Sunday, April 02, 2006

Too Damn Funny

I have seen a lot of stupid ish this week....

Like Kimora getting divorced from Russell- Sweetie you aint that cute, you never was that cute, and you bout as ghetto as an order of chicken wings and pork fried rice (or lice as they say in my neighborhood)...Give Russell here...shoot he could never be President with YOU by his side...

Puffy suing Proactive cause he had a break out: Sean, I mean really, Sean! Put down all that Pepsi dude....and if you had bumps before...and have had bumps all your life....How you gonna sue for 1.5 Million dollars cause your behind got a few blackheads...Pop em negro and move on!

Busta Rhymes living up to his name and busting D. Mays over the head with champagne bottle: I'm surprised he didn't tell Rah Digga to pass the Courvasier (s?) Bussa Buss Bust somebody upside the head. When would I ever get a chance to say that again?

Whitney Houston smoking crack with Cherelle: Who likes to get high by theyself? But why they had to trash the place? Crack paranoia..

But the one thing that cracked me up more than anything else this week?

Them fools in Mobile Alabama.

I stumbled upon Leon's site for the first time (apparently I'm real late)...and this is what I found:

YouTube is apparently having check out this site too..(i want one of the t-shirts)

Leon you have got yourself a new loyal reader...and it helps that you're cute too LOL...Just jokes...(Ladylee...yes I know I have a problem with the light brights)

But can you believe these negroes? I mean this NBC right? LMBO

These fools have the best clip on the internet right now....

And what is worse...the amateur sketch?,
The comment about the leprecaun being a crackhead?, (something I probably would have said...but not on TV)
The fool with the flute (which looks like a piece off his muffler), "Don't be afraid man"
Or the dumb ass who wants to dig up that scrawny little tree for some gold so he can put it in his mouf for a new grill curtesy of the crackhead Leprecaun?

I think the worst is that they put that coonery on the news...they got plenty of problems down there in Mobile...

But I tell you....this was a funny week...

"Who else seen the leprecaun say yeaaaah"

(and you have to make the face when you say it!)

Postscript: I think I may have watched this ten times today and died laughing each one!

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