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Yeah I know you were looking forward to the Polygamy Post...and it's coming...I actually found some pictures of me in full He.brew gear....I figured you'd like to see those give me a minute...aight? However there are just somethings that I need to talk about globally...

Fools in Space

NASA should be disbanded. Shut Down! A colossal waste of time and money...Watching a space shuttle launch has now become like watching a suspense film.

"Will it blow up this time?"...."Will something fall off?"

Seemed like all of the Star Trek writers had a better idea of how to run a space mission. What strikes me as most incredible is the fact that although they know that the space shuttle and all of it's equipment were manufactured way back in the 70's....they are still surprised when a piece of foam breaks off or there are cracks in the metal...

Does anybody still have any electronic equipment from the 70's in their house? one of the those huge tape decks? A 8 track player perhaps?

Hell NO!

Is anybody driving a 1976 Pinto 3 million miles a day?

Hell No!

So how in the world does NASA a billion dollar agency put so much trust and hope and frigging money into a hulking dinosour like the Space Shuttle they just sent to the station? Makes no daggon sense

which brings me to India...I was going to talk about their hopes of a space program being dashed to the ground when their biggest satellite blew up up right after the launch...and how it destroyed any short term goals of direct to homes satellite TV but then this train stuff happened...

I'll take the bus thanks!

India has just experienced another attack from the Kashmiri rebels. They haven't confirmed it was them but I'm sure that they will take responsibilty for the seven blasts that killed over 200 people. It's a shame...Have you ever seen an image of an Indian train at rush hour? They pack it in to the point where folks are hanging out the windows and the sides...So the death toll will probably rise much higher than the reported 200 as of this morning...I was a little upset because although I don't know any Indians in India personally...I am sure that many of the people I talk to on my job's IT support helpline are located in India...and in that area since I work for a financial company and Mumbai is the financial capital of India. It was reported that all of our employees were I can breath a little better but I cannot be playing with Public Transportation. For real...

I'll Show You a Fourth Of July Rocket!

By now most of you have heard about North Korea's fireworks display/missile launch. All I was really concerned about was could they have hit America?... No? ...Oh well ..back to the BBQ....However, everybody in Asia is outraged and Japan is livid. Since WWII, Japan has been prevented from keeping a full size military army. What they do have is a self defense force of about 200,000 folks. The Japanese have been living peacefully (with us) since the last bomb dropped on Hiroshima...but with them North Koreans blasting off into the Sea of Japan everytime they want to flex a little muscle is a real problem to the Japanese. And we cannot forget that the North Koreans have nuclear technology. Or at least the folks in office don't want us to forget. On a serious note....a lot of countries have this technology now. Is it right for America to dictate who can have it and who can't? What gives America the right to decide for the world?

WE Can Have Them...But You Can't!

Want to hear something surprising? Back to India for a moment. They have Nuclear Tech....and they stay blasting off missile tests...short range and long range....that's got to be disconcerting to their neighbors in Pakistan whom they have had a long feud with. India refused to sign the Nuclear Nonproliferation fact... India, Israel and Pakistan all refused to sign the treaty. North Korea pulled out 3 years ago. As a matter of fact the US is trying to figure out how to resume nuclear trade with India:

"Under the deal, the United States would give vital help to the Indian civilian nuclear program, including uranium for fuel for civilian reactors. The United States would not provide any fuel for Indian weapons, but critics have pointed out that it would essentially free the limited Indian uranium supplies for weapons production. The agreement contains no restriction on how much or how fast India could increase the size of its nuclear arsenal."

So very soon India could have nuclear ballistic missiles....That makes the people over in Pakistan very nervous...long standing enemies...The Indian and Pakistanis have been test firing missiles mainly to show each other they are capable of killing off most of each other's population...Can you say "Who's D*ck is bigger?" I can....

Putin hits back Hard!

Our beloved Vice President Chaney loves to talk crap about other countries...oh he thinks he can say whatever it is he wants to and folks have to listen...Well somebody forgot to send Putin the memo..."

"Cheney, in a May speech in the ex-Soviet republic of Lithuania, accused Russia of cracking down on religious and political rights and of using its energy reserves as "tools of intimidation or blackmail."

Putin responded with: "I think the statements of your vice president of this sort are the same as an unsuccessful hunting shot." that's gangsta!

The interesting thing is there is another G-8 summit coming up and the Europeans (and Americans) want Russia under control...meaning free trade, democracy and all that jazz...But the Russians have their own agenda. As well they should...they are the ones responsible for running their country...but what the Europeans are mostly worried about is Russia's resources that the Europeans are dependent on...namely gas....One English official named Edward McMillan-Scott, said Russia represented "a threat to Europe's stability and security." and "It is a country led by a regime that is selfish, corrupt and which is unreliable,"

Wait.... I almost got he talking about Russia or America?...Oh...

We Want Them to Work but We Don't Want Them Here!

Seems like the Europeans have the same problem with Africans that Americans have with Mexicans....Can't stop 'em from coming....I wrote about this before concerning Italy's low population rate and how they needed the Africans to sustain the economy and pump money in for the elderly...but of course they are not the only ones with a "African overflow". Look at the issues occuring in France and Germany....being homogenized for so long...they just can't deal correctly with race mixing...Don't look over here at America....we never lied to our blacks and told them they were equal like France and Belgium did...I think this is just colonialism coming back to bite them in the buttocks. Think about it...I break into your house and take over everything you own including your land and children...then I leave years later taking all of the money and set up my house and land better than you had yours....Of course you gonna wanna come to where I am...That's where all your money is! Offering Africans loans and grants to get businesses started in Africa will have no effect if there aren't established European contracts to buy those goods from those African who started the businesses.

To the the Left...

Some time ago I told you to keep an eye out for the Mexican elections. Well they happened and of course there was some I (and many others) predicted. This a battle that is far from over

We Can Teach Ourselves!

Bolivia's education minister called for an end to religious education in the country's schools, drawing criticism from the Roman Catholic Church which could see its schools affected by the proposed change. As President Morales moves closer to a separation between church and state...his education minister sees problems with the long standing affected superiority a religious education confers. Patzi says that religious education is "useless" and suggested that catechism classes now taught in schools could be replaced by a non-denominational course on the history of religion.

Freed women

As the last story in today's post...I wanted to highlight some of the problems women around the world face. In Pakistan, 130 women were freed from prison. They were released on bail for crimes such as murder, attempted murder and adultery. The article says:

" women can be sentenced to death by stoning if found guilty of having sex outside of marriage. Drinking is punishable by 80 lashes, and theft is punishable with the amputation of the right hand."

Kinda makes me happier to be too right?

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