Monday, May 15, 2006

Who is this again?

Wow…Mommy’s Day again already?

Happy belated Momma’s Day to all yall and ya mommas!

This weekend was absolutely wonderful. My twin daughters are simply darling. I got a Beautiful Pink Teddy Bear mounted on a stand from Ta-Ti. It lights up and says things like “Mom, you’re the best!”, when you squeeze a hand or a foot. Ra-Ra got me a rose and a jar of glitter that said “Mom, you’re a star” on the cover. My cards were infused with so much love from them.

The twins really tried to express themselves in their cards this year and I understood it all. In the going on 7 years that I have been raising them alone, I have poured all of my love in those 2 little bodies. By the way they act and demonstrate their love and feelings..I know that I did a great job. It wasn’t a huge sacrifice to raise children without domestic violence. It was the best choice that I made when I ended my marriage. I shudder to think of what life would have been like for them if they had experienced that. If they would be frightened or skittish children? I’m glad they aren’t.

The ex-husband actually called to say Happy Mother’s Day. I was a little in shock. But then I thought back to what last Mother’s Day was like…with his downright evilness and subsequent heart attack….and I thank God that He was able to bring about a change. What do I mean? Well, last week I watched a Oprah show on divorce. Don’t get me wrong…everybody who knows me, knows that I was very happy about my divorce. Never felt bad about it at all. That said, one thing stuck out when I was watching the Oprah show. Dr. Robin said something to the effect that even though you are divorced, if you have children, you still have to reconcile and fix the relationship even though you aren’t married. Does that make sense to you? It made perfect sense to me. I am glad that I don’t hold anger towards my ex-husband….the girls hardly ever hear me say anything bad against him…and I know they have a great relationship with their father and for that I’m glad.

Exotic stalked me for a week, last week. Wait don’t be scared…he only did it through email and the phone. I’m probably going to write a post on stalkers for this week….Some of his emails were quite funny.

Now back to my weekend. I spent a lot of time with Scribe…and his friend Stan. Shout out to Stan! He helped make my Mother’s Day weekend a memorable one. Hanging out with Scribe was just what the doctor ordered. Just giggles and laughter….and a bunch of tender moments. It’s cool to be able to discuss the Enron scandal and basketball with the same person LOL…We really didn’t do what we had planned to do…but in a way I guess we did what we really needed to do. Our grins and smiles probably lit up the city. It was quality time with a like minded person…and what’s better than that? I was able to meet his mom…and she was such a warm and open person….I know Scribe wanted to melt into the floor when she said “I’m glad to meet the girl who has my son so happy”. I assured her I was just as thrilled with him. Scribe is a private person so I won’t say much more.

But you know things are never that simple with me right? LOL…No bad news…no other dude drama…it just seems that when I’m happy…the Enemy comes in full force...but the agent he used…well let’s just say…the agent was ineffective.

What the heck am I talking about?

Since my break-up with Raw…I was dating the Lion off and on for about 2 years…Now I haven’t really talked about him much… He’s the “Hello It’s Me” dude….(you might want to re-read this really good post) I have known the Lion since I was 13…and we were friends…I say were because I really started to realize that even in the lean times…The Lion was a waste of time. The last time I saw him was shortly before my birthday…and I like I said then…the fifteen minutes he was able to provide was a waste of sin and gas.

So the Lion decides to call to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. I know that wasn’t why he was calling…Men like him like Holiday hook-ups… I didn’t have a clue who was calling because I had already erased his number from my phone. Harsh? Maybe…but I was determined never to make such a cry for help again…at least not to him. So when I picked up the phone, I didn’t recognize the voice and asked for the caller’s identity. Let’s just say Lion was livid. He couldn’t believe that I actually erased his number. Believe it buddy! And I’m happy to say that I did it before I even met Scribe. That’s how determined I was to finally drop the loser. So he wanted to have a conversation…I didn’t. Once he realized that…I got the sarcastic Lion…like trying to find out what I was up to without seeming concerned. Basically, I told him to Beat It. That I was done with his fifteen minutes of funk…and I wished him luck in finding a woman to deal with his sarcastic attitude. He tried to get me to re-save his number…but honestly? What the hell for? I have known you for 18 years dude…If in all this time you were not convinced that I was the one for you? Move B*tch and get F out the way!

I’m proud of myself. I said I was gonna do something and I stuck to it. One of the great things about Scribe is that he called before I went to sleep and we discussed it…laughing and giggling. He’s a very understanding person…and considering that we talk all day everyday…I’m glad I don’t have to hide anything.

So Sway (and errbody)…that’s your DIVA dating/weekend update….Hope you enjoyed it!

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