Tuesday, January 31, 2006

RIP Mrs. King / I want to be a Minister's wife

Rest In Peace Mrs Coretta Scott King ....Job well done!

Actual conversation that took place 1/26/06 at 5:15 pm (2 hours before my car accident)

serenity_twentythree: u have big decisions to make
serenity_twentythree: ok
djdiva1973: lord lord
djdiva1973: church tonight too
djdiva1973: i wanna be a minister's wife

serenity_twentythree: where did that come from?
djdiva1973: maybe not minister Blank but def a minister
djdiva1973: LOL
djdiva1973: U know I stay thinking

serenity_twentythree: u don't think that's a lot of responsibility
serenity_twentythree: it would be for me
serenity_twentythree: always
being an example
djdiva1973: well by the time that happens I'll be a Professor
serenity_twentythree: people and women always calling your house
djdiva1973: that's cool
djdiva1973: shoot

serenity_twentythree: not for me.
djdiva1973: the women
djdiva1973: riiiiiiight
djdiva1973: i forgot the women

serenity_twentythree: they are probably the worst aspect
djdiva1973: but i dont be calling no ministers
serenity_twentythree: u aint like some women either
djdiva1973: oh wait...i gotta call Elder Meeks about the Singles thing
djdiva1973: and he married LOL

I know yall like DJ (Insert fav name here) done plum lost her mind. A minister's wife? M has really gone crazy. But think about it..

Go head back to my list of needs I wrote in August

The most important quality I left off the list back then

A man who loves God and Jesus Christ.

Bible verse:

2 Corinthians 6:14 - Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? and what communion hath light with darkness?

Well dang...that's about as plain as you can get! Let see did I try it and prove it wrong...Mentally looking over relationships...Well you know what...In my life...this was proven time and time again...I married and divorced a man who didn't believe in God at all...I was in a destructive relationship with a man who was a Muslim...or something close to it. There have been Catholics...and of course the Hebrew...who is still wasting time ignoring this Bible scripture

But to be yoked or married to someone is some serious stuff...

YOKE: A crossbar with two U-shaped pieces that encircle the necks of a pair of oxen or other draft animals working together.

Having been married...I understand the gravity and intensity of the relationship. The sacrifice each must make with each other's attitudes and issues. In part 2 of Eve I will be following up on something interesting that make a lot of women mad with me...But back to marrage...It takes alot to be in one...hence the yoke. And I don't know about yall...but that ring on your finger can sometimes weigh heavy around your shoulders too...So I can really understand why the term yoke was used.

So it is important to have someone who believes what you do. Because in times of trouble...running to different Gods will cause confusion on how you should interact with other...Of course this is just my opinion and that of the Bible...so don't try to go off on me ...But henceforth I am stating that I believe it for true cause I tested it and proved it.

But if that aint enough proof...think about how Solomon was brought down...

But I want to be a minister's wife.

I want to be the wife of a man touched by God. I want to sit and be taught by him. I want to have long discussion on scriptures and strive together to be as holy as we can...cause that's what the Bible says yall...1 Peter 1:16 Because it is written, Be ye holy; for I am holy.

I may have some other reasons like I want to sit in a good seat at every service LOL...Wear beautiful clothes and hear my husband praise me...But I also want to work toward a common goal with a man of God...I have a desire to save souls...and I end up ministering to folks around me...

But what if I could be married to a man Like Martin Luther King. Would I work as hard for his ministry as I do for these white folks? Yup...I would work even harder...because as a helpmeet...it is my duty to make a great man greater...

Hence the reason trying to emulate Proverbs 31 is so important...I keep quoting it...I hope yall have read it by now...LOL

I hope you have enjoyed my photo tribute to Coretta Scott King....It would be my honor if I could be 1/24th the person she was...The love for Martin? Unbelievable! She was probably annoyed at all the phone calls...the women...the responsibility...then the grief...but she loved that man...and believed in him wholeheartedly...I want a love like that....and all I can do is pray that God gives me strength to deal with it as gracefully as she did...

That I would be a minister's wife was prophecied to me by more than one saint...including my Grand Aunts in Memphis Christmas time '04...it wasn't until January '06 that the idea entertwined itself in my head...

So if it comes true...well then.....

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