Friday, April 29, 2005

Cam'ron Leaves Roc-A-Fella

Ok...My last post of the day...I do have a life you know!

I have a Graduation Party to go to on Bowery tonight(My day is June 3rd), 2 parties 2morrow nite and church on Sunday (well.. I have to go and pray for forgiveness for the mayhem I will cause this weekend!)

Anyways...I just wanted to post this up..

After months of speculation, it's official: Harlem's Cam'ron has parted ways with Roc-A-Fella/Island Def Jam for Asylum/Warner Music Group.

Everbody knew this was coming...Jay-Z and Cam on the same label? Nah Rite?

This will be covered undoubtly by:



Can't wait to see what they have to say...

Have a Happy Friday!

Shar Jackson

Maybe no one cares what she has to say...

Maybe no one cares what happens to her after she was dumped by Kevin Federline and the cash cow Britney Spears

As an ex-wife...I care!

U see...not all exes are crazy or vindictive like the Lisa Raye on All OF US

Some, like myself, can shake it off and continue to raise their children with dignity and faith in the idea that they can really do it alone..

Not all continue to hold grudges and can treat the new woman with respect

I Like what she had to say in her interview with MTV

"He cheated, he lied, he left," Jackson clarified. "There you go, in that order: Cheated, lied, left. And that's it.

"It's cool, though," she added. "Everything happens for a reason. Obviously God didn't think that's who should be in my life at this particular moment, and that's all right. I don't quite understand God's logic in that, but I ain't gonna interfere with none of that."

Jackson, best known for her role on "Moesha" before her falling-out with Federline generated headlines, said she's moving ahead with her professional life as well (see "Kevin Federline's Ex Shar Jackson Looking To Follow In Britney's Footsteps"). She's wrapping up work on her debut album, is working on a reality show pilot for ABC, and is launching a cosmetics line called Relation Lips, with the first item being a lip gloss called He Cheated."

Do your thang Girl! I might have to cop that lip gloss ...Just Because!

Usher's relationship advice

I was actually contemplating writing about the Source's issues with sexual harassment (which I will after I compile more information), or Foxy Brown fighting with Jackie-O (Boy Stooop...It's about be a Gurlfight! Or it was apparently)

But I came across this interesting piece of advice from Ursher:

"Every relationship I ever got into started off with 'You're the only one for me,' and then that male ego comes in."

He also offered some pearls of wisdom about traditional courtship: "Treat that woman like a lady; don't treat her like a ho just because the music says so.

"Women," he continued, "treat yourselves like ladies. Don't move like that just because the music says so."

Is he kidding me? Basically, he's preaching to the choir...

He also said that he's actively pursuing a movie career. Yeah, he's pursuing IT, because Hollywood is certainly not banging down his door to give him another role.

EVA and JAY-Z with Beyonce

I know it ain't me...but it does seem like Eva is putting to moves on Jay. And Beyonce is being the good little "wifey" and minding her business.

And don't it look like Missy is listening to them and is dying laughing?

What yall think?

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sometimes It snows in April

Well it didn't...this year...

But the rain sounded like hail...

I'm waiting up for the radio show on at 3AM...on 90.3 WCHR...for the NESSDIGI show from 3am-6am...I want to call in tonight...which means I'm pulling an all nighter

For my “Books for Young Readers” publishing class: I have the choice of writing the first chapter of a young adult novel or writing a 5 page paper on a topic of my choosing.

Now you know…at times…I can be an overachiever…I don’t kiss ass…well maybe I throw air kisses at it sometimes…but I’m feeling myself creatively…and I can organize the hell out of a paper…so what the heck? I will do both!

The creative fiction piece will be about a 17 year old who falls in love with a 24 year old correction officer…her mother is dating a 20 year old and her father is an alcoholic..they all end up at her High School graduation...

(damn u! if u know the story, keep it to yourself!!!!)

Seriously though…the professor is a highly regarded book agent..who may purchase my cross your fingers!

In order to write the damn thing…I need to go through my creative process – do homework with the twins, bathe the twins, feed the twins, wash my ass, play final fantasy 10 ( yes I still have PS1), listen to some slow jams, channel the energy swirling in my head…handle my personables (wink)

damn is the battery dead?

yeah …

now I’m ready..


You Get The Best Of Me(Say,Say,Say)- Alicia Myers
Can't U See - Total/ Notorious BIG
Smooth Criminal-Michael Jackson

Then i just switched over to ejflavors and he had a old school radio blog ready for me!

Carmella dreamt I was with “the goose”. I told her it wasn’t a dream it was a nightmare. My coochie had the same damn dream. She woke up sweating...

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Where did she get the finger to put in the chili?

Why haven't we heard any of our black leaders getting soundbites on the case of the little girl who was handcuffed?

Why is the little girl being interviewed by A Current Affair and not CNN or Fox?

After Vonzell gets voted off American Idol...will we still care who wins?

If Naima gets voted off...ditto for America's Next Top Model?

Why am I just getting around to reading other blogs?

Why haven't I changed this stupid pink template?

Why a nigga always want what he can't have?

Why I can't come through in the pecan Jag?

Why am I going to take the Yonkers bus simply because its free until May 31 and I have a car?

Why do I avoid talking about sensitive things for other people's sake?

Why do I avoid talking about my Lion?

Why am I so Damn _______ ? (fill in the, beautiful, sexy, talented)

Why am I so damn happy?

