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I have written 200 pieces for me some lub...

Yes we are back with Worldwide Wednesday...especially since Serenity nominated me for BEST POLITICAL OR WORLD NEWS BLOG...I think that's what the category was...well I nominated myself for it all...ok ok...I nominated yall for some....ok.... so we didn't make it to the finals for best black weblogs...I guess I should have put up a link for folks to nominate me...but then again...I don't blog for awards...including my boyfriend Scribe (he hates that term...prefers MAN LOL)...But I did nominate him for Best Newbie....You need to go check out his post on's hilarious ...complete with pics.... I'll probably jack him and post it here by the weekend...or write a Tyrone response...

But lets go spanning the world!!!!!!!


Ok well this is something I never thought would happen....SNOW in South Africa...that in itself sounds like an oxymoron...but ladies and gentlemens it is quite possible...It's the first time in 8 years the article says....and I guess it could happen since it's in such close proximity to Antarctica...but all I can say is related news...I hope the land transfer from the whites to blacks goes well down there in South Africa and it doesn't turn into a land snatching massacre:

Agriculture and Land Affairs Minister Lulu Xingwana has warned that her department plans to seize properties under claim if buyers and sellers failed to come to agreements within six months....

Under the anti Aparthied rules...the whites are suppossed to hand over land that they forced the natives to give up...but of course we know that's not going to run smoothly...anybody surprised?

Things are gonna get a bit hotter in Nigeria. Nigeria plans to build nuclear power plants within the next 12 years. The country's President Olusegun Obasanjo states that it will increase Nigeria's electrical power....but according to the US Nigeria doesn't have a large problem: "Nigeria’s power plants are operating well below capacity due to a combination of poor maintenance and low water levels at hydropower stations. "...

Too many Nigerians syphoning oil from huge pipes and capturing oil executives to be worried about the maintenence on a electrical plant.


I like how that color is the color of curry LOL.....I wanted to follow Africa witha nice little story about India. Things were tense as India celebrated it's 59th Independence and Pakistan it's brings to mind how short of a time each country has actually been free from colonial (read European) rule:

India gained independence from Britain in 1947, when more than 1 million people were killed as overwhelmingly Muslim Pakistan was carved from largely Hindu India.

My grandmother is older than those countries....yet both were wary over the other's celebrations....Since they still don't like each other....both countries were expecting ish to jump off...thank goodness it didn't!

Funny how I can tie India and Africa together...India plans to invest $1billion into develop oil and mining projects in Africa's Ivory Coast over the next five years, an Indian ambassador said. The country hopes to tap into the region's vast oil wealth by accessing the Gulf of Guinea's shoreline.

India's economy is increasing at a dramtic rate due to outsourcing...and interesting program to watch on India's growth will be on tonight. The PBS show Wide Angle is running a program called "1-800 India" about outsourcing.

Here is a link with more information:

Most of you know that to dial any type of call center...and you will end up speaking to someone in Mumbai....That's only growing kids...


ALL of Japan is excited over the birth of the newest royal. Apparently these people still think it is this particular family's right to rule of the rest of them by birthright. For such a progressive, industrial, futuristic amazes me that they still believe in the rights of a so called monarchy. They have been considering legislation to allow for a female heir to rule the throne:

Under current law, only males may reign, and Japan's Imperial family — the world's oldest hereditary monarchy — has failed to produce a male heir to the throne since 1965. Changing the law is strongly opposed by many conservatives.

What difference does it make? In 2006 for anyone to hold the title Prince this or Princess that ridiculous. I hope they get what they want....

Across the water in North Korea, they are experiencing serious issues. A South Korean aid group claimed Wednesday that massive floods in North Korea last month left about 54,700 people dead or missing and some 2.5 million homeless. The figure is by far the highest toll reported from floods that hit the impoverished communist country in mid-July.

But we will never know for sure...cause can't nobody really get in to document the destruction. Too afraid the daggon President might shoot them with a nuclear missle.

Japan and Russia have beef now....The Ruskies killed a Japanese crab fisherman and snatched three more. Over crabs? goes back a little further..This is really over some islands the Russians snatched after WWII...after Japan technically they had no right to those isles...but to shoot a poor little fisherman...that's just terrible....In the article it mentions the historical timeline on this particular land of contention...This is why adults need to be refreshed on their history...and why I continually go back 50 years or more to get the start of the conflicts...apparently according to the article : The two nations have yet to sign a peace treaty formally ending World War II, with a series of talks since the collapse of the Soviet Union making no headway.

At any time some nasty ish could really jump off between these two....

First we learn about Typhoons. China is apparently trying to cover up the fact that they didn't do a good enough job of warning the residents of the small towns which suffered most of the damage from Typhoon Saomai (Venus).: "The government took too much for granted," one villager in Nanzhen told The Associated Press by telephone. "They only broadcast the typhoon forecast on TV, but a lot of fishermen who live on or near their boats do not watch TV at all."

Sounds like a Katrina reaction to me on the part of the government....the best part was that the residents of Fuding atacked the mayor when he "visited" on Monday. Maybe Bush should have been attacked in Louisiana too.


If you have been reading this for a know I loves me some Hugo Chavez....So he has started a bid to become part of the UN Security Council giving Venezuela...well mostly him...the right to have a say so in the goings-on of the world....Remember my first post? I said that someone in South American region was going to make a push for it....the US is still pushing for Brazil but Chavez has gone on a worldwide tour and currently plans to to visit China to futher discussion. He has been invited to North Korea...but he's still working that out....Chavez also disagreed with this whole Israeli conflict and pulled his peoples out of Jerusalem (what were they doing there in the first place?) Keep an eye on this dude....I keep telling yall....

Enjoy your Wednesday!

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