Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Isaiah 4 :1

And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, saying, We will eat our own bread, and wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.

Remember when he looked like this?

I have caught the two episodes of "Flavor In Love". Can I just tell you I was completely grossed out. But I can appreciate it.

Cause these chicks are honest. They just as grimey as Flava is and even though it's reality is real. The women are really stupid! That in itself is not an act. In just the first 2 see them argue over Flav...almost come to blows over Flav....compete with sexual favors for's insane! Red Oyster is a "dirty rat". Goldie just drops it like it hot. Peaches and Smiley are emotional wrecks.

NY is the only one playing the game correctly. Although I almost retched when they were in the hot tub and she laid the love game on thick...but I like her style...She's focused...while being able to shake the other chicks out of their game...You just might win the prize sweetheart...but what are you really winning? A man who has an untold amount of children...who's career is out the door...a substance abuser...who by the looks of "Strange Love" may even be a woman abuser. I mean he sat right in your face and said he had 8 children by the wrong women...once maybe twice...but eight times the wrong woman? Yikes...and those kids have to see that...they will undoubtly hear what their father said about now we have 8 more potential headcases walking around...But I digress.

and white Folks...yall aint much better..." The Bachelor" is another joke

I watched that too while I was braiding the twins hair Monday night..Jesus...I made remarks that I'm sure the twins will absorb..

These women have sunk to a real low. I mean as desperate as you can get. It's retarded. When all of the women exited the was hilarious to see them all try to make a lasting impression in the 30 seconds they had when they met him...the women ranged from giggly to somber and serious...but all were if this was some type of be honest...dude looks like a fairy and they are just the tail! (Ba dum bump)(is my mike on?) but seriously...the worst one was the chick who had the breakdown...

Now she took the cake...I'm mad I missed the part where she told him she was ready to produce...Huh?...Did she really say that? I know she did...because when her dumb butt wasn't picked...she kept going on and on about how she was 33 and ready and she had spent her whole life becoming a doctor and how they were perfect for each other

and she needed to REPRODUCE !!! She said to the bachelor...all the girls...even the cameraman...she needed to reproduce...she was only 33 and an you know she makes money! What a loser in life though? Like she doesn't see her own self worth she had to have breakdown on national TV because she didn't get a rose from a a man..who she only knew for 5 mins... who will undoubtley kiss every woman he did give a rose to on well as sleep with at least 3 three of them...cause believe me...those women are ready to throw the panties at him like El Duque! So what did she really lose? I wouldn't want him...think of Mono...and HIV..and herpes...yeesh...I would want to know if all them women were required to take a physical!

But this brings me back to the scripture above....Take a minute and re-read it if you have too...

The book of Isaiah is one of the fire and brimstone portion of the Old Jeremiah and Micah for contains prophecies of what will come to pass in the last days...The Hebrew used to lay this scripture on me and I would be a little "Dang, Maybe I need to stay with him so that I wouldn't have to be in that situation"...Well that Negro probably had 7 womens laying hands on him at the time anyway...LMBO Just kidding...he only has 2 wives at the present time...but when I watched these two shows it kept coming to wow...I mean Isaiah predicted Jesus Christ right? and I believe in him...why can't the other predictions ring true as aren't we at at point where most of us want husbands?...and we are sifting through the remnant of those men who have not formed a permanent attachment to another long as he ain't married right?...but some women will deal with a man when they know he has a woman...I used to be like that...but last year...I changed the equation on that too...If you have a don't even get my number and if I find out that you do later on?...Peace be gone! I mean I'm just throwing it up in the air...but you women know what I mean... seems no man you meet is ever completely single...Everybody has "friends"...and we deal with it...because we have "friends" too right?

But are any of these"friends" men good men? Who would be there...I mean really be there for you when you need him...and I mean like emotionally or where you wouldn't think twice if caught up in a scare...and you know what kind of scare I mean!!!! or are you caught up hoping and wishing that this man might be the one if he didn't have all those women on him... Honestly...I don't have "friends" like that anymore...and thank God I don't even have the desire to get wrapped up in some foolishness

but I also know that James 5:16 says The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

So I know my husband will come...after I'm finished doing what I need to do first...and performing the work that the Lord has for me...I'm studying again...but on another level...and as always... relaying what I learn...

So ladies...don't be one of the 7 in the one that they talk about in Proverbs 31:10-31

I don't know about yall but that's my new manual on how I should be/act....

I'm just throwing this up in the can catch it...or let it fall to the ground...

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