Tuesday, November 28, 2006

TMI Tuesday

Hey everybody....Hope your MASSACRE day went well.

Ours did...I ended up getting up at 12pm and cooking all this food:

Because Scribe wanted me to cook our first Thanksgiving together. (I know...he's the sweetest man in the world!)....And look at him and the twins....they were happy and stuffed!!!!

It's my girl Lady Xandria's B'DAY!!!!!!...Go Lady..Go Lady!!!!! You finally caught up to me HA!

33 ain't so bad...believe me girl! I'm hafta do a post on her one of these days....She's one of my oldest friends...going back to the eighth grade...so technically Lady...we have now been friends for 20 years!....Time flies doesn't it hun?

Well in honor of her birthday...and because she tagged me last week....I am joining TMI Tuesdays.....Yall know me....I can't keep up with shit! But I will certainly try with this one....Scribe already said I can't do Half Nekkid Thursdays (Booo LOL).....But I didn't ask him about Tuesdays LMAO!!!!! Yall know this means a lot of questions later tonight after I reveal Too Much Information LOL

I'm still working on a the radio blog thing....I want to move this blog back in that direction....I have another blog now....something on the low...to kinda stay away from old boyfriends who read me...their girlfriends who read me...and various other lurkers....if you want the address let me know in the comments...

DJ Diva is constantly evolving...That's life right?

Here is my submission for TMI Tuesdays

1. My biggest sexual turn on is?

Scribe after a shower...Damn he is so f-ing sexy...wow...let me stop thinking about it...I'm at work and its a long way to the bathroom.

2. On a scale of 1-10, how jealous do you get (have you gotten)?

Anyone who knows me...knows that I operate at around 9-10....My man is fine...and dresses his ass off....try to push up on him? and I'll cut you! Straight Music!

3. Have you ever had sex with someone you work(ed) with? Any negative consequences?

Yes I did. There are always negative consequences to that activity...Don't do it!

4. Wash up, cuddle or fall asleep?

We cuddle. hmmmmmm...we cuddle a lot.

5. Which is more important of the two in "chemisty," physical attractiveness or sexual performance?

Sexual performance. And my man performs better than James Brown (the hardest working man in show business)You can always turn out the light. I don't have to....but I'm just saying...

Ok I've shared too much...have a good one yall!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Said Nigger by "Mistake"

Go over to Oscar’s and view the clip if you haven’t seen it.

That’s what Jerry Seinfeld said. That it was a horrible mistake.

Michael Richards screamed “Nigger” more than 5 times and said that “50 years ago we would have had you hanging from a tree with a fork in your ass”

But that was a mistake too I guess.

If I forget a comma in an invoice? That’s a mistake.

If I forget to pay a bill….that’s a mistake.

Can you hear me now? When one of my SM’s calls me.

And I say “Yass Missus!”

Instead of “I’ll be right there.”

That would be a mistake.

But it might be what I’m thinking.

That’s the problem. The real root of the issue. Michael Richards said exactly what he wanted to say.

Exactly what he felt. What a lot of them still feel.

When I was hired at this company, They recruited me heavily…raised my salary by a few thousand and threw in all sorts of perks. My elation and pride was dashed when at the orientation, I met a young woman, white, who was hired for my same position. As people who clicked, we began to talk and I learned that she was making 13,000 more than me. She had no degree, less experience….matter of fact she had a GED.


The way of the world I suppose.

But like Michael Richards said

50 years ago I would have been probably cleaning her house.

It almost sounded as if he were mad about the fact it wasn’t 50 years ago. When he could have rounded up some boys and strung those hecklers right up the nearest oak.

Right now…at the moment I am writing this… I am sitting on the Metro North train….next older white man….who only sat next to me because it was the only seat…yet his body is halfway off of his own seat lest he touch me in any sort of way.


Michael Richards forgot about the internet, cell phones, video cameras….his career….while he expressed himself.

And that’s just what he did.

He didn’t make a mistake. He expressed himself. Said exactly how he truly felt.

The fact that Jerry Seinfeld thinks it was a mistake….shows me that he more than likely feels the same way.

Don’t fool yourself that this is all a mistake. Racism and racist behavior is never a mistake. It’s deliberate. It’s real.

I’m almost glad he did it. At least I know how he really feels now. Not that it matters to my life. But every once in a while….it’s a good reminder.

