Sunday, April 23, 2006

Christian Rescue in a club (Parte trois)

I'm a Christian. I've made that clear. I follow the philosophy and teachings of Christ.

I also went to a club on Good Friday.

(*waiting for the gasps to subside*)

It's funny. I had originally said I wasn't going to go when asked by one of my best friends and fellow bogger Sassywow (who may have quit blogging). The taste for clubs has really disappeared from my life.


LL Cool J was gonna be at the Roxy. I also thought to myself that this would probably be my last chance to ever see him live in person. I thought of the Christian life I am currently living and decided that it wouldn't interfere with what I was doing.

I knew I would have just one drink. (*ok yall should not be gasping at that*)

Christ drank and so did the peoples down with him:

Luke 5:30,31:

But their scribes and Pharisees murmured against his disciples, saying, Why do ye eat and drink with publicans and sinners? And Jesus answering said unto them, They that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.

Meaning it's the sinners that need to be saved. So why wouldn't Jesus go to where the people are that need Him. This verse will become important.

There are other scriptures that support an occasional drink. If you need 'em I'll post 'em.

So I went to the club. It was terrible. I kept asking myself why I would even go? They had the street blocked off, so you had to make a huge detour down dark streets to get to the entrance. Ain't nobody that crazy about LL....The police had it blocked off like he was the president. jeez! Then I had to make an extra trip back to the car because no cameras were allowed. Another pain in the tush! Get inside and they want $30 bucks to see LL. Dang...good thing I don't worry about stuff like that anymore!

Interesting Item: Upon entry the men had to take off their shoes for security reasons. That whole area smelled horrible. I have never walked through such a cloud of foot funk in my life. Once again I was punched in the nose by a stank smell punch...and I did utter a curse word and give those men a nasty look. Baking soda fellas. Put it in your shoes before you go to a club.

But then I was like what would they be hiding in their shoes?

So I get inside. I find my friends. Sassy looked so cute and I know she was happy that I came out, because I stay turning down outings. M was there too with her exotic looking self. Sassy's brother was there. YoungOne. He wasn't going to be picking me up again LOL.

So two young ladies arrive. A black girl around 24 who I'll named Eva, and a white girl, I'll call Molly. Apparently they were friends of YO. They came over and we chatted. I had been in the middle of the email circle and Molly said she was happy to put a face to the name of the spirited lady who will argue about everything. Eva didn't speak at all. She had on a Chistina Milan type of dress. Real short and exposing. With strappy silver stiletto heels. If Eva had spoken, I would have given her a nice compliment, but I guess my weave sparked a little cattiness. It's been know to have that effect.

So Eva and Molly disappear into the crowd of gyrating, humping individuals. The sweat was high in the air. The DJ was horrible. I hate DJs who play 5 seconds of hit records, back to back, and before you can even get a good groove going, he done switched it up and is playing 20 sec of another jam. This DJ also committed a cardinal sin of Djaying. When he finally did play a song all the way wasn't anything anybody wanted to hear but him!

I danced for a little bit by myself on the fringe of the crowd...and close to the bar and the exit. I noticed a tall exotic brother watching me. About 6 ft, my complexion, straight hair. I figured he was probably an Indian from the Caribbean. I turn around and continue my solo swaying. It was nice to get a refresher course from the DJ though. From his 300 song rotation through the 80's and 90's...I remembered songs I may have forgotten. But it would have been nice if he had played something current.

A scuffle must have broken out, because the bouncers had picked a guy up and carried him out of the club so fast...I didn't even get to see what happened.

It was about an hour before I got tired of waiting for LL and decided to take a seat in the big comfy chairs by the exit until he felt like gracing the stage. All of my people were standing and dancing by the front of the stage. As I sit and rest my feet, I see the bouncers walking by with a girl to the exit. One had her under her arms and the other had her under her knees. She was completely slumped over and slightly conscious. Drunk Girl in the Club. I've seen it a million times. I have never been that Girl. EVER. I looked at them and said "damn" under my real drawn out...daaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnn. cause girlfriend was out of it.

Then as I'm watching, I see a white girl following them. I said "Wait a minute....I know these chicks!" Molly is stumbling behind the bouncers carrying Eva. I quickly glanced around to see if YO or Sassy were anywhere in the vicinity. Nothing. So after a quick second decision...I got up to see what had happened.

I get to the exit and Eva is sitting on the stair landing. Vomit all over her left side and sitting a pool of urine. My heart broke. She's a very pretty girl, but to be reduced to such a state? I said to myself,

"She's somebody's daughter."

I asked the bouncers for some wet towels and I cleaned her up. Molly was arguing with the bouncers that she could drive them home. She was as drunk as Eva. I told the bouncers that I would go and get some assistance. I was also thinking that there was a high probability that I was going to have to drive these girls home to Long Island. Jeez!

So LL had just taken the stage. I was able to get a good look at him. Handsome. Verrrrry nice looking. Short. LOL. As I was searching for my people, LL was promoting his new album. I wasn't that impressed. I finally found YO and his friend and told them what happened. They came with me to the exit and YO volunteered to drive them home in Molly's car with his friend following in his car. (See, this is also a reason I like this particular Milk and Cookies. He is a really nice person). He helped Molly down the stairs and went to get the cars.

I took off Eva's shoes and began to talk to get her coherent. I washed her face and hands again, helped walk/carry her down the stairs to the car. Once we got Eva into Molly's car, I went in the trunk and got towels to cover the seats and floors. I checked Eva one more time and sent them on their way.

Imagine if I wasn't a Christian. I mean most people would have helped, but think about the shade Eva had thrown my way. I don't know...but I believe I was there for a reason. And she was the reason that night. If I hadn't seen her being carried out....none of us would have known what had happened to Molly and Eva. The both of them had been found sitting on the floor in the bathroom together. What ever happened to at least one person remaining sober and watching out for your friend? And if Molly had driven them home...there would have been a bad accident....I was meant to see them carried out...

And more importantly, do you remember what happened up here in NYC recently? The bouncer who raped and killed a girl from the club he was working at? It was said that she was drunk that night and her friends may have just let her do whatever. It's not safe my friends out here anymore. It really isn't.

So I walked to my car and I was stopped by the exotic brother from the club. He had watched me all night...dancing by myself and wanted my number .... after a few moments of chatting I gave it to him.

Exotic is cool, on my level intellectually and totally gorgeous. He took me out on Friday night to a nice Italian dinner downtown...then to Mustang Sally's for after dinner drinks.

Yesterday (Saturday) we went to the New York International Car Show, which was totally cool! We had such a great time! After that, we went to my favorite Mexican restaurant in the Village : Burrito Loco. When I picked him up from his piano lesson, Mr. Exotic had a nice bouquet of flowers for me in his hands. How cool.

So I may have been the Christian in the club....but I was able to help someone in need...and I may have gotten a blessing because of it....

We'll see.....

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