Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back from Memphis, TN

I bring you greetings from Memphis TN. I know I left yall with a bombshell and broke out. What can I say?

Time waits for no one and things happen quickly.

Single parents like myself will understand that making arrangements with the other parent is complicated and stressful as hell!

My ex-husband moved down to ATL shortly before Katrina...No jobs. They finally got jobs and Christmas was pretty tight for him so I kept them and went crazy in Toys R Us. One of these days I have to write a post on child support….it’s very interesting…hmmm….He wanted them for the summer so I began to make plans with him in March. Dumb Move #1

This trip went from him coming to get the girls….to me flying them down there and staying with LadyLee ...to traveling with my parents at the end of the month to Memphis and him coming to get from there.

Yeah ok…I’m good…but you have to factor in parents….

After dates flying back and forth with them…I had a 24 hour window in which to tell my boss I was going away a week earlier than I planned and to tell my Scribe…..

He was shell shocked…he took it well….better than I did…my job is flexible…his…yeesh…the harpies he works with are waiting to do a swoop down…

So I stayed at the Big House…my grandmother’s enormous 6000 sq ft mini mansion….

In this huge backyard ...I was eaten alive by mosquitoes the first day…and have suffered affliction ever since! My grandmother and her sister called me sleeping beauty…sleep was the only solution for the lovesickness and the itching….All week I woke up to big fluffy biscuits and some sort of breakfast meat….….

Me and Grandma talked and talked…she praised me on my parenting skills with the twins. Who were actually on pretty good behavior….It was so much fun to watch them jump on the trampoline …and Grandma had a Red Wagon…It was so much fun to see the twins pulling each other in the wagon and riding it down the driveway…

Well dang maybe you had to be there….but I walked out of the house going to get a newspaper off the lawn…and I looked to my left and there at 8am …my daughter comes whizzing down a neighbor’s driveway…coasting across the street into the opposite driveway…in the red wagon….my grandmother lives in a very quiet community…a car may pass every 30 mins or so…They drive slow because there are a lot of children….But when I saw that…my heart leapt into my throat….This child was outside with nobody watching…and had the thrill of her life…and was on punishment the rest of the day….and no more red wagon! (How would you punish your child in that situation?)

Grandma was kinda mad with me in the beginning when I first arrived. Scribe and I spent a lot of time on the phone. About as much time as we would spend on the phone if I were home…but my grandma was a little tight. I was quite surprised that she didn’t speak negatively of my relationship or of Scribe. She sat and listened…asked me pointed questions about what we were doing, planning and feeling…She didn’t judge or get nuts like she usually does…it was something….

It felt good to finally tell her about a good man in my life. In looking back…Grandma has been instrumental in showing me the truth about my relationships…she never held her tongue….She was able to see through the snakes and call them what they were…I may never have revealed to them what she said…but I can definitely say that my eyes were not clouded over with roses after she said her piece.
But with Scribe…well it’s out there…if you go to his page you know what I mean….He is a giving man…and that’s what she always encouraged me to get….Giving…generous…Scribe gives his time…he gives his effort…he gives his funds at the drop of a dime…he gives his all…he told yall as he put it .."I’m going to work hard for this woman!”…and he does…he really does….and he’s happy to do itHe wants to do it….Scribe is so strong in spirit and belief…He leads me…not with aggression or machismo….but with common sense and understanding…I have never met anyone like him…male or female…I love this man…and I will to continue to cook for him most of the time before he asks lol…wash and iron for him…clean for him and love him…as he pays my bills and such LMAO…noooo…well yeah he does pay my bills…but noooooo…I do those things out of love and respect…and for those looks on his face…that show his pleasure and joy with loving me….

So I spent a lot time of the phone with him because I knew it was necessary to communicate ...I'm the one he really wants to tell about his day...I'm the one he wants to brainstorm with and come up with new ideas....and hearing his voice makes me melt…

Grandma got over it….quickly…because it turns out she had a boyfriend too…A Milk and Cookies to be exact!

I’ve come to the end of my train ride to work…More on the Memphis trip later….

Baby just suppose I should happen to cross your mind
And by some chance a boy like me you're really been trying to find
Well let me tell you girl
Think of how exciting it would be
If you should discover you feel like me
If you should discover this dream is for two
We'll I'm gonna tell you girl
I'd light a candle every day
And pray that you'll always feel this way
And pray that our love will forever be new
'Cause all I do is think about you

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