Thursday, June 15, 2006

America's Next Top Stepdad...


Scribe and DJ Diva…the blogosphere’s latest couple!

Aren’t we cute???????????

For those on my email list who have received the webpage (alovesupreme) I will be posting only those pictures. I did take pictures in my bikini, however I will defer to the wishes of my man and those will be viewed only by him on his screensaver slideshow on his personal laptop LOL….I will say that Damn I look good!!!!…..And I know that a certain hater saw half of it…and considering the cockblocking he tried to pull in Orlando….he’s lucky he didn’t get slapped!

Is Diva gonna have to a slap a bitch n*gga? (Wayne Brady quote)

Stay tuned….

So I missed my flight and cried. I was determined to get down to Orlando on Wednesday. I could hear the longing in my baby’s voice and his sadness that I missed my flight. But Diva and Scribe would not be denied….I caught a later flight and arrived safely into my baby’s arms.

What a weekend…

I spent most of my time like this:

Relaxing and sunning myself by the pool….Scribe understood that we couldn’t go to Disney or Universal or even Sea World. I was firm in my stance that I would not be going without the twins…I want to experience that with them (and him) on their birthday in September…and let me tell you…the twins are very smart…they knew I was going to Florida…and when I came back Ra-Ra asked all sweetly, “Mommy, have you ever been to Disney World?” What she really meant was “B*tch, did you go without us????”…

Just kidding….but I was able to look them in the eye and tell them no…there are no pictures that they will see later like “our mommy dissed us!”

Scribe is absolutely the best boyfriend I could ask for. I spent my time pampered and adored. Although he was helping to facilitate the conference, he came back to the room often- to check on me, bring me food and other items, to tell me he loved me and for kisses and hugs which he said made him shine even more. That man is so brilliant. I watched him work and he managed to complete all he was asked to do in record time. And when the other brothers on the trip slacked up? He finished their work too. I don’t know how any of them kept their jobs with my baby doing all of the work. But that’s ok, because I know for a fact that all of his hard work was appreciated and acknowledged by those in power. And what more could we ask for?

Yeah, we. I am in love. It’s official. It’s been official for some time but I am saying it out loud for yall. At 33, if I don’t know what I am looking for in a mate, I need not date at all. Scribe does it for me. I’m so totally done. Often I would date someone and say “Well, I wish he was sweeter.” Or “I wish he was packing” (more often than not)…or even better “I wish he wasn’t so cheap, dumb, or wack!”. Scribe has it all! He knows what he needs…and knows I am the one to supply all of that. Even when encouraged by the HATER to do something behind my back, Scribe responded with “Hell no! Man have you seen my girl? I’m going upstairs RIGHT NOW!”…..What a man.

All of the family furor has died down and they are content to let us continue to fall deeper in love. Yeah it’s only been 6 weeks…but there will be a wedding next year (unless he does something totally crazy which I know he won’t do and I ‘m not telling yall something behind his back because I said the exact same thing to his face!).

I am sorry that I haven’t been blogging that much…and I did have a post done on Tuesday…but Blogger ate my post. Such a common occurrence that I will be changing to my own dot com. I know I have said it before…but Scribe and I will be working on my web design (since Prod Sun is so busy falling in love with Harlem and Fresh just don’t care about regular bloggers LOL). It’s called and will feature radio blogs like I used to do. This man inspires me to want to do more with my talents. He praises me constantly and I know he means every word. Like newborn babies, we are fascinated by every aspect of each other.

While I was taking these pictures, he egged me on like my biggest fan…and he’s the only member of that club. America’s Next Top Model watch out! This was taken in just one take!

Which brings me to a funny story. Since the twins met Scribe, they are crazy about him! LOL Everyday they request his presence. They ask questions about him and when I’m on the phone with him (all the time lol) they want to speak too. They began talking about him...and how he's funny, makes crazy faces at them...and treats them very well...I said "Well he is definetely the only candidate in the running to becoming America's Next Top Stepdad!" All three of us died laughing right there in the street!

Yesterday we were buying Father’s Day cards for everybody and of course they wanted to get him one too. We got him a funny one from the cat….I must scan that and let yall see it. The cat on the cover looks just like Tyrone and is similar to his Cat Blogging episode. So as we all walk to the counter, Ra-Ra asks when will Scribe live with us. I told her that he has to ask me to marry him first. She promptly told me to ask him. Which made the eyebrows of everyone on line go up and they all seemed to wait with baited breath for my response. I told her that I won’t be asking him…that asking was his job and he had to get mommy a ring. She seemed satisfied with the answer and from the nods from the people around us…I knew that I hit it on the nose. One old lady said, “I wish more young women taught their daughters that!” When we got home, Thomas was waiting for us on the stoop (in a fly ass suit…my baby can dress yall!). When we got into the house where I had begun an evening of fine cuisine consisting of Curry chicken, rice, seasoned green beans, a tossed salad and breadsticks, Ra-Ra went and got a old velvet ring box and handed it to Scribe. I burst out laughing. He took it from her with a perplexed look on his face. I quickly explained our earlier conversation…and he laughed too. He bent down and told my baby that he would be filling that box really soon. Ra-Ra smiled the biggest grin and went to tell her sister. We are taking them to Rye Playland this weekend and they’ll look so cute with their new outfits and new Nikes that Scribe bought them on Monday (yeah…he paid for my trip and turned around and on his first day back…bought my children brand new sneakers just because). Let me stop before yall think I’m bragging….But I do want to brag on him…he deserves it…he’s a wonderful man!

I couldn’t be happier right now.

Him too.

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