car Accident

Let's see how many of yall read over the weekend lol.....

I was in another car accident last night.

Same car..

Same month...

Same day...

Same hour

as the last time I got hit...

last year

But today

I went and got an even better job in CT

on Public transportation

after being up late chatting in a conference with Serenity 23 and LadyLee (who is industrious enough the have a cam...why dont I have one? Wish list)

Lady...man I am so sorry I fell asleep on u...but I told you One was the witching hour...after that I'm not responsible...I woke up at 3 with my hands on the keys LMBO!!!!!

But this just proves what I been saying all along... the fire is a nice touch...all things considered

I am (stolen from Unforgiving Baby (sorry I won't call you by that other name ;) )

Your results:
You are Supergirl

Wonder Woman



Iron Man




The Flash

Green Lantern


Lean, muscular and feminine.
Honest and a defender of the innocent.
Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

You see it was tied with Wonder Woman....and I went to church right after the accident...cause that's where I was on my way to anyway...Me and the kids are fine...I'm happy as hell to junk the thing cause I was gonna get a new one anyway...but my mom and dad are bothering me to get a used one LOL...it was totally her fault and only her insurance is involved....

All praises due to Jesus Christ for saving us....Me and the twins were cool throughout the whole thing...they wanted to know what was for dinner less than three minutes afterwards LOL...But that's what being covered in the Blood will due...No weapon formed against me shall prosper...The Lord is my light and salvation...Of whom shall I fear?....Yea though I walk in the valley of the shadow of death....

I ain't just quoting yall...I live this....Try Jesus...it works

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

DJ CleanSpirit

"It's been a long time
I shouldna left you
without a dope beat to step to
Step to
step to

LOL...If you don't what song/s that is from...ya slippin LOL

Man so much has been going on...A sister has been busy..also dim for a minute...Yikes...

But I didn't go through Blogger withdrawal...I have so much fun with Jesus. I mean reading my Bible...enjoying time with my children...Going to church 3 times a week....Keeping in constant contact with my Prayer Partners...LadyLee, Serenity and Ladybug...I love yall so much!!!!!!...Loving every minute of it...You have no idea....

So changes have been happnin' Let's see where do I start?

Well my DJ name has changed...

DJ Clean Spirit

Yes... I only play spritual and clean music now. It was so amazing how it came to be and how the idea formulated in my mind and in the mind of my grandmother at approximately at the same time and when I called her to tell her that was the way I wanted to go...she said she was just thinking about what I was gonna do about Dj-ayng because she knew I loved it... and how cool (yeah she said cool) it would be if I could play for the Lord....So we laughed and I laid out my plan to her...It's gonna take some work on beefing up my collection...but I'm a music collector...that's what I do...

But check this out...the very next day I was offered a job as a DJ playing clean music for the City I live in's Public Middle Schools...Now how cool is that ...The Lord be movng yall...Everyday is a testimony!

I'm switching to Ipods...and the dj mixing system for it...The Lord is good!

But I need a some nice graphics for the new site...A dot com...not a blog...so if any of yall artists out there (Prod!!!!) could come up with something for me? Maybe a black female dressed in flowing white robes...similar to Storm...over the ones and twos? I would go ask the talented Hebrew brothers on their site...but I'm banned LOL

I want some cool drawings...I wish I was an artist....

So anyway...Back to Jesus...Now that I'm changed...I see a lot clearer...like S23 wrote a post on what kind of ad do I display to the world?...and then that message was seconded in Sunday School less than a week later and I decided to pack away all my party clothes and most of my pants...I still keep my jeans out for when I want to do laundry and errands...but mostly skirts, suits and dresses...Now this happened on the 5th of January...I'm just getting around to telling everybody other than family...see a lot of how a Christian is supposed to act is found in 1 Timothy....Not only do I want to represent Proverb 31...there's also this:

1st Timothy 2:9 - In like manner also, that women adorn themselves in modest apparel
(The rest of that verse may be too much for yall to handle...but I get it...and I want to live it)

And it's such a smooth transition...like I didn't have any problem with it all...it just melted away...but that's what having the Holy Spirit will do for you...make sure you don't even miss it...now one of my cousins almost argued with me over it...told me I was going too far...now mind you when I told her I had done it...I was just as excited as I could be....however she decided to immediately jump on me and tell me I was overdoing it...

For who? For me?

