Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Somebody call SECURITY!!!!!

Once upon a time there was a Queen. Let’s call her Diva. About 4 years ago Queen Diva surveyed her kingdom and realized that her life and that of her beautiful princesses had reached an impasse. Her harvest was not bearing as much fruit as she would have liked and it was getting harder and harder to work in her own fields. Queen was 30 and knew that it was now or never to begin planning the rest of her life and also more than past time to start preparing her Princesses for Queendom. She had to give them a better environment, tutors and step up in life. The Queen also knew that she had to finish her education in order to obtain a larger harvest. The Queen enrolled back in to the University and started her 5 year goal plan. She decided that she would relocate her household to a part of her kingdom called Atlanta, and there she would build a larger castle and set up shop.

The Queen was not quiet about her plans. Everyone in her life knew what she was planning and they also began making moves of their own. One of these people was her ex-husband La-Asshole and his wife the Evil Magilla Gorilla. They had heard of Queen Diva’s plans and decided that they would beat her to the punch and relocate their household to Atlanta as well. In year three of the Queen’s plan, La-Asshole and the Evil Magilla Gorilla packed also...without warning and informed the Queen of their plans one week before their departure.

Queen Diva was then faced with a decision….should she change her destination?….or persevere with her goals?

This is my problem now.

Every step closer I get to leaving NY…I have to hear:

“Why you moving to ATL? To be closer to your ex-husband?” (the green is for the envy that I'm catching about finally finishing my short-term goals)

Let me set the record straight once and for all…

I don’t love that man….I don’t hate that man….I feel nothing for him…


“Oh, but he is your children’s father. You did marry him.”



I don’t waste or expend any type of feeling energy on him. He was the sperm donor for my kids. My first marriage was a disaster.

Did I have anything to do with it?


I have a low tolerance for stupidity……

But the next question is why would you still move to Atlanta when he moved there first?

Ok…does him and his wife own GA?


Like I said in my little pseudo story…I planned to move there first…get it? P.L.A.N.N.E.D.

They got wind of my plans and figured they would beat me to the punch. And for a while I let them...I started thinking of other places to go...even committed to going to Memphis for a long time...But why should I when I planned to go to ATL???

But they didn’t plan….no….

They didn’t get degrees like I did.

They didn’t have jobs lined up like I do.

Hell, they didn’t even have enough money to go like I do.

They just went. And Every fucking month they struggle with that decision. They call his mother for her SS check because they can’t meet their rent payments…He can’t even afford a cell phone because jobs for security don’t pay diddly squat. I mean I receive under $120 every two weeks for the kids…so the money aint coming to me!

Oh…I did say that they were both security officers right? Fake cops….

Don’t get me wrong….Magilla Gorilla had a plan in her head….oh her fat butt was supposed to get a job with the Sheriff’s department….She lied….and besides…she needed a driver’s license…. which she didn’t have…oh and they want you to be able to do sit-up and be able to run after criminals… just don’t dress in a uniform and carry a gun…..dummy


So apparently since he’s there…according to other sources…I shouldn’t want to live there now…I shouldn’t move my family there…I shouldn’t be where there are plentiful jobs and housing that I could still afford to buy….


He lived in NYC at the same time as I did…

When I moved to Westchester…less than 30 mins away it wasn’t a problem…

Being in the same city…or 1 ½ hours away like I plan to be ….is no big deal to me…

I understand Scribe’s point of view…but at the same time…dude is such a non-entity to me that it really wouldn’t matter either way….I mean if I cared even a little about him….I would understand what every one is saying…but uhm…I’ve said it before…My ex-husband is worth more to me dead or diabled than alive….shoot..I’d get more from Social Security than Child Support…

Yeah I know…that’s cold…and I shouldn’t wish death on him….I don’t wish it….but I’m also realistic…about my money that is…and after what he put me through? Shoot if you knew the half of the story…folks might run out and torch his place just for G.P.

I know they went there to try and fuck up my plans….well Diva aint stunting them broke ass mutherfuckers….seriously

Step to me and you’ll be dealt with!

Cross my line and you’ll be checked!

Hell I’m itching for them to give me a reason to punch that ugly monkey in her face.

But moving into the state with them really isn’t an issue to me…

We don’t travel in the same circles…we don’t like the same things

It’s not as if I would ever run into them at the bookstore or the library…I have an even slimmer chance of running into them at a college

Unless they the security guards on duty….

What I am trying to say is….I want to move to ATL because of what it offers ME and MY CHILDREN and ultimately SCRIBE….

I could care less that their father and his wife are there…

Who knows…they may even make the ATL safer…

(That was cold...I know...but it sure made my stomach hurt with laughter)

What do yall think? Should we go...or should I go to Memphis?

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