Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Worldwide Diva...

Yup that's right...its back!!!!...I even turned off the DV-DRizzle to talk about some current events.

First up:

Was I excited to hear about Bolivia nationalizing their natural gas and oil. WHAT????? I jumped up and down on the break room when I caught that on CNN. FINALLY, things are shaking up in the South! It started with my boy Chavez. Yall know I love him. (hint…links are to past commentary..some dating back awhile) Now he’s teamed up with Morales and Castro in some sort of alliance. Now the EU is warning them. Screw the EU and those high interest World Bank Loans...Own your own stuff and make them pay!

I wish that all countries in the so-called “Third World” would follow suit. Even up the playing field…I keep saying that over and over. These guys have said no to that joke NAFTA and have started the ball rolling. Watch for the election in Mexico coming up to take a leftist swing. Like dominos it will spread.

Please remember I started this blog a year and a half ago talking about who would be the superpower in South America.

I still believe we'll still see close ties between Brazil and the US...but hopefully it won't matter.

CINCO DE MAYO on the 1st and the 5th

Remember I was just talking about the Mexicans on my block? I told you their army would be massive. Did I lie?….Yall see how many illegals was in the streets? How many Russians did you see? Eastern Europeans? How about a French or Italian illegal?

It was a Mexican holiday and they had a huge parade. How many of them stayed home? America better stop playing. They looked like they could have taken Florida, California, Texas, Arizona easy….and hell they was deep up in Denver on the low low!

I know I couldn’t get a decent meal up in CT that day!


Can somebody tell me why Puerto Rico is broke? Why? See I had an argument with a Puerto Rican almost 19 years ago ( I was 14 and it was my first boyfriend)…He joked about how poor the Dominican Republic was …We argued and I told him that Puerto Rico was a welfare state..he was mad. But wow I was right LOL….Welfare getting cut and so is aid to the various territories.

Hint to Puerto Rico: The money is gone! It’s in Iraq and in the pockets of all those white men in office. Emancipate yourselves and align with Castro and them dudes. You’ll be better off.


Yall see this nastiness in Kenya? Just terrible. What kinds of diseases they breeding in those cesspools?


Being in the Hebrews like I was for a while…they practice a kind of …nah they practice polygamy. I have my own views on the subject. Contrary to what some people think…in some instances it can work…with willing parties…Just not with me. Hence the reason my butt was excommunicated. I love watching Big Love on HBO…it brings back memories…and is dang interesting.

Here is an example of when Polygamy is not for you. Long story short…Dude wanted to take a fourth wife. First wife got fed the f up. Beheaded him and chopped him up in 7 pieces.


When sticking your thing goes horribly wrong.


I know yall sick of me shouting out Milk and Cookies all the time. I swear I’m not a u-know-what…but I’m human…younger men (Chris Brown LOL) can be exciting…but here is the last story of the day….

I am not the only one with a fascination for Milk and Cookies….

I wanna be this lady!

In Malaysia a 104 year woman married a 33 year old man. His first…her 21st.


*gives Grandma a high five*

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