Monday, October 30, 2006

Everybody's doing it! man is so sweet.

Who but Scribe would buy me a dozen of roses to hold up the rent money?

It's not as if he doesn't pay the rent every month....

But he really likes to do special things for me....

So Friday night when the twins and I got home....this is what greeted me when i walked through the door...

He is something else!...I love this man..I am so happy I didn't settle for the garbage...all those pieces of men I kept picking up or attracting....when I didn't settle for a nutcase? I got the best God had to offer me....

Thank God I sent all them other the left! to the left!

And look at my girls...

Don't they look so happy...Tyrone (with his fat ass) is happy too !

Look at him laid out next to my lavender fur jacket...(Yes in NY it is fur season!) He's a mess!

Two of my friends got engaged recently...bloggers in fact!


(that's not her intended in the photo...that's my girl's baby brother aka Milk and Cookies Diddy! Sorry girl...send me one of you and J)

Celena and J...two of my true friends in life...I really love these two!...Celena who is out going and is the only person other than Aliya...that I know is more boisterous than I am...J...quiet and humorous...He has always been the perfect gentleman...and never thought DJ Diva was too crazy to chat with...The way J loves her little one...helped me to see that a single, handsome man with a good job could in fact love a woman with a child...and accept that child as his own...and look what I did? I found me one too!....

Celena and matter where Scribe and I are...we will defintely be at your nuptials...I'm happy for you girl...and you too bro....I guess one of yall read my plea....

But before J popped the big question...somebody else did too....

MR PO and Ms Just Write Now (SHARON)

Wow....they hooked back up this summer...not too long after Scribe and I...and after she went through her kidney donation to her brother....Mr. PO stood right by her side and asked my girl to be his wife...MRS PO....Girl I'm happy for you....After raising your child with such good morals and keeping high expectations for got what you needed and more than you wanted....I wish you two nothing but the best! Can we come to the wedding?

Now what about Scribe and I you ask?

We gonna do it too. He hasn't popped the question yet...but it's a forgone conclusion that I will be Mrs. ScribeDiva.....We knew that 5 months ago when he dared to reveal he loved me. Every other day we talk about it or refer to some event that will take place after we're married....We have a date picked I have even chosen identical white and red dresses for me and the twins....

But I have no some people say:

"Well, don't say you're engaged"

"Don't say he's your fiance"

"Hold your horses anyhing could happen"

You know what I say?

"My ring is coming and it's not the most important thing in our lives right now."


We making moves....we have exactly 7 months before we leave NY to relocate for my teaching position. We won't know until mid-January exactly where we are going....but we have narrowed it down to ATL, MEM and Nashville.


Well it's close to my family in Memphis and housing and jobs are actually plentiful there (if anybody knows differently Holla!)

Butthe most important thing is that we need to that means Scribe can't put as much on the ring as he would like to when he gets paid....and I understand that....because to me...I know it's gonna happen...I know what I will say when I am proposed to...I know what's gonna happen on May 5th, 2007 and I know that we will be leaving for our new lives shortly after that...

And because we need to save...I am giving up my car and going back to my long commute on the train and bus...who may help me trim down this fat ass my man seems to be so in love with...he should be in love with it...he made it! Scribe keeps cooking for us and bringing me cake and ice cream at night...then has the nerve to tell me to get rid off my stomach...after blowing me up from a sixe 6 to a size 12!!!!

I still look good ass is crazy LMAO

(Daddy....don't worry about it please.....ok?..I see how much you want it...and I know it will happen...just know that it's ok with me...the fact that I know you want to marry me is enough...and means more than a ring!)

But when I do get one...yall will probably hear my squeals in every one of your respective houses!

Congradulations GIRLS!!!!! My man is determined to make me a MRS. too so I'm right behind yall!


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