I never asked her to do it...didn't tell her she should...didn't say one word of the slighest mention of her at all...she asked me what I was doing...and at that moment I was packing all that shit away...So I told her and I was happy when I said it...

See I say all this to say that oft times people say that Christians try to jump on folks...and to try and save them...

But I think for me it's the other way around...sharing my joy in my love for Jesus and how I willingly want to adhere to his philosophies....cause people to take a closer look at themselves ...and most don't want to...so they turn that back onto me...but that aint my fault that you ain't listening to the God in you....

I do try to save souls though...I won't lie....I mean cause I know it's the truth...I know it's true...and I want to share the Good News!!...but not in a Jehovah Witness type of way...I aint banging on your door...unless I'm picking you up for church...

and not in a Hebrew type of way...I aint trying to beat nobody over the head with it...

but in a 1st Timothy kind of way...

4:16 Take heed unto thyself, and unto the doctrine; continue in them: for in doing this thou shalt both save thyself, and them that hear thee.

Think what you want...I believe in it...

Monday, January 16, 2006

First Black Female President

Happy Martin Luther King Day!!!! I'll never forget the emotion I felt when I visited the museum in Memphis...and I stood where he was shot...if you have never been...you need to go!

I started my new job today...

Do you know who this lady is?

You should...Her name is Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and she's the first female African President of any country. Quite possibly the first African American president ever...I say African American because Liberia was the first liberated African country populated by returning Africans from America...In 1847...you can be sure that the blood had been mixed...resulting in the strange phenomenon that is African American...

You can read about her here...

What I am interested in is her level of faith...See Ms. Sirleaf is a Christian...She swore into office with a Bible...not the Koran...So understanding Christian principles...I will be paying double attention to her term in office...will she follow her male counterparts in kicking out the White colonialists?

Yes I still call them colonialists because they are still there raping these African countries...I paid attention in My African Politics class...I know about the crooked deals and bribes White countries use to receive the lion's share of the profits from Africa's resources....I wonder if she will reject the IMF's attempts to control her country's activities...and if she will deprivatize schools and offer a free education to primary and secondary students...which is also in rejection of the IMF's strict demands in return for loans....I wonder if she will follow Mugabi and kick out the white settlers who own large portions of rich land...

I wonder if she will follow the principles of Christ and sincerely look out for her people...I hope so...if she can make her nation better...she will be a true leader...and perhaps an example of wondrous leadership though the belief in Christ..

Wouldn't that be awesome?

Friday, January 13, 2006

Back In Love Again

This is an open letter to my Dominican hairdresser. I know I should be saying stylist...or beautician...but my peoples are country and that's how my G'ma says it. Hairdresser!

Click here for the relevant apocolyptic Bible verse. (wanna discuss?)

Dear Migdalia,

I know you were shocked to see me walk through your door a month ago. How often did you see me pass by your shop and wonder when I would return to you? My visits to you have been spotty these last 2 years because I was busy with weaves and braids and ponytails. I was caught up in the world of fake hair. Why you ask? I don't know...maybe it was because I turned 30 and went through some kind of mid life crises...or maybe it was from watching music videos and noticing not one female black singer who obviously relaxes her hair wearing her own hair on TV(Mariah and J-lo not included)...but majority of our celebrities also favor the hair of the horse. I think I may have fallen into the fantasy life...My mindset went the way of favoring what my eyes saw and I changed my own appearance to match this. Curly weave or straight...I wanted long long hair...It didn't matter if the hair would get in my food....or drive me crazy in the morning trying to get the snarls out....I wanted hair and lots of it. and part of me is blaming it all on Beyonce! I sang India Arie along with the rest of them...but in my heart I knew I really wanted to be the average girl in the video...because that's who men put on a pedestal nowadays....I can't lighten my skin...but I could slim down and put on a lotta hair....

But last December...as I was finally putting pictures in my photo album...some from as long ago as 8 years old....My daughters looked at my hair and marveled over how beautiful it used to be....And they ran to the giant poster size potrait that we had done when they were 1 and a half...and my hair flowed over my shoulders and cascaded down my back. They said Mommy, your hair was as long as ours...what happened? I could only shake my head and say...Mommy stopped taking care of it...instead I covered it with wigpieces and such and after AD well you know mommy cut all of her hair off...it's something mommy does when she gets out of a relationship....Cutting my hair is also like starting over....The twins said so now that you and Honey aren't friends anymore...are you gonna do it again?

