Thursday, January 05, 2006

I GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok...maybe it's not a big deal to you...but as of 1/7/ will make 1 whole year since I have worked behind a desk....

I went for two interviews before Christmas...Yesterday I had both second interviews with both jobs on the same day. This morning I got the first offer and I took it...The second job offer with a major bottling company will be arriving tomorrow (I have faith) ...and I will be turning it down.

I owe it all to Jesus Christ who is my Lord and Savior. The bible says to confess with your mouth so I am doing so!

Yeah...I know...I talk about all manner of topics on this blog...But never let it be said that I do not believe in Jesus...and besides...things are changing around here too.

anyway...I will testify to the Lord's goodness today (singing the hook to Common's Testify)

I am now the Executive Administrator with a well established, 60 year old major supplier of lighting fixtures, bathroom stuff...Home Improvement and stuff...(Holla and if I know you can get a discount!)

I report to a man who lives in San Fran, CA and he only flies in once a month (yeah I know...the cat's away)

$50,000 per year starting salary (Fiddy...did ya hear me? fiddy)

6 month performance review/raise

Office with personal Laptop and Blackberry accesories

Travel to conferences 5 times a year to Dallas, Las Vegas and NC

Full Medical and Dental Benefits to start the first day. (The 3 month probation period was waived)

and best of all

I get paid every Thursday morning...(Now that's what's up!)

Again, I give all the glory to Jesus Christ!!!!!

I recommitted myself to seeking the face of the Lord on Tuesday nite at the revival service and He has answered all my prayers.

My testimony will be fierce tonight!

Sidebar: If my salary or benefits seem low to you or you can't appreciate the Lord's blessings upon me...keep it to youself! I'm happy right now and if you say something stupid I will erase and ban u! Try me...I have done it before!

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