Like how on ANTM, Jaeda was forced to work with an ugly Italian man who probably smelled like rotton tomatoes, who publicly declared that he did not like black women. Tyra , I feel, side stepped the whole issue of racism in modeling. I wanted to smack her for that. Here she had an opportunity to step up to the plate….and instead of addressing the racist….she got rid of the visibly distraught black model. Tyra could have stopped it right there and found someone else to work with. Instead she dumped the girl and told her she should have tried harder to work through it. We all know that was just Tyra be her hating ass self...I mean she did chop off all that pretty natural hair of the girl. And Tyra knows how long it took to grow it...That's why she don't have none of her own! Instead of punishing the racist behavior she condoned it...missing a perfect opportunity to start to turn things around in her industry

I’m complicit too. When I see things obviously racist…I don’t protest…other than here or into the ear of anyone who will listen.

Those caveman commercials for Geico are hilarious….but aren’t we really the cavemen in reality?… Everytime I see a saltine acting black....I feel just like that dude....
Michael Richards also loved to dress up like black folks....remember this?
And of course the black man in the background finds it hilarious.

I did too at the time. Now I wonder about my own tolerance for coonery in any form...

I wonder if it will even be mentioned by the folks in my office...doubt it....maybe one day I should publish my final paper in Baldwin...which address the ways of white folks....

I could go on all day…..Let me get back to listening to Robin Thicke.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Looking Forward/ 2nd bloggaversary

It’s my second blog anniversary.

DJ Diva has been blogging for two years.

All weekend I fiddled with my template. I thought of all the different radio blogs that I used to put up and attempted to come up with something suitable for today.

None of it worked.

I thought about linking some of my greatest hits to celebrate. My most worthy posts. Times when I was funny, angry, sad…or just Diva.

I have none of that for you today.

I guess it’s because….I’m looking forward….instead of back.

I’m looking forward to a life filled with happiness and love. My house is so full of laughter, smiles, hugs and joy. Scribe has amplified everything around me. What a change. I love that man so much. All of us are at peace and in this chaotic world….yeah my house feels like heaven.

I’m looking forward to a new career in education. First high school… then college. Scribe and I want a baby….so three years from now…when I am Professor Scribe, PhD…..and working 4 hours a day….I can give him his first child…maybe sooner LOL

I’m looking forward to life in the South. Warm weather for majority of the year. My people. My people. Being closer to my family in Memphis. My Grandma Diva. My sister C. Seems like a lot of my family is migrating back home. Should make for wonderful and memorable family dinners.

I’m looking forward to attending a black university and obtaining first my masters then my PhD.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.

I could look back.

Back to the uncertainty…the heartache…the pain

The pain which started this blog two years ago. The pain that I never spoke of here. Or maybe eventually I did. I guess you would have to research my archives and try and narrow it down. As Sade put it:

I been hurt so many times,
I been hurt so many times before
” (Somebody Already Broke My Heart)

You may skip right past it…

But that pain is long gone.

I found myself wondering the other day….trying to narrow down just what was it that held me in it’s grip.

I may not always be happy. I may hurt again.

But life is different than back then.
My quest for truth has been achieved.

Now I am only looking forward. With love and hope in my eyes.

Will you come forward with me?


YBNVS no more

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Scribe's 5th Takeover/ 6mts and counting!

Yeah...That's me right there....I went out this weekend and decided to take pictures with my new (old) weave....


So all you haters...who say I don't deserve the name DJ...

You know what you can do....

Besa mi culo!

yeah...I'm Dominican too...

My wonderful Man SCRIBE has written another post that I decided to jack from him.... I cannot believe how blessed I am to have a man like him....the rest were def all appetizers...this man is a full meal.....that keeps me satisfied....

I was asked a few months back by ladybug...if I ever cried because I loved someone.

I have cried because I was hurt by someone....but never because I loved them too much...

Now I can answer that question in the affirmative....

So in honor of our 6 months together....

May I present....

SCRIBE'S 5th Takeover!!!!!!

Six Months and The Love Continues....

Its time for another sickeningly sweet post for the most wonderful woman a schlep like me could ever have. With a face like this its amazing that I can attract a cold let alone an eleven piece like my lovely Diva. We've been together six months now...can you believe it??? Six months...that's 180 days, 24 weeks, 4,320 hours...okay you get the point. In that time we've been challenged in so many ways and each time the experience has done nothing to weaken our resolve to stay in love, and stay together. In that time I've learned a few things too...


1. Do not come in the room talking all loud when the following is on: Grey's Anatomy, ER, The Wire, the sunday morning show on 98.7 Kiss, or America's Next Top Model...I'm sure I forgot something. Point is...shut the hell up when she's watching one of her favorite shows. Learned that one the hard way.

