Sunday, May 25, 2008

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Monday, May 12, 2008

As I said...I'm still posting music mixtapes...but over at:

The site is now live with Music, Videos, Gossip Bits and News. The latest mixtape is:

DJ Diva Monday Mixtape: Club Freestyle

Download Here:

Track Listing:

C&C Music Factory - Pump Up The Jam

Snap - I’ve Got The Power

Marrs - Pump Up the Volume

C&C Music Factory-Pride - A Deeper Love

Black Box - Strike It Up

Black Box - Everybody Everybody

Deee-Lite - Groove Is in the Heart

C&C Music Factory - Everybody dance now
Expose - Point Of No Return

TKA - Diamond Girl

Noel - Silent Morning

Shannon - Give Me Tonight

Shannon - Let The Music Play

Madonna - Vogue

Paula Abdul - Cold Hearted Snake

Pebbles - Girlfriend

Ace Of Base - All That She Wants

Ace of Base - Don’t Turn Around

C&C Music Factory and El general- Boriqua Anthem

Monday, May 05, 2008

Monday Mixtape: I Love My Man

This Monday Mixtape is all about my husband Scribe. Today was our 2nd anniversary of our first date and this whole mixtape is devoted to him and how much I love him.

This will also be my final post on DJ Diva.

My music, gossip and news will be on:

And my personal posts on:


My husband Scribe is at

The Harlem Experiment

Here is the Monday Mixtape: I Love My Man:

Listen Here:

Download Here:

Track Listing:

1. I Want to Thank You - Alicia Myers - Yes...all praises due to God for bringing this man..Scribe into my life
2. The Right Kinda Lover - Pattie Labelle-Scribe sure is the right kinda lover. Unmatched by none! "Goes to work everyday and the man pays all my bills." I could recite every lyric and it all applies to him!
3. Lets Hear It For The Boys - Denise Williams -Let's hear it for Scribe. He is so good to me and the girls!
4. My Guy - Mary Wells-He is My Guy for life. I will never leave this man. Mark my words!
5. The Boss - Diana Ross -I sure learned who was "Boss" didn't I? I was such the independent woman until I met Scribe. Felled by love with one blow. And now Scribe is the Boss. Believe that!
6. We Got A Love Thang - CeCe Peniston -You already know we have a "Love Thang" right! I know I will never find anybody better!
7. Ain't No Other Man - Christina Aguilera-I stood up to everybody for this man. Tell everybody...Ain't no other man can stand up next to him. Period.
8. Whenever, Wherever - Shakira -Whenever, wherever. Catch us in Central Park.
9. Till the Wheels Fall Off - Kelis -Til the fucking wheels fall off. Word up Daddy.
10. Mafia - Kelis -My love is really like the Mafia. Nothing will ever break my vow and I will always have Scribe's back. Load up your guns for you. Let me kiss the ring Daddy.
11. Bonnie And Clyde - Jay Z ft. Beyonce -Yo...for real..I'm always down for my man. Whatever he needs...wants...decides...I'm right there.Even though I'm his wife...I'm still his girlfriend. Down to ride to very end.
12. You're All I Need - Method Man and Mary J Blige - I swear to God I hope we fucking die together.
13. You Are My Everything - Mary J Blige -Scribe really is my everything. He is my best friend...and I can depend on him for anything. I will treat him like a King for my whole life.
14. Love of my life feat. Common - Erykah Badu -He is the Love of My Life. I met him when I was a child...briefly...who would have known we would be so in love? Scribe is hip hop, jazz, r&b, old school, doo-wop, swing rock and pop to me. You are my best friend Daddy.
15. You Got Me - The Roots ft. Erkyah Badu -You got me for life Daddy. No matter what club or party I work at, people I talk to or see. You got me.
16. No One - Alicia Keys -No One will ever come between us. I won't let it and neither will he!
17. We Ride - Mary J. Blidge -From the day to the night we ride. That's how we do.
18. You're Just too Good to Be True - Lauryn Hill -Scribe is really too good to be true. I love how handsome my husband is. I could look at his face all day and I really can't sleep without him.
19. Turn The Lights Down Low - Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley -Our trip to Negril will be all that.
20. Chante's Got A Man - Chante Moore -DJ Diva has a man at home. 27/7. A real man. I got proof.
21. Why I love u so much - Monica -My life has been so much better since Scribe came into it. I love him so much.
22. I love me some him - Toni Braxton - I do. I love me some Scribe!
23. I Want To Thank You For The Best Day Of My Life - Dido - My husband is the best at picking up my spirit. He is always on my side and my knight in shining armor!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Where's DJ Diva?

Where's DJ Diva?

As some of you know, I am moving back to NYC. I have been busy with the preparation and planning so podcasting had to be put on a hold.

I'll be back Monday, 5/5/08 which is my 2nd anniversary of the day I met my husband!!!

That's Cinco De Mayo so get ready for a podcasting with a Latin taste!

The links to the downloads will be up and running today

Thanks for stopping in!

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