Sunday, March 18, 2007

Good bye...

I should have known it would happen to me....
I'm not special....
saw it happening all around me...and took no heed...
Blogger has eaten my template...
and maybe for good reason...
You all have watched me soar and fall....
and as I take a new turn in life...I guess I should have a new blog too...
You can meet me at: BossyDiva
Still the same DJ...yet....
Goodbye have certainly served your purpose.

Friday, March 09, 2007

10 Happy Reasons

Can I just tell you I'm happy?

Really happy?

Really, really happy?

I'ma give you Ten Reasons

1. Breathing

Living here is so refreshing. The air is clear. The weather is's been in the 60's and 70's for the last few weeks. What? Stop playing! A negro is basking in the sun while the New Yorkers are freezing! Can I tell you what a blessing it is to come home to nary a Negro around your door? You Southerners already know...but for a city girl like me? Jesus please us....the lack of bodies crushed together anywhere is best feeling in the whole world! I am more relaxed now than I have ever been!

2. My Fiance
Ok so I really do call him that. He's also called my Husband quite frequently. It don't matter. he's mine. My Personal Man (God I love calling him that lol). He's so..just everything! He has so much patience. Wit. My goodness the man is fine! He never wavered....never even blinked about coming here and removing himself from everything he has ever known. His strength is phenomenal....only surpassed by the love he has for me. To be with him is to know what true love is. Both of us are flawed...deep by the same mental and physical pains....But we came together with slates scratched but clean. We are real about our feelings....regardless of the crisp knife of reality. There can be no scheming or witholding. It's just not possible. I have never had anyone this close to me and in tune with my emotions. I love this man. And it feels so good.

3. Chuuuurrrch

There must be a million of them here. Everybody loves Jesus here....from the bums outside the liqour store:

"I know da Lord got somthang is stor fah me! He said he would never leave me or forsake me!"
(this said after I had given him 50 cents)

The white lady that came into the bookstore where I work:

"Nasty heifer! That girl New York needs some Jesus in her life...Up there prancing and acting like a whore-a!"
(this said while Marcus Aurelius and I were discussing the "I Love a Whore" show.)

The third or fouth question upon meeeting a person is bound to be "What church you from?"

I was raised COGIC...and now I am in the birthplace....the very ground from whence the legend began! It's can feel it.

5. Freedom

My brother finally separated himself from the Hebrews nonsense. I cried because I was down here when he made that decision! How I would have loved to grab him close and hug and kiss him all over his face when he told me that he finally decided to leave the maddness and brainwashing. This dude running the place is actually calling himself the Comforter...the Holy Spirit that they speak of in the Bible....Like the only one with the Holy Ghost?....You have got to be kidding me! I am so happy that my brother is out now so that I can speak freely about my experiences within that cult. When he was in it...I didn't really want to cause him any grief or drama....but he's out now! With my brother graduating from college ...and finally getting his life together....I am grateful that he is no longer pouring all of his money and heart and soul into bullshit. Yeah...I'm real happy about that!

6. Working out!
Scibe and I are not working full-time yet. It is understandable....there is an extreme lack of administrative jobs here....that is changing though. I was lucky to get a part-time gig at a bookstore chain as the Assistant to the District Manager. I love it! I wish I could stay here....being surrounded by books is like going to work in a candy store! I only work three days a week but it's a good job. We are still discussing the possiblitity of me staying in the position ...but since Scribe and I do plan to get married this year....we will need the extra income from a full time gig for both of us. However, we also plan to get pregnant this year so we'll have to see about that.

7. "the biggest gym ever"

The twins are so excited about living here. My children are very happy. They are growing into fine young ladies. I am so proud of the work that I have done with raising them. It hasn't been easy...but it sure wasn't that hard! I had an idea and I went with it...and the result are two very happy, loving children. They have their moments...and I actually had to shake Taty up the other day for daring the ball her fists up when I told her to take a bath and stop backtalking me about it....but the law is do not hunk up at your momma...we cutting that ish out EARLY!!! But my girls are good and I love them....and this was the best thing I have done so far for their life. They love their school and the above is a direct quote from them.

8. Pregnant
Like I said earlier...Scribe and I have been talking alot about having a baby. (Or two lol)....But my best friend in NY is pregnant. Like with my brother...I wish I could be there to help her in anyway I could. Why did she wait til I left to go and get pregnant???? LMAO...but I am happy for her. I miss her.

9. Driving
I have a's a tricky old bird I call Ms. Phyllis....But she's mine. Driving down here is great! regular streets? 40 MPH....highways? 70MPH....You have got be kidding me!!!!!! Speed f-ing Racer! I'm loving it.

10. Promise

I'm happy because I am finally in a place where the dreams of my life can come true. I couldn't have the things I wanted in that dirty NY. I mean...I'm in the position to have the house with the backyard now...without having to mortgage my soul. My children have fresh air and grass when they play...which they can do now in an enclosed backyard for hours and hours without worrying about negroes lurking in alleys. What Scribe and I wanted for our new life together was simple....but unattainable up North. Even with the drama...this was the best choice we could have made.

So yeah...I'm happy. Enjoy your weekend.

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