I have too much time on my hands during spring break...

some songs on my current playlist are curtesy of NESS DIGI

Playlist for Spring Break:

I Love U, I Live U- Chaka Khan
Lonely No More- Rob Thomas
Desert Rose-Sting
For the Good Times-Al Green
Rocket Love-Stevie Wonder
Young Hearts/Victim/When You Wake Up Tomorrow - Candi Stanton
In A Special Way- Debarge
Refuge-John Legend
17 Days - Prince
Uptown- Prince
Marrying Kind-Prince
Walking Away From Love-David Ruffin
I've Got To See You Again-Norah Jones
Things I Don't Mean-Tweet
Jealous-Faith Evans
Luxurious-Gwen Stefani
Breakaway-Kelli Clarkson
Holiday-Green Day

Friday, April 22, 2005

Handcuffs on a 5 year old black child for the second time!!!!

Video from the kindergarten classroom

Principle's Office

This is the second time in less than 6 months that the police have performed this unspeakable act of violence toward a child!

They arrested a 5 year old little black girl today in St. Petersburg, FL. They put her into handcuffs that they use on criminals and put her into the back of a patrol car.

She is 5 and in kindergarten. The teachers and assistant principal claimed she was abusive and disruptive. It started when she couldn't concentrate during a math lesson involving handling jelly beans.

Jelly beans and a 5 yr old?
Heck no she couldn't concentrate! She was dealing with candy!!! No child can focus with candy in the vicinity!

The child is black.

All of the adults, including the police officers, are white.

We should stand for this?

They should be able to keep their jobs? and continue to be in contact with our children?

This could scar this poor little baby for life.

In December, 2004 they did the same thing to a 5 year old black boy in St. Louis.

I am the mother of 2 six year old twin girls. If anybody know what?.. I dont even need to finish that statement.

U already know.

Here's the full text of the story of that poor little girl.

My blood is boilin'

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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Man passes driving test after 271 tries

I should be writing my Detective Fiction Paper on African American detective characteristics. But as usual, I am procrastinating and watching VH1's Save the Music, while contemplating if John Legend's lower lip is as juicy as it looks on tv.

What the hell is up with Mariah and wind? Everytime you see her now, it looks like a tornado is about to hit.

I am absolutely in love with Rob Thomas. I know...I always said no white mens but he is freakin hot!!!! AND he sang "Maggie" by Rod Stewart!!!! For once, a song for me...Sigh...But Rob Thomas has no rhythm whatsoever...He needs dancing lessons

Exhale.....Now I stumbled upon this little gem: This dude took the oral driving exam 271 times before he passed.

"Seo said he was preparing for his road test, and was discussing with his wife what kind of car to buy once he get his license. “Driving seems a bit hard. But after trying 271 times to pass the oral exam, what do I have to be afraid of?” Seo said."

He is 70 years old. He has no reason to be afraid...WE DO!!!

He said that he didn't know how to read, so he learned a little with each test, and after 5 years, he had the minimum amount of answers.

Probably would have been better off learning to read.

Good thing I won't be driving in Korea anytime soon.

click here for the full story

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Thursday, April 14, 2005

My First Day as a Professor

I was able to teach a college class for the first time on Monday.
It was Exhilarating!!!!

I walked into class, which is "The Greek and Latin Roots of the English Language". It's good vocabulary building class and I also get to preview the ancient Greek and Latin languages. In order to get my Ph.D. In English Literature I have to be able to read one of them. I'm thinking it's going to be Latin...but we are starting Greek in the class next week so I may take both. I almost wish I wasn't graduating (June 3rd)so that I could take more classes. (smile) I'm running off at the mouth though so I'll get back to the story.

I get to class and the Professor is looking flustered and weird. So she's looking at me kinda strangely. She starts talking about she's not feeling well. I was like "Yeah, She gonna let us out early and I can go down to the cafeteria and have breakfast!"
She looks at me and says "I think I'm going to let one of you teach the class." Now there's 30 kids in the class and she's looking at me. So I said "Ju talking to Me?" (ala Robert DeNiro in Taxi Driver)

She broke eye contact and looked around at the class and said "Oh well you don't have to...Does anybody else want to do it?" The whole class looked at me and said "No, Margaret should do it"...Wow...So I got up and went to the front of the class and taught the day's lesson on Latin perfect stems of verbs and the nouns and adjectives that are derived from them. And to make it even better...I didn't do my I could call on everyone else to supply the answers (It was a great feeling) How cool. At the end of class, the Professor said "I'm going to get Margaret to do it again before the end of the year. She was very good." The class agreed. The Lord is truly good!...I knew this was what I was meant to be! When I prayed about teaching in High School, I knew my heart wasn't really in it. They offered a job and the ability to get a Master's Degree for free. But then I was able to see other ways of getting my Master's without having to teach in a bad school. I don't have the patience for children...and I don't have any patience for parents who really don't give a *$@! about their child's education. Some people are blessed with that kind of patience. Me? I ain't got it. Man, I really dont have it!

Granted, I'll have to pay back loans. But I could get a Masters of my choosing. They force you to take an English Education Masters. Which for a Doctorate in Literature is pointless. The best you get is 10-15 credits transferred. If I get a Masters in English Literature all my credits could count toward my Ph.D.
Choice Made!
I thank Him for showing me alternatives.

Choosing a Graduate School is a whole n'other issue. I'll keep you posted (no pun intended)

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