Monday, October 08, 2007

October Jamz

Here's my playlist for new music in October (so far LOL)...

A couple are repeats from September but Can't Tell Me Nothing (F-ing wait till I get my money right!!!!!)...the Rockafella remix with Bienie Siegal and Freeway....

The I Get Money 50 Cent with Jay-Z and Diddy...

Kiss Kiss and Throwed by Chris Brown is repeated cause...hell I love Milk and Cookies! (I am gonna be in so much trouble for that statement LOL)

Say what you want about Britney Spears...but that Gimmie More remix with TI is fire!

And I'm also enjoying the new cut by Mary J Blige...Just Fine...The chops of hers are still just fine!

Those two cuts by Akon...Still Alone and Fair To You are worth a listen...

As well as the new one by Lyfe Jennings...Cops Up

Keyshia Cole has figured out a hair color...and it may have had an effect on her music...Shoulda Let You Go is a club banger...and Losing You featuring Anthony Hamilton..

There are a few more...including the new song from Jay-Z and Pharrell....Blue Magic....What can I say? I love hip hop (sometimes...)

I have a soft spot for Beyonce too...So Flaws and All finally made an appearance on one of my playlists....


Which song did you like the best?


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