Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A Love Supreme

We...meaning Scribe and I... have started a blog for our love confessions and poetry. We invite all of you to share with us. If you have a cute story or a poem about the one you love...which you think demonstrates the beauty and power of love...please feel free to share it with us. You can do it anonymously or display your name for all to see...Your choice...But with everything going on around us...what the world needs is more love!

So email us at and share your stories and poems and tidbits...

It will be published at A Love Supreme

Here's my first submission:

A Love Supreme

The thought that shimmered
Ideas revolving and spinning
Calculations that glimmered
Treatises made overspanning

Large bodies of doubt
Masses of lies
Complacency not without
A fierce denial of pride

A thought of love shining
With the light of God
The idea in my head turning
Somehow ending up on my blog

Sizing them up and finding
That all fell short
Of all I was planning
Until the ball was in your court

You arrived in my life a diplomat
At once in agreement with my contemplations
A soldier for love’s combat
You slew my dragons with swift deliberations

What was behind the wall
None had ever seen
But I knew there was more to it all
A love supreme.

For my Scribe-DJ Diva, 2006

Thank you all for your time

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