Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mining Tragedy in WV

This is just terrible...How did I go to sleep with 12 men alive and 1 man dead?

and wake up to 12 men dead and 1 alive?

the media is just them scramble to point the fingers to see who made the mistake...yeah all of them f-d that one up.

But somehow I have to thank the Lord for that one man...cause all of them could have died...

but why in this age of machinery are people still digging in mines?

The mining company had 279 violations last year...up from 60 something in 04...

when questioned..."Oh we don't want to talk about that now...we have to concentrate on the miners"

I wanted to kick that man in his ass on CNN...

uh maybe somebody should have shut it down? I mean maybe just maybe it was unsafe?

here's the article..

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