Monday, January 24, 2005

John Mayer's New Song "Daughters"

Every now and then I get stuck on a song. Today happens to be a song by John Mayer. Not Rap or R&B...Just a good song!

It so deep and relevant to a lot of relationship issues.

I try my best to raise my daughters without domestic issues. Just show them as much love and teach them morals.

If you can download it, catch it on VH1, or hear it on the radio...Please check it out.

Lyrics posted on DJ Diva's Reviews

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Massive Snowstorm in the Tri-State area


Lord knows I don't feel like digging out my damn car! If I ever needed a live-in is the time! I know...I'm selfish...want a man around to dig out my car...but shoot I'm delicate...I ain't got no business diggin in no snow!

I wish he was home...

Oh well!

The weekend was cool though....Just me and the cat

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Back from vacation/ Picture page

WOW...back from vacation! Well back from preparing for, traveling 17 hours by car with 4 children, icy then sunny memphis. I loved it!!!!

I got a new digital camera for christmas. You really can't say nothing to me now..I have been transported back to Photography class at Hunter College High School..I miss that darkroom lol ;)

Anyway..I posted the link to the photo page...all non tech folks click here

I will really try to do better with the music and fiction...but things are busy ... it's my last semester and since I made the Dean's list, I need to continue my academic excellence and knock it out the box when I graduate in May!

...and my mind is a little preoccupied with someone. Yall know how that can be ;)

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