Monday, November 20, 2006

Looking Forward/ 2nd bloggaversary

It’s my second blog anniversary.

DJ Diva has been blogging for two years.

All weekend I fiddled with my template. I thought of all the different radio blogs that I used to put up and attempted to come up with something suitable for today.

None of it worked.

I thought about linking some of my greatest hits to celebrate. My most worthy posts. Times when I was funny, angry, sad…or just Diva.

I have none of that for you today.

I guess it’s because….I’m looking forward….instead of back.

I’m looking forward to a life filled with happiness and love. My house is so full of laughter, smiles, hugs and joy. Scribe has amplified everything around me. What a change. I love that man so much. All of us are at peace and in this chaotic world….yeah my house feels like heaven.

I’m looking forward to a new career in education. First high school… then college. Scribe and I want a baby….so three years from now…when I am Professor Scribe, PhD…..and working 4 hours a day….I can give him his first child…maybe sooner LOL

I’m looking forward to life in the South. Warm weather for majority of the year. My people. My people. Being closer to my family in Memphis. My Grandma Diva. My sister C. Seems like a lot of my family is migrating back home. Should make for wonderful and memorable family dinners.

I’m looking forward to attending a black university and obtaining first my masters then my PhD.

I’m looking forward to the rest of my life.

I could look back.

Back to the uncertainty…the heartache…the pain

The pain which started this blog two years ago. The pain that I never spoke of here. Or maybe eventually I did. I guess you would have to research my archives and try and narrow it down. As Sade put it:

I been hurt so many times,
I been hurt so many times before
” (Somebody Already Broke My Heart)

You may skip right past it…

But that pain is long gone.

I found myself wondering the other day….trying to narrow down just what was it that held me in it’s grip.

I may not always be happy. I may hurt again.

But life is different than back then.
My quest for truth has been achieved.

Now I am only looking forward. With love and hope in my eyes.

Will you come forward with me?


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