Monday, May 22, 2006

Some quality time

"Time for a little melt-with-his-words, inspiring, stuttering, spilling over with excitement, and incredibly romantic kinda love wit Scribe.

Get it sis *wink* ...

This was Chocolate Boriqua’s (lil sis) comment on last week’s update. She couldn't have hit it better. I could just stop there and yall could figure it out…But since Prodigal Sun decided to chirp on my LOOONG POSTS… I have another long for you!

Where do I start?

Scribe is in like Flynn yall. I’m not waiting for no other shoes to drop. I’m Good! So Good.

Example 1

We had a date Friday night. Actually it was a weekend date. I had to drop the kids off at my ex mother in law’s house in BK. I didn’t want to do it because it’s at least a 3 hour drive from my county and after a 3 hour commute in the morning because of the rain and 2 hours in the afternoon….after driving for 5 hours with a full day’s work…I was tired!

But the kids cried and begged so I took them to see her. Again, she tried to pressure me to stay the night but nah man….Scribe was waiting…By the time I got to him it was 11:30 and I had been driving all day and night. He understood and when we got back to my house…he bathed me, and put me to sleep. What a wonderful guy….who is flying me to Orlando for a nice little vacation….

On Saturday, I finally came clean about something. You see, I had lied to Scribe. On our first date. I’m sure he knew it was a lie, but I had no choice. Well shoot, that’s a lie too. I had a choice, but I didn’t know how far we would go so when the subject came up, frightened me lied. Yes I lied. I’m making a big deal about it because I don’t make it a habit to lie at all. But I did lie to Scribe and once I considered where we were heading to…I had to tell the truth. He took it well…what happened…happened almost a year before he and I came together and as he put it “That’s the past, if you had told me you did that last week…then it would be a different story!” We made a promise that we would not mention it again and that we (I) would strive to be completely honest in the future. Let me tell you…talking about a weight lifted….I felt so much better that I told him the truth…I don’t want anything to stand in our way

Or anyone…

Remember last week when the Enemy sent the Lion to try and sway me from my path with Scribe? The old Devil is slick and wily…let me tell ya….this week…he pulled out all the stops.

What is the probability that I would run into my two prior biggest loves/disappointments on the same day? Yes, first I drove past Raw. Wasn’t thinking about him…in fact as I was driving, I was thinking about Scribe all nestled in my comforter while I was driving to Harlem to get my hair done. So as I’m driving, I see Raw walking. He looks at me, I look at him…I keep driving. I don’t need to talk to him ever again in life…but how funny is it that although Raw lives less then 10 blocks from me, I never see him. But when I have a man at home…Poof…there he is….That was the Enemy I’m sure. As recent as 2 months ago, I might have pulled over (nah rite?).

The Enemy wasn’t finished yet. Just as I finished getting my wash, I had to hurry home with wet hair. Scribe had managed to get himself locked out of the house while accepting a Fed-Ex package for me. Poor thing. I raced home to let him back in…then went back downtown. My hairdresser just happens to be across the street from the He.brews. On the first pass I missed them entirely….but when I returned to get my weave dried and fried…Who do I run into? Yes, THE Hebrew. Yeah the one who brought me into the doctrine originally. Did I lose it? Did my stomach get all twisted and fluttery? I mean…that’s 12 years of history right there…

I’m happy to say no, not at all. When I saw him, it was like seeing an old childhood friend that you want to talk to but know that it’s best to keep it brief. I actually spoke to him…and kept it moving. I say again…had that been 2 months ago…I might have held a longer conversation…asked him about his 2 wives and 8 (?) children…but just the brief hello and goodbye was all that was needed.

Because Scribe was at home.

I now know that the Enemy knows I’m happy. That Scribe makes me blush and grin from just one look. That we didn’t go anywhere public this weekend…and that was soooooooooooo alright with me. It was heaven just sitting on the couch, holding each other and cooing like we love to do. Cooing? Yeah like 2 lovebirds nestled together in a tree. Just soft tones and equally soft touches. Long hugs in complete silence. Waking up with a smile because he/she is still in your arms. It’s the stuff of Zane mixed in with every romance novel I have thought up in my own head. We chilled hard with a nice bottle of Hennessey and Grey Goose (Daddy likes the best). I played music while he put together a filing cabinet and helped me organize.

Sunday we went to church together. I should say first that I gave him a Bible Sunday morning, And inscribed his name and me as the gifter. He was very happy. It was then that he leaned down and asked me officially to be his girlfriend. I like things official….don’t be assuming I’m yours without asking me directly. Of course I told him yes….and then we left for church. He wore a dark Tommy Hilfiger suit with pink pinstripes, pink shirt and matching tie. I wore a pretty pink dress with pink and black spectator pumps….we made quite the couple. The service was wonderful…Bishop really spoke a good message on “The Power Within”…I will do my best to relay the important points to you later. But most importantly, Scribe loved it. So much so…that he went down for prayer…I didn’t even realize I was crying until an usher handed me a tissue. It was something. It’s very important for the man in my life to worship like I do. “Unequal yoke” and all. However, Scribe really enjoyed my church and plans to go back with me often. He may join it very shortly. That my friends, is a man who is serious…and just the type of man I need.

So that’s your Diva dating/weekend update. Life is good…isn’t it?

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