I paused...Yeah...I'm going to do it again...but this time will be different.

So Migdalia, I have thrown away all of my human hair pieces, I gave my mother my Pam Grier wig...and threw away the ponytails....I came to you a month ago and when you washed my hair...you said something so sweet...

"Mommie, ju have reedy nisse hair-a. Ju should let it grow Mommie"

So I am taking your advice, Migdalia....and since I came back to you ....I have been back every week since....And in the last 4 weeks my hair has grown out so much...that I need another relaxer...and thank you for letting me know that I only needed a mild children's relaxer because although my hair is super thick...it's acutally curly and doesn't need the Lye treatment...You were the first to tell me that and not try to damage my hair...

So can you please fit me in on Saturday? I need to get my hair done before I start my job on Monday...but tell Miss Wei Ling that I will no longer be needing her services...I won't be wearing fake hair or fake nails anymore...

Thank you,

Ms Back In Love With Her Natural Diva

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Isaiah 4 :1

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

Remember when he looked like this?

I have caught the two episodes of "Flavor In Love". Can I just tell you I was completely grossed out. But I can appreciate it.

Cause these chicks are honest. They just as grimey as Flava is and even though it's reality TV...it is real. The women are really stupid! That in itself is not an act. In just the first 2 episodes...you see them argue over Flav...almost come to blows over Flav....compete with sexual favors for Flav...it's insane! Red Oyster is a "dirty rat". Goldie just drops it like it hot. Peaches and Smiley are emotional wrecks.

NY is the only one playing the game correctly. Although I almost retched when they were in the hot tub and she laid the love game on thick...but I like her style...She's focused...while being able to shake the other chicks out of their game...You just might win the prize sweetheart...but what are you really winning? A man who has an untold amount of children...who's career is out the door...a substance abuser...who by the looks of "Strange Love" may even be a woman abuser. I mean he sat right in your face and said he had 8 children by the wrong women...once maybe twice...but eight times the wrong woman? Yikes...and those kids have to see that...they will undoubtly hear what their father said about them...so now we have 8 more potential headcases walking around...But I digress.

and white Folks...yall aint much better..." The Bachelor" is another joke

I watched that too while I was braiding the twins hair Monday night..Jesus...I made remarks that I'm sure the twins will absorb..

These women have sunk to a real low. I mean as desperate as you can get. It's retarded. When all of the women exited the limo...it was hilarious to see them all try to make a lasting impression in the 30 seconds they had when they met him...the women ranged from giggly to somber and serious...but all were asinine...as if this was some type of fairytale...to be honest...dude looks like a fairy and they are just the tail! (Ba dum bump)(is my mike on?) but seriously...the worst one was the chick who had the breakdown...

Now she took the cake...I'm mad I missed the part where she told him she was ready to produce...Huh?...Did she really say that? I know she did...because when her dumb butt wasn't picked...she kept going on and on about how she was 33 and ready and she had spent her whole life becoming a doctor and how they were perfect for each other

and she needed to REPRODUCE !!! She said to the bachelor...all the girls...even the cameraman...she needed to reproduce...she was only 33 and an oncologist...so you know she makes money! What a loser in life though? Like she doesn't see her own self worth ...so she had to have breakdown on national TV because she didn't get a rose from a a man..who she only knew for 5 mins... who will undoubtley kiss every woman he did give a rose to on Monday...as well as sleep with at least 3 three of them...cause believe me...those women are ready to throw the panties at him like El Duque! So what did she really lose? I wouldn't want him...think of Mono...and HIV..and herpes...yeesh...I would want to know if all them women were required to take a physical!

But this brings me back to the scripture above....Take a minute and re-read it if you have too...

The book of Isaiah is one of the fire and brimstone portion of the Old Testament...like Jeremiah and Micah for example...it contains prophecies of what will come to pass in the last days...The Hebrew used to lay this scripture on me and I would be a little shook...like "Dang, Maybe I need to stay with him so that I wouldn't have to be in that situation"...Well that Negro probably had 7 womens laying hands on him at the time anyway...LMBO Just kidding...he only has 2 wives at the present time...but when I watched these two shows it kept coming to me....like wow...I mean Isaiah predicted Jesus Christ right? and I believe in him...why can't the other predictions ring true as well...like aren't we at at point where most of us want husbands?...and we are sifting through the remnant of those men who have not formed a permanent attachment to another woman...as long as he ain't married right?...but some women will deal with a man when they know he has a woman...I used to be like that...but last year...I changed the equation on that too...If you have a woman...you don't even get my number and if I find out that you do later on?...Peace be gone! I mean I'm just throwing it up in the air...but you women know what I mean... seems no man you meet is ever completely single...Everybody has "friends"...and we deal with it...because we have "friends" too right?

