Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Scribe's Takeover Part 2 / Memphis Bummin'

I am leaving tomorrow to help my parents close on their house in Memphis and to take the twins to Memphis so that their father (my ex-husband) will pick them up and spend the rest of the summer with them in ATL. I am also going to survey the new neighborhood(s) Scribe and I will moving to by December. I need to pick up applications for the both of us for the University of Memphis and also narrow down my three choices for a wedding dress and put them (mine and the twins) on layaway (yes I believe in laying ish away). C has a bunch of wedding ideas ...and we will begin my wedding planner notebook together. I will be extra busy....


I love my boyfriend and these are his words.


5 a.m. Tommorrow - Diva leaves for Memphis, TN

She's taking the kids.

I'm bummin.

For the last 2.5 months I have had the pleasure of being the male presence in the lives of Diva's children. We have gone to Dorney Park, to Bear Mountain park, to various barbecues, and pools. We have eaten ice cream way before breakfast, taken saturday morning trips to Mickey D's, danced to hip hop, watched cartoons..(The "X's" is dope. "Cars" was...aiight). While my time with the twins has been short, it has been amazingly fulfulling. I guess I just didn't figure they would actually accept me so easily. I don't why I felt that way either, I work for the welfare of children. As a foster child I had the experience of living both in the Good Times household, and the Cosby show household.
(I've often thought of Bill when dealing with the children....WWBD...What Would Bill Do??).
I think what the twins see in me is patience. I don't raise my voice, I am not condescending, and I'm not distant. I believe in the give and take approach: I giveth plenty...should you exhibit a pattern of unacceptable behavior...I taketh away quickly. I have gotten peeved when I thought they were behaving as children sometimes do...spoiled. But even then I always go back to one single important factor...They're 7.
They are going to be with their natural father. That's a good thing. Children need their fathers. I was asked if I was jealous about that...are you kidding??? I wish I could visit my father, I wish I could just say 'Hi, I'm Scribe." "Dad, what do you think Eli's gonna be like this year?"...anything. See, mine died when I was a year old. He was hit by "D" train on 167th Street, in the Bronx. Jealous? Nah. A little envious maybe.

Actually, what I explained to the both of them was that:
1. I was not there to replace their father
2. It was okay to call me by my first name
3. I would never harm them, so they needn't be afraid of me.
4. They could trust me as much as their mother does.
Oh, and that I plan to be the coolest step-pops ever. What! No seriously. I try to encourage them, but I need to do a better job at that. Diva has warned that there is a disconnect between step-parents and step-children. Biology has a lot to do with that disconnect. So one of things I said I was going to do was encourage reading alot more than I have. I've bought books, but when the school year hits, I'd like to have a nice little library for them.
I've tried in these months to treat the children to a guy who really loves the idea and practice of parenting. I have none of my own. I will say this, if I did have twins or any of my own...they'd never have to travel far to get to me...I'd never leave them....never. I once thought I'd be a single father, adopt on my own, but Diva has all but killed that idea. She wants boys...twins. (uh.. I didn't say all that lol) Whoa. I'm wit' it though.
Diva will be back on Monday(uh sorry baby Tuesday)...no...no parties at Scribe's house. I shall be working, Flipping between CNN and ESPN, getting some much needed sleep, and maybe if its not 1 billion degrees out, catch a Yankee game at the stadium. I love the three newest women in my life. It is a love that is growing daily. A love I hope never stops growing. I hope you all join me in praying for their safe delivery. I hope you all join me in praying that the twins have a wonderful experience, I hope you all join me in praying that Diva is successful in her efforts which are indeed of much importance.
Yeah I'm bummin' a little but I'll be alright.

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