Monday, May 08, 2006

Beat It

OK I just finished watching David Blaine half kill hisself on national free TV...Good old ABC...

Exotic is done.

Yup...poke his ass with a fork...cause his goose was cooked at about 500 Diva degrees.

You don't even want to know what he did...but his ass was left downtown Friday with his d*ck in his hand. Yeah, Beat It Indian..

My mother said, "How did he get home?"...

I said, "I don't know and I don't give a f*ck!"

Me and Mommy giggled. She let the curse word slide. She knows that I am very well known for leaving a N*gga. Hmmm let's see:

Raw got left downtown, cousin L, Cousin C, The Hebrew, and more recently Wade in the Water...

Well Exotic got his ass left too. He called...trying to get me back...but I was already on to Plan B.


Yeah a new nickname...yeah I work quick.....AND??????

I knew it was a wrap with Exotic last weekend...when I got _____ by a slightly older than Milk and Cookies, Chris Brown lookalike...several Exotic's presence....(that's why my friends were laughing)

And I loved it.

So much so that I managed to give dude my number in Exotic's face and he didn't say a word.

And I really didn't care...I know it was shizty.....but oh well...

I hate punks.

But I never went out with the dude. I went out with Scribe. I met Scribe last Wednesday...and from our first conversation...we just clicked. It was like talking to myself. Crazy. So Friday before my date with Exotic, Scribe called. We stayed on the phone until I got to Exotic...and Scribe made a point of saying he would be staying in the house. Later Scribe told me that although he knew where I was going, he also had a strong feeling I would be calling him back that night.

After leaving Exotic high and dry somewhere around 27th street...I called Scribe from a block away. We met up in the Bronx and went out to a Spanish Bar that was having Karaoke. We drank Hennesseys and Cokes and sang along with the DJ. I sang Marc Anthony's "No Me Ames" and "Y hubo Alquien" to Scribe and we vibed so well.

Yeah my Spanish singing voice is all that.

but it was "Preciosa" that put it over the edge. Being amongst my people made me feel great. I love tapping into my Spanish side. I was complimented, adored and treated like a princess. I felt redeemed. Scribe made me forget all about the crap with Exotic. He let me talk about it...we laughed and shouted together:

No More Foreigners For Diva!

This while sitting in a Spanish bar on Cinco de Mayo. Oh did I forget that part?...Yeah it was Cinco de Mayo....What a great date. We then sat in my car in front of what I thought was a park (turned out to be a cemetary) until 5 am. Just talking and laughing and talking...

Of course there are things to be further discussed.....But Scribe insists he's in no rush.

And that's good because yall know I do not like to be rushed into anything....

But this morning....I got emails from Exotic...The first was a curse out...Yup he cursed me out. I didn't respond. For what? To give him encouragement? If your ass hadda known how to act, you wouldna got left...The second was what I call a "carrot dangle". Exotic began to talk about all these things he had much he had...but I blew it all. I didn't respond. Indian please...I have my own dough...make more than you...and I don't live with my parents!....I received a third email from him...sounding contrite and waxing poetic about my lips....No response from me...

However, this morning I also got a poem from Scribe...and I...well...I melted....He has a way with words (maybe he'll let me post it...doubt it)....

I realized why I was so afraid to blog my dates. Because I would have to be real about them. I would have to be even more critical myself to be able to stand up to any critisms that may come.
But that's even better for me...because it means I am being as picky as I claim to be...and that I am who and what I say I am. That I will not deal with nonsense for very long...and although I may be a bit hard....I will not settle!

But like I usually say...let's see how this one with Scribe goes....But I won't locking into exclusivity anytime soon....

Unless I can find a man to

B.B.B.B. Beat It! Beat It!

Just Jokes...LOL ;)

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