2. Massages, baths drawn, flowers, cooking, cleaning, and all other expressions of love are not only appreciated, but are well, well rewarded. You just can't go wrong by doing any of these things. Note to the fellas: Its okay...give her all you can you just might be surprised what you get in return.

3. There is absolutely nothing better than having your woman walk into a room and every man in the joint is drooling over her and she walks out with you. My man, that ish makes you feel very, very big.

4. When ordering out her faves are: General Tso's Chicken with French Fries, Cheeseburger with Mayo and Ketchup, or Bacon Egg and Cheese with a litlle bit of grape jelly. If you truly love the Diva, you will not forget this.
Wait! I have to kill you, you might use this to get in her good graces....especially that fan club she's got in the mailroom. Don't think I don't know! I WILL come up to that piece in a robe and some flip flops and go Rambo! I love my Diva Yo!

Seriously, I have one incredible woman. She came into my life at a time when I was together, but not whole. In her own way...she made me just that. You will often find me diddy-bopping through Harlem happily on my way home to my Diva. So much so my family has begun to believe I've abandonded them. It is staggering sometimes how supportive, kind, and giving she is. She is my iron fist in a velvet glove and for that I am thankful. I've learned that she is a teammate and clearly puts god's words in her actions and deeds. I've learned that we can both be incredibly lazy and incredibly productive in the same day. I've learned that we can argue without putting each other down. I've learned that I'm not perfect and more often than not...wrong. But you know what? I still get called Daddy aftwards! That's love. And you can't fake that. Its real.

This weekend, my job had a benefit gospel concert which I co-organized. That morning I really wanted her to come, but I knew that she was extra tired from the week and so when you wanted to take a rain check I was disappointed but not hurt. It was much to my surprise when she called me to tell me she was 10 minutes away and was coming. When she showed up...See What I learned #3 But not only that, you ever had someone emabarass the ish out of you cause they lacked tact and class? My Diva looked classy, talked classy and my co-workers were not only impressed but had lots to say this Monday morning to me about her and how nice she was. But I already knew that.

If you notice I haven't mentioned the twins. Well that's because two reasons 1. I'm always giving it up to the twins and 2. This post is for my Diva. The future mother of my child. My future wife. The woman I'm not sure how I made it this far without. The woman I hope to never be without. This is for the woman that works 5 sometimes 6 days a week, comes home, provides love for her entire family, and maintains her Diva throughout it all. This is for the woman who believes I'm the one with the most patience...when I know its her...she's gotta deal with me...that shit takes patience. This is for the sexiest woman with the meanest ass that never gets past me with a good "smack that".

I love you girl with everything. And I hope in these six months I've lived up to everything I said I would. I told you I was gonna work hard for you, I told you that I would be loyal, and I would always put you first. I pray I've done that, because you've been worth that and so, so much more.

I fell in love again for like 30th time in this relationship and you know what???? It never gets old.
Have a blessed day y'all.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Divorce all over the place

First Britney

Then Regina

Now Chris

Nobody is safe...not even with an "ugly" dude....

Hot off the press

Chris Rock has joked you can either be "married and bored, or single and lonely," and it appears he's opted to try the solitary life.
TMZ.com says the comedian, 41, has started divorce proceedings against Malaak Compton-Rock, with whom he has two daughters, Lola, 4, and Zahra, 2, and has tapped a "high-powered" legal pit bull to represent him.
The timing of the supposed split is interesting, coming as it does just three weeks before the couple's 10th wedding anniversary, a milestone date that can sometimes have a major impact on how much moolah is shelled out in the settlement.
For now, Rock's rep remains mum on the split rumblings, telling TMZ, "I cannot comment at this time."
It's a good bet the multitasking star, who hits screens in March in the unfortunately titled "I Think I Love My Wife" (he also co-wrote and directed the flick), will mine his purported marital woes for his stand-up act, just as he did when he settled into domestic bliss.
"Fellas, when you wake up in the morning, you should look yourself in the mirror and say, '[Bleep] you.' [Bleep] your hopes, [bleep] your dreams, [bleep] your plans ... [bleep] everything you thought this life was going to bring to you," he ranted during his 2004 comedy special "Never Scared." "Now let's go out there and try to make this b***h happy.'"
Malaak, a former public relations exec at UNICEF, is the founder of Styleworks, a nonprofit group that provides makeovers and advice to women moving from public assistance into the business world.

And I cannot believe some chick let Flava knock her up....and it aint deelishis....Thanks Divatude for that bit of info...7 and counting....Seems like he been getting plenty of Flavor of Love....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Somebody call SECURITY!!!!!

