Sunday, October 08, 2006

North Korea Nuke Test

I said this on July 12th:

I'll Show You a Fourth Of July Rocket!

By now most of you have heard about North Korea's fireworks display/missile launch. All I was really concerned about was could they have hit America?... No? ...Oh well ..back to the BBQ....However, everybody in Asia is outraged and Japan is livid. Since WWII, Japan has been prevented from keeping a full size military army. What they do have is a self defense force of about 200,000 folks. The Japanese have been living peacefully (with us) since the last bomb dropped on Hiroshima...but with them North Koreans blasting off into the Sea of Japan everytime they want to flex a little muscle is a real problem to the Japanese. And we cannot forget that the North Koreans have nuclear technology. Or at least the folks in office don't want us to forget. On a serious note....a lot of countries have this technology now. Is it right for America to dictate who can have it and who can't? What gives America the right to decide for the world?

They have been testing North Korea has conducted a successful nuclear test. They claim it is for self defense. They may be right. But who wants to attack them?

Wait. Bush still has 2 years left in office.

We in Iraq. No nuclear missiles. WTH is going on?

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