Sunday, April 09, 2006

Jesus said come as you are!


I catch flack. A Diva always does.

This is how I went to church today...that's me with my Auntie and my first cousin___....we went to church and I'm holding a palm that I twisted into a customary in my church on this day...all purple and lavender... That is a real rabbit jacket with Lavender fur.... The ursher gave me a great seat! They say purple is a royal color...and I wanted to see if i could get away with it...

This is the look I tried to achieve...When I saw the suit...I knew it was for me...

I am not always a diva. There are days when I look downright homely. (I still get hollered at LOL). But seriously, there are days when I throw the hair in a ponytail, throw on some jeans, some Tims and run to the store or do laundry. (Just like you Ladylee)

Enough with the disclaimer!

Now if I'm going out.....out like to work or to church?....I likes to look nice. As befitting the event or occasion.

At work for example....

This week we had a client come in. A female billionaire who is very picky. I wore a black suit, enbedded with multi-colored knubs, a fushia shirt with black heels. I knew there was a possibility I may be called up to discuss procedures and I wanted be sure to look my best. I like to wear colors. When I wore my salmon mid calf skirt last week (matched perfectly...thanks to the local crackhead Jill....), this white dude actually approached me and said, "that is a beautiful color. It is refreshing to see because in this accounting firm, most women wear black or brown."

To hell with that. I do admit to embracing one of the stereotypes of the Negro. I like colors.

But back to dressing for the occasion. Now when I go to church. I dress for church! That was evident by my posts 2 weeks ago. (Stay tuned for the unveiling)....

Yall beat me up about it...It's ok but I wanna share a nice little mini sermon LOL

Do you remember Queen Esther from the Bible? I do...when I was a child..I had to go to church All Day on Sunday. I loved to read but all I could read was the Bible in church. I couldn't play..I couldn't talk with my 7 cousins who were with me. All I could do was read. and only the Bible.

from age 7-14 every Sunday, sometimes Tuesday and Thurdays....I read the Bible.

I loved any story that had to do with a woman. Esther had her own book. Ruth too. There is something that sticks out. It says that they both dressed up before going to do a life changing situation.

Esther because she had to save her people from a genocide planted in the king's mind by an enemy.

When she had to make her request to the king the Bible says that she dressed up in her royal apparel. (Esther 5:1)

And get this...the only reason Esther was a Queen anyway was because the last Queen...this chick named Vashti...refused to get dressed up...and the king bounced her butt out the castle!

The same with Ruth. She and her mother-in-law were living on the kindness of their cousin. Ruth needed a husband. So when her mother in law gave her instruction...

this is what she said.."Is not Boaz, with whose servant girls you have been, a kinsman of ours? Tonight he will be winnowing barley on the threshing floor. Wash and perfume yourself, and put on your best clothes." (Ruth 3:2-3)

You can see there are different reasons to get dressed up. I could quote other reasons...but think about things that I have said before.

I pray for my people. I go to church to offer praise to the Lord for what he has already done and is going to do in my life. I go to give my offering to the Lord. I go to pay my tithes, which is my requirement according to His word.

I go looking my best...also according to His word. And don't think God isn't concerned how you dress. When he gave instructions to the took up a whole chapter in Leviticus on how they should dress...and that was just to enter the place! God even gave instruction on how they should cut their beards! Jesus said "Come as you are"...On the inside! Every man is a no matter the should still come to Jesus! But back to apparel...

I wouldn't go to work in jeans and a shirt if the CEO is coming to the office.

I wouldn't put on capris and a shirt if I was going to a formal ball.

And when I am going to church...aren't I presenting myself before God? Shouldn't I wear my best?

It is a fact that to wear more formal clothing can raise your countenence and your confidence level. Imagine the difference in how you appear when you are dressed up as opposed to when you have on casual clothing. You walk straighter. You smiling from ear to ear cause you know you look good. Shouldn't I go to church in this sprit?

I like to feel this way.

But don't forget the other story. Ruth. Who needed a husband. I do too. Eventually. Hopefully one more time before I die LOL....but not too soon...I still have work to do.....But I will want one one day. But Ruth washed and put on some nice perfume...and her best clothes when she went out to catch her future husband's eye.

I want to catch my future husband's eye too. Shoot!

And where am I gonna meet him? HMMMMM not many choices because I don't really go out much. Let's see....Work?... For the last month I have worked 28 out of 30 days. Those 2 days off? I went to church. To the store, laundry...Getting 4-5 hours of sleep each night is killing me. But the overtime money is beautiful. One more week before tax season is over...but crafty me has created projects that will keep me in overtime for a few more months.

So... the places I am going to meet a potential beau are really limited. Honestly, when I do meet him...I want him to be like Issac when he saw Rebbekah...or his father Abraham when he saw Sarah...or even Issac's son Jacob when he saw and worked 14 years in labor for his Rachel....I want him to say "Wow." (Thanks for Bible study last week S23)

and there's nothing wrong with that either...cause that's me. A Diva. Who Dj's and goes to church. And works her ass off for nice things.

And as for why I don't buy my church clothes off the rack?



( S23 LMBO)
(Mary J Blige, Touch It remix)

Sorry I had a L Bigga moment...But that joint is hot right?

I want to look my best. And I even requested a church outfit for my Yahoo Avatar...Even she should look good. I told them that Jesus is the reason for if they could have 3 pages of bunny rabbits they could have a church outfit for me! (another Diva moment)

Yall can do you. Dress in rags for all I care...But I do know this...When I was shaking my ass in the clubs...or going skating with my brother... I dressed up for the occasion...remember that? Why should I do less for church?

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