But are any of these"friends" men good men? Who would be there...I mean really be there for you when you need him...and I mean like emotionally or spiritually...like where you wouldn't think twice if caught up in a scare...and you know what kind of scare I mean!!!! or are you caught up hoping and wishing that this man might be the one if he didn't have all those women on him... Honestly...I don't have "friends" like that anymore...and thank God I don't even have the desire to get wrapped up in some foolishness

but I also know that James 5:16 says The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

So I know my husband will come...after I'm finished doing what I need to do first...and performing the work that the Lord has for me...I'm studying again...but on another level...and as always... relaying what I learn...

So ladies...don't be one of the 7 in Isaiah...be the one that they talk about in Proverbs 31:10-31

I don't know about yall but that's my new manual on how I should be/act....

I'm just throwing this up in the air...you can catch it...or let it fall to the ground...

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I'm worth a lot more than...

First I want to thank you all for your words of congrats and well wishes...My heart was so blessed and encouraged by the show of support and encouragement...and Sam Cooke put it:

"It's been a long time
A long time coming
but I know change is gonna come"

I have looked at my disclaimer and realized that though it may have sounded harsh...you may not have understood why I said it.

All week I have been listening to Kanye West's "Heard 'em Say"...I love that song...all of the lyrics...but this week one lyric I have been playing over and over..

"Before you ask me to go get a job today,
can I at least get a raise on a minimum wage?

I have been working in an Administrator capacity since I was 13.

Yes 13. 1986...this year 2006 will make 20 years since I started working...I should be retiring this year!

20 years ago in the seventh grade I got a job with a motivational speaker. It started with stuffing envelopes. Then she found out that I had a computer. Grandma Diva brought me a Commodore 64 when I graduated Elementary School as Valedictorian. It was the first computer in 3333...a complex (not a project) of 5 buildings all connected housing 15,000 people...

Can I digress for a moment and talk about 3333? You can follow me right?

3333 is and was a magical place. 5 buildings named A,B,C,D,E all connected by a long system of an indoor hallway. Encompassing 3/4 ths of a New York City block. Yeah...that's 15,000 people in technically what is one structure. I have traveled extensively and I still have never seen anything like it's design.

That's where I grew up. I guess you had to be there...

3333 is located on 135th st between Broadway and Riverside Dr...overlooking the Harlem River and all of Mannhatten. Now it is considered prime real estate, but back in 1976, when it was built, Harlem was a place for those African Americans who had emigrated from the South mixed in with Hispanic immigrants. Grandma Diva came from Memphis in 1966...with 5 young daughters in tow. My Dominican Grandmother flew over from DR in 1970 with her three kids...so that's how my parents met in Harlem...Anyway...I just wanted to paint the picture...

So in 1976, 3333's construction was completed. Low income workers who had a job and many who didn't, applied and recieved apartments. Brand new...from studios to 4 bedrooms. The entranceway was paved with the same red brick as the building with a lining of trees and a garden with seasonal flowers (real) planted at all times...And GRASS...what you mean Diva?...yeah...GRASS in Harlem! There was 24 hours security with security guards roaming constantly. The first building facing the street was "D" Building...Color code Dark Blue...It rose 35 stories off the ground. 11 apartments on each floor. We lived on the 22nd floor...a huge 3 bedroom with 2 bathrooms. The bedrooms overlooked downtown and the Bronx. I used to love to gaze out of those windows at Yankee Stadium on summer nights...We could see the Twin Towers, The Empire State building and the Macy fireworks on the fourth of July on the East River...all from the bedrooms(Did you get all that, JayZ)

From the huge double windows in the livingroom, we had a complete panoramic view of the Hudson River and the shoreline of New Jersey...if you hung half of your body out the window (Dang...Don't tell Grandma!)...you could see the Statue of Liberty. But if you looked down then you saw the playground...Built over a Junior High school...that was built into the foundation of the complex...The playground was a half a block long and a half block wide...Man I just have to take pictures for you guys to see the magnificance....It was the greatest place a kid in the city could have grown up in the 80's...with the explosion of crack and crackheads...In 33 we were safe...and we could be children.