Once upon a time there was a Queen. Let’s call her Diva. About 4 years ago Queen Diva surveyed her kingdom and realized that her life and that of her beautiful princesses had reached an impasse. Her harvest was not bearing as much fruit as she would have liked and it was getting harder and harder to work in her own fields. Queen was 30 and knew that it was now or never to begin planning the rest of her life and also more than past time to start preparing her Princesses for Queendom. She had to give them a better environment, tutors and step up in life. The Queen also knew that she had to finish her education in order to obtain a larger harvest. The Queen enrolled back in to the University and started her 5 year goal plan. She decided that she would relocate her household to a part of her kingdom called Atlanta, and there she would build a larger castle and set up shop.

The Queen was not quiet about her plans. Everyone in her life knew what she was planning and they also began making moves of their own. One of these people was her ex-husband La-Asshole and his wife the Evil Magilla Gorilla. They had heard of Queen Diva’s plans and decided that they would beat her to the punch and relocate their household to Atlanta as well. In year three of the Queen’s plan, La-Asshole and the Evil Magilla Gorilla packed also...without warning and informed the Queen of their plans one week before their departure.

Queen Diva was then faced with a decision….should she change her destination?….or persevere with her goals?

This is my problem now.

Every step closer I get to leaving NY…I have to hear:

“Why you moving to ATL? To be closer to your ex-husband?” (the green is for the envy that I'm catching about finally finishing my short-term goals)

Let me set the record straight once and for all…

I don’t love that man….I don’t hate that man….I feel nothing for him…


“Oh, but he is your children’s father. You did marry him.”



I don’t waste or expend any type of feeling energy on him. He was the sperm donor for my kids. My first marriage was a disaster.

Did I have anything to do with it?


I have a low tolerance for stupidity……

But the next question is why would you still move to Atlanta when he moved there first?

Ok…does him and his wife own GA?


Like I said in my little pseudo story…I planned to move there first…get it? P.L.A.N.N.E.D.

They got wind of my plans and figured they would beat me to the punch. And for a while I let them...I started thinking of other places to go...even committed to going to Memphis for a long time...But why should I when I planned to go to ATL???

But they didn’t plan….no….

They didn’t get degrees like I did.

They didn’t have jobs lined up like I do.

Hell, they didn’t even have enough money to go like I do.

They just went. And Every fucking month they struggle with that decision. They call his mother for her SS check because they can’t meet their rent payments…He can’t even afford a cell phone because jobs for security don’t pay diddly squat. I mean I receive under $120 every two weeks for the kids…so the money aint coming to me!

Oh…I did say that they were both security officers right? Fake cops….

Don’t get me wrong….Magilla Gorilla had a plan in her head….oh her fat butt was supposed to get a job with the Sheriff’s department….She lied….and besides…she needed a driver’s license…. which she didn’t have…oh and they want you to be able to do sit-up and be able to run after criminals…..you just don’t dress in a uniform and carry a gun…..dummy


So apparently since he’s there…according to other sources…I shouldn’t want to live there now…I shouldn’t move my family there…I shouldn’t be where there are plentiful jobs and housing that I could still afford to buy….


He lived in NYC at the same time as I did…

When I moved to Westchester…less than 30 mins away it wasn’t a problem…

Being in the same city…or 1 ½ hours away like I plan to be ….is no big deal to me…

I understand Scribe’s point of view…but at the same time…dude is such a non-entity to me that it really wouldn’t matter either way….I mean if I cared even a little about him….I would understand what every one is saying…but uhm…I’ve said it before…My ex-husband is worth more to me dead or diabled than alive….shoot..I’d get more from Social Security than Child Support…

Yeah I know…that’s cold…and I shouldn’t wish death on him….I don’t wish it….but I’m also realistic…about my money that is…and after what he put me through? Shoot if you knew the half of the story…folks might run out and torch his place just for G.P.

I know they went there to try and fuck up my plans….well Diva aint stunting them broke ass mutherfuckers….seriously

Step to me and you’ll be dealt with!

Cross my line and you’ll be checked!

Hell I’m itching for them to give me a reason to punch that ugly monkey in her face.

But moving into the state with them really isn’t an issue to me…

We don’t travel in the same circles…we don’t like the same things

It’s not as if I would ever run into them at the bookstore or the library…I have an even slimmer chance of running into them at a college

Unless they the security guards on duty….

What I am trying to say is….I want to move to ATL because of what it offers ME and MY CHILDREN and ultimately SCRIBE….

I could care less that their father and his wife are there…

Who knows…they may even make the ATL safer…

(That was cold...I know...but it sure made my stomach hurt with laughter)

What do yall think? Should we go...or should I go to Memphis?

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