Friday, August 25, 2006

Mic Check 1, 2, 1,2

How dare they say
That a love like ours wont last?
God made no mistakes
When He sheltered me with your heart
There's no safer place than to be in love
And here I will stand
And there ain't never
Ain't gonna never ever leave you alone - Anthony Hamiton
There's always something isn't there? Some kinda bullshit. That's not the reason behind this post...or maybe it should be. When does the line finally appear to some people? You know what line I'm talking about. The one that says "Whoa....maybe this is the breaking point". But there all always some people who are habitual line steppers. Yeah I jacked the line....Dave Chapelle was right on the money!
But at what point do we check ourselves? Wonder if maybe we have gone too far....Maybe have that Morris Day moment...where after saying some real foul shit....we stop and think whoa...did I really say some mean shit?
I know I check myself. I can only go but so far when it comes to teasing or ribbing....and I can't really go too far when yelling and screaming...Very quickly I check myself and bring it down a notch.
This may be my problem. Maybe I do need to yell back more. Scream back more. Act out more. Hang up in faces more. Let negroes know exactly what's on my mind a whole lot more.
But I don't.
I check myself.
Maybe more people should.
Because you see.
Me and Scribe are doing very well. Happy as a coupla teenagers with the house to themselves and their parent's credit cards. So the line can't be crossed there.
It won't be.
Because I can answer any question one may throw at me. Try me.
Yes he believes in God Yes he is a working man Yes he is just right with my kids Yes he takes care of them too shall I list all of the things he's bought them done with them the kids love him I assure you Me Are you kidding No he is in no ways cheap he treats me like a queen my bills paid and never a question if I need more it's not an act because it shows in everthing he does or say we talk alot because we believe in communication no we don't argue because we talk a lot you want to know about the bedroom.......Listen to the second song on my mixtape....and then ask me if you still have questions.
Oh yeah...look to your left on my template-in-progress...DJ Diva has returned to publishing radio blogs. This one is "X Rated August". The kids have been gone and well...Me and Scribe have been acting like Roger and Jessica Rabbit. I am also freer in terms of what I play in the car and around the house. The twins will finally be coming home next Friday. Scribe and I PAID for them to come home on the plane....mostly him (must give credit where credit is due)...The thought of them traveling 20-24 hours on a Greyhound bus was unthinkable. And because my exhusband chose to move somewhere and be broke....he couldn't afford to send them home...forget that I paid for them to get there....If he ever sees them will be because he arranged and paid for it. To have an Armani fetish on a minimum wage budget is ridiculous.....and that's another reason why we are divorced!
And the worst is when people I feel should be loyal to me...somehow feel sorry for him...because he and his wife are broke...NOT MY PROBLEM...I could be a cold person when I want to be...but to know all year your kids are visiting you and to not have saved up for at least their trip home is simply stupid, selfish and idiotic! Let's not forget that you owe me about $3000 in back child support. That I never even mention. and $100 bucks every two weeks barely makes a dent in their eating bill Negro....
But I don't complain....
I got them down there...and WE are bringing them home...
But for anyone else to get involved in this.....and have two cents to say as to whether or not I am justified in my reaction...That I am being heartless toward a shitless, empty headed Negro? I should be understanding because him and his wife are having a hard time down there in ATL where they fled to avoid child support and visitation requirements....uhhh
Nobody was understanding when I took a year off from working to finish my degree...although I scraped and borrowed...the twins were fed..clothed...sheltered...schooled...driven...and loved! With no help from him or the people who may have something to say about how I feel right now...
But the bullshit stops here.
Some may say it's because Scribe is in my life...He has heard that he has changed too...a little more stronger so to speak...they are right. We have become empowered by real love to combat all foolishness and assholishness as well. So similar to what my baby wrote recently: You don't like it that he does a lot for me? Fuck you...Seriously ...fuck you....You mad cause I'm happy? Fuck mad cause you can't say anything against Scribe? Fuck you...You try to use other ways of getting back at me for some bullshit you made up in your own mind? Fuck you...
If you are a habitual line stepper...and you step over my prepared for what's's not all.
Now my blog family should know that this is not directed at yall at all. If it were as simple as a internet nah-sayer...a post would not even be necessary..a quick delete and your little opinion has vanished.....on the guys have been nothing but supportive of my decision to pick a wonderful guy and fall in love and be happy...
That's what everyone wants right? to be happy?
Then why keep telling me that the honeymoon will end....and oh eventually I won't be able to stand him....Oh he's going to get on your nerves...You gonna get sick of all that rabbit love....
Is it because you can't believe we've been blissful this long and continue to be? we've been together almost four months and neither of us have turned into sarcastic, back biting, teeth gnashing scorpions....yeah it's still why start taking the love for granted? Why begin to lessen our opinions of each other? Our trust and faith? Yeah it's blissful....because that's the way WE like it...Neither of us likes to fight...and even though there has only been one....we try earnestly to avoid hurt feelings....but it seems that the only people who are hurting not's the outsiders...
Maybe that's because we choose not to hurt each other.
We choose to check ourselves.
More people should.
All I have to say to those who don't? stand real love in progress...Maybe you'll learn something.
I hope you enjoy my music but listen with caution for curses if you are against that sort of thing...This is a DJ DIVA and not Clean Spirit production...but she's coming back too.......I think I'll throw up ScribeDiva Love Vol 1 on Monday....Enjoy your weekend and thanks for listening as I got that off my chest....

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