15,000 people lived there and in 1985...I was the first to have a computer. It was a big deal!

In 1986...when my first employer found out that I had one...a little poor girl from Harlem..who was working for $3.35 per hour, 15 hours a week...she decided to buy her own and have me teach her how to use it...At the time I didn't really know how I felt about teaching her...she was very condecending and although she knew that I was in the school for the specially gifted...that her son attended...she always made me feel like it was a stroke of luck that got me there...intead of the fact that I was among the 280 who scored the highest on a test...given to 10,000 handpicked kids out of the entire 5 boroughs....she made comments about how lucky I was...it was a stroke of luck that I was there...nothing at all to do with my abilities...

As I stood over her...guiding her through the enormous amout of code that you had to learn to even get the ball to bounce against the screen...I felt like Sofia in the Color Purple when that white lady acted like she couldn't drive home....I felt also strangely powerful...like damn...I know something she don't know...and I do it better...I should get paid more..after 2 weeks of training her...I asked for a raise because my duties had changed...

She looked at me like I was retarded and stammered "What?"

"Yeah, Ms. Bosslady...I'm not stuffing envelopes anymore...now I'm doing computer work...and that's not minimum wage. I should get $4.50 an hour now."

She replied, "Well Diva, you are only in the seventh grade. I can raise you up to $4.00 dollars an hour. When you get to the 8th grade and you have more education, I can give you more money."


I quit 2 weeks later.

For the last 10 years I have been trying to beat the $40,000 cap that seemed to settle itself over my income potential. Always some type of Administrative or Executive Assistant, I would somehow manage to get weighed down with my boss's responsibilties. Or even better...be asigned duties that someone else in the company was getting paid 50K and up to do...It drove me insane...But when I looked at the difference between me and these "people"..there was only one...a four year degree...

So my friends...this was an accomplishment for me..and you know Jesus gets all the credit. When I began to go back to church in 2002..I learned that Jesus wants the best for us and all I had to do was make up my mind that I wanted it too...and He would make it all fall into place if it was His will..well apparently it His will...cause it happened!

Now of course that's not my final goal...I am still going to continue with graduate school and obtain my PhD...

"How?" did you just say?

See the best part of this job is the promise that I could work part-time from home after my 6 month performance review...part-time from home also means that I will save on after-school care...That my children will have me when they get home from school...and I can take night classes without fear of spending too much time without my children..The twins need me...and I am going to be there for them....and accomplish my goals at the same time..

Pe.ps.i is mad...They want to know why I didn't choose them...


The last round of interviews were with the Director, the VP and the person I was replacing...The last interview of the round was with the nice lady who was leaving the position and making a lateral move...and she went over my resume and my accomplishments...and impressed with my demeanor and speech abilities...somehow she decided to share a truth with me...

She had been an Administrative Assistant at P.e.ps.i for 18 years...and in the 18 years she had held just about every admin postion in the company...and hadn't moved anywhere closer to any type of meaty position. Although she had a degree...Nothing...

She helped me make the choice...Thank you Jesus for making her reveal the truth about the company....

So my friends...Those are the reasons...so that's why I am so excited...

I start on MLK day...I really don't need anymore time off do I? I'm ready to get started...and I believe it would be ok with MLK...after all I'm living proof of his dream right...I'll be the only black person in the office with an office...but I'm proof right?

Wow...I took yall all over the place...Thanks for sticking it through!

Thursday, January 05, 2006

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok...maybe it's not a big deal to you...but as of 1/7/06..it will make 1 whole year since I have worked behind a desk....

I went for two interviews before Christmas...Yesterday I had both second interviews with both jobs on the same day. This morning I got the first offer and I took it...The second job offer with a major bottling company will be arriving tomorrow (I have faith) ...and I will be turning it down.

I owe it all to Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior. The bible says to confess with your mouth so I am doing so!

Yeah...I know...I talk about all manner of topics on this blog...But never let it be said that I do not believe in Jesus...and besides...things are changing around here too.

anyway...I will testify to the Lord's goodness today (singing the hook to Common's Testify)

I am now the Executive Administrator with a well established, 60 year old major supplier of lighting fixtures, bathroom stuff...Home Improvement and stuff...(Holla and if I know you ...you can get a discount!)

