Tuesday, June 06, 2006

N*gga Moment #48

One more day ‘til Orlando and my Scribe!

Scribe says that maybe yall are tired of reading about our sappy sweet love affair. I said …well I won’t say what I said…but he may be right.

Last night, I was multi-tasking as I normally do and I sent one of my neighborhood teenagers to Panchito’s (Yes I’m shouting them out!). I like Panchito’s food. It’s a Mexican Restaurant but their food is closer to Dominican to me. In either case, I’ve liked them since I was introduced to them 5 years ago. So I send the girl to get an order of Stewed Chicken, Rice and Beans. It’s only $7 and covers me and the twins. And of course I get the toasted bread for a dollar. So she comes back with my food from Panchito’s and there is only one container of rice with about 3 pieces of chicken on top. She says “They made me pay an extra dollar for the 3rd piece, Ms. Diva”.

I was like Hell no! There is supposed to be one container of chicken and one of rice. So I call Panchito’s and discuss it with the man who served my little runner. I first made sure that he could speak English…cause you never can tell if they understand you sometimes. They’ll keep saying “yes, yes” when really they don’t have a clue! So I speak calmly to the guy and he’s like “Oh, I’m sorry…send her back we’ll change it.” My runner goes and comes back…same freaking food in the single container.

Ok… so now I’m pissed off and starving. Anyone who knows me…knows a hungry Diva…is a Diva not to mess with! So now I have to go outside and get what I wanted…This takes away from my packing time…So I’m even more pissed.

As I’m walking to Panchito’s…my cell rings. I don’t recognize the number so I bark into the phone. If I don’t know your number… well then you probably somebody who don’t need to be calling me. But it was my Scribe calling on a different line. He hadn’t heard my barking before…he only knows my purrs…so it was a little different for him. But he should know that I’m trustworthy LOL…I mean I didn’t pick up the phone with a sweet voice like who is this.

I get there and this idiot who said he was going to give me the correct order…. actually wants to argue with me. In the words of the Boondocks …I had a “n*gga moment”. Yall have to understand that I was very hungry and pissed off LOL. My voice got loud and I demanded my order or my money. They tried to argue with me…but I was an angry, hungry, black Diva, whose hair was standing up on her head under a scarf. After a few heated exchanges, and an extra $1…I finally got what I wanted.

My question is why it had to get that far? I knew that the main reason was that they didn’t respect the teenager that I sent to get the food. Instead of giving her what she asked for, they gave her what they wanted to. And they further disrespected her and me when I called and they still gave her the same food. Like shoo away, you little fly. Like because they are dealing with a little black child, they can treat her insignificantly and give her what they wanted. I know this is how she felt because when I looked at her face, she was sad and crestfallen at her experience with these grown Mexican people.

The question becomes…will I ever use them again? I can’t say never….but I will say this…Caridad cooks just as well and they deliver. Why pay extra for rude service? That would make me stupid…and I’m certainly not that. My little $14 a month will probably not make a difference to Panchito’s…but you can’t put a price on loyalty …and they just lost a loyal customer..

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