I report to a man who lives in San Fran, CA and he only flies in once a month (yeah I know...the cat's away)

$50,000 per year starting salary (Fiddy...did ya hear me? fiddy)

6 month performance review/raise

Office with personal Laptop and Blackberry accesories

Travel to conferences 5 times a year to Dallas, Las Vegas and NC

Full Medical and Dental Benefits to start the first day. (The 3 month probation period was waived)

and best of all

I get paid every Thursday morning...(Now that's what's up!)

Again, I give all the glory to Jesus Christ!!!!!

I recommitted myself to seeking the face of the Lord on Tuesday nite at the revival service and He has answered all my prayers.

My testimony will be fierce tonight!

Sidebar: If my salary or benefits seem low to you or you can't appreciate the Lord's blessings upon me...keep it to youself! I'm happy right now and if you say something stupid I will erase and ban u! Try me...I have done it before!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mining Tragedy in WV

This is just terrible...How did I go to sleep with 12 men alive and 1 man dead?

and wake up to 12 men dead and 1 alive?

the media is just crazy...watch them scramble to point the fingers to see who made the mistake...yeah all of them f-d that one up.

But somehow I have to thank the Lord for that one man...cause all of them could have died...

but why in this age of machinery are people still digging in mines?

The mining company had 279 violations last year...up from 60 something in 04...

when questioned..."Oh we don't want to talk about that now...we have to concentrate on the miners"

I wanted to kick that man in his ass on CNN...

uh maybe somebody should have shut it down? I mean maybe just maybe it was unsafe?

here's the article..

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Changing the Equation

I went back to church on Saturday night. Skeptical as ever...I had some real issues with church this fall...I felt discouraged and I began to lose my faith...I began to research the history of black churches and their practices...

But I went back New Year's Eve (no I didn't go to any parties) and the Bishop spoke to me in the balcony. Not directly to me.... but I knew the message was for me

Yeah I know...that sounds like something Wade in the Water would have said...

But I do know that it was for me and God was sending me a message...

I haven't talked about it..but one thing I have been struggling with is my smoking habit...picked up 12 years ago by my first fiance "The Indian"...I have never had a day since where I didn't have my trusted buddies...20 of them in a Green pack...

It's annoying and I'm tired...but I really didn't know if I had enough strength to do it...I mean they have been by my side during all of my accomplishments and disappointments...I've dumped guys cause they didn't smoke...and have probably been dumped because I did smoke...

Bishop spoke Sat nite from the book of Numbers 13:26-30

26 And they went and came to Moses, and to Aaron, and to all the congregation of the children of Israel, unto the wilderness of Paran, to Kadesh; and brought back word unto them, and unto all the congregation, and shewed them the fruit of the land.

27 And they told him, and said, We came unto the land whither thou sentest us, and surely it floweth with milk and honey; and this is the fruit of it.

28 Nevertheless the people be strong that dwell in the land, and the cities are walled, and very great: and moreover we saw the children of Anak there.

29 The Amalekites dwell in the land of the south: and the Hittites, and the Jebusites, and the Amorites, dwell in the mountains: and the Canaanites dwell by the sea, and by the coast of Jordan.

30 And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

You see the Lord had promised the land of Canaan to the Israelites. When they got there, Moses sent out spies to survey what they were up against. What the spies found were many different groups occupying the land. Instead of fear, Caleb responded to the situation with the statement that I had needed to hear:

For we are well able to overcome it

He wasn't afraid of the giants or walled castles...all Caleb knew was that God had promised it to them and they would have everything God wanted them to have...

I needed to hear that. That I was stronger than my addiction and could beat the demon that was making me kill myself.

The Bishop also spoke about :

Changing your equation

You have the power to change anything in your life...

I was tired of working in Corporate America without being paid what I was worth...so I changed the equation...I went back to school and got my degree with honors...now 2 jobs with International companies are on the table with starting salaries of 50K and up...

I was tired of being hurt so I changed the equation and took myself out of a terrible relationship.

I was tired of being broke...so I changed the equation and sought new ways of making money so I didn't have to work for 51 weeks of 2005. I managed to hold on to my place, car, kids and the twins got everything they wanted while I fulfilled my dreams.

I changed the equation on my smoking... I have gotten myself down to 5 cancer sticks a day...2morrow when I wake up...I won't have any...

I am changing the equations for 2006 ...just wait and see...


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