Monday, October 31, 2005

Time to Bounce.../ Isley Radio Blog

I did another radio blog…

Isley Brothers Then and Now

Track Listing below....

Don’t know how I found the time…I managed to do my Grad checks…Core classes and Major check…I wasn’t worried about either…I’m graduating with 130 credits…I didn’t need ‘em…but I needed the extra GPA points. I won’t lie…I screwed up in ‘95… “The Summer of Love”…Boy…Sex in the summer (Prince reference)…and for all seasons ain’t no Joke! It can also reek havoc on your GPA if all u doing is loving…..

I’m proud to say that in the last two years while being a single mom, working, and going to school fulltime…I brought my GPA from a 1.98 (almost this close to being denied re-entry) to a whopping 3.3 (3.7 in my major). So when I talk about it yall…Just know that it has been a serious struggle.

I have settled on my Ph.D options…because yes… you can be accepted with a BA if you show academic prowess….being on the Dean’s list every semester for the last two years (including summers) has entitled me to that right. More than likely I'll have to do my Master's first ...cause I still have to prove myself BLAHHHH.....My recommendations are from 6 prominent Professors from Afro American Lit, English Renaissance Lit(Shakespeare), and the Classics Department….I make a lot of connections….I take the GRE’s in December as well as the Subject Test (So I’ll be once again buried under books) I'm gonna have my 10 page and 20 page writing samples done in two weeks...

So here is where I’m applying:

Georgia State University-Atlanta
University of North Carolina – Greensboro
University of Memphis
University of South Carolina Columbia

In that order…

All have their benefits…and I have family or friends in all of the areas….So it’s basically who’s gonna give me the best package?…

Show me the Money! So I can get the fuck out of here by July 5th 2006!

Now of course I’m applying to City as a fallback…but I really don’t think I’ll need it…

Tune in for further info…And pics of the twins on Halloween.

Oh and here’s the Track Listing

Isley Brothers …Then and Now…
1. Isley Brothers - Living For The Love Of You
2. Isley Brothers - Between The Sheets
3. Isley Brothers - Choosey Lover
4. Isley Brothers - Who's That Lady
5. Isley Brothers feat R. Kelly - What Would You Do
6. Isley Brothers - What Would You Do Pt. 2
7. Isley Brothers - Hello It's Me
8. Isley Brothers - Lay Lady Lay
9. Isley Brothers - Voyage To Atlantis
10. Isley Brothers - Caravan of Love
11. Isley Brothers - Contagious
12. Isley Brothers - Busted
13. Isley Brothers - Summer Breeze
14. Isley Brothers - Harvest For The World
15. Isley Brothers - Fight the Power
16. Isley Brothers - Love The One You're With
17. Isley Brothers - Footsteps in the dark
18. Isley Brothers - Let's Lay Together
19. Isley Brothers - Make Me Say It Again Girl
20. Isley Brothers - Don't Say Goodnight


Sunday, October 30, 2005

I Didn't Quite Make It.../PICS

I tried yall....I really did...but I couldn't do the Afro...LMAO

So I went for the Jackie Brown look.....I do like the look though...I plan to keep it for awhile...

The photographer can never get someone who knows how to work the camera....but onto the other costumes:

We had a Cat, Frankenstein, Postal Worker, Diana Ross, Pam Grier (so you can see why I didn't announce my get-up), Green Lantern

Dude's T-shirt read "This Is My Fucking Halloween Costume" Loved It.

We also had a Pirate from Barbados...and a Cowboy...and an Angel/Devil...

Everybody danced...even was a lot of fun...

That was Frankenstein in the green shirt...singing the lead...

Anybody gonna join me at 20/20?

Saturday, October 29, 2005

100 again

My girl Celena has been getting deep. She also did her “100”. She also has a pic of the day we first met. Over 10 years ago... right Celena? Go over and check her out!

I’ve been blogging for almost a year and I never tackled the 100.

But since it’s the weekend…the best time to post personal ish…Here’s

100 Hunnert Things about moi

1. My name was supposed to be Milagros. Thank God Mommy changed her mind
2. and named me after my Black Grandmother…who is the ultimate Diva
3. I’m so Harlem, I was born in Harlem Hospital
4. I look just like my father, with his nose and thick ass hair
5. with my mother’s color and not her curly hair. But I have her soft lips.
6. My parents are very young.
7. I learned how to cook at age 7
8. My aunt used make me have spelling tests against adults at age 7
9. I always won
10. On the standardized tests I always tested at 12 grade level
11. because I learned to read at 2
12. I was my elementary school Valedictorian
13. I fell fast asleep after the ceremony
14. I always have books around in my windowsill, wall, cases
15. and the bathroom because I take unnaturally long baths
16. I call it “Cooking the Kitty”
17. Even though no one’s currently eating the delicious meal
18. I’m a finicky eater
19. but I eat mayonnaise sandwiches
20. and grape jelly with eggs, and sugar on my white rice
21. I don’t eat candy
22. I wear a lot of ponytails
23. I hate foundation makeup
24. but I love red lipstick
25. I have long top eyelashes
26. but no lower lashes
27. I was teased for my slanted eyes in the third grade
28. I was suspended for fighting in the third grade
29. I had my first fight over a boy(Cameron) at 13
30. I knew he wanted me to win
31. I didn’t, and got shitted on by a bird in the process
32. I continued to see him
33. I was introduced to clubbing at 16
34. I can’t give it up yet
35. I love to dance
36. But I think I’m too seductive
37. I play role-playing games like Final Fantasy
38. and I still use my Super Nintendo for Zelda
39. I used to host a variety show when I was a kid
40. I used my cousins and a old beat-up radio with a mike
41. I have about 60 cousins
42. 7 of us were raised really tight
43. I don’t call all of them like I should
44. I don’t like to call men
45. I’m a finicky dater
46. I drop men quickly
47. My ex-husband asked to marry me 2 months after we met
48. but trapped me by pregnancy first
49. I have twins
50. I will probably have twins again if I get pregnant again
51. I don’t have any other kids
52. I have a god-daughter Jazzy
53. Kids sometimes get on my nerves
54. I need a new mattress
55. I kiss my cat (even though mommy says not to)
56. I’m spoiled
57. The twins are spoiled
58. They still kiss me on the lips
59. I kiss my mommy on the lips
60. I am very good at technical stuff
61. I sometimes wish A was around so he could fix my computers and laptop
62. I get a lot of flack for blogging
63. I feel no one understands me
64. I’ve felt alone at a family function
65. I think I’m beautiful most of the time
66. I have my moments
67. I don’t do my hair when I am home
68. I wear it slicked back
69. I think the “Diva” only comes out when I step through my front door
70. I have multiple personalities
71. “Meggie” with my friends, “Diva’ for the outside world,
72. “Margaret” in school
73. and “just me” in my head
74. I have never dated a white man
75. but I came real close
76. but he was half Dominican, half Puerto Rican
77. his skin felt funny to me.
78. I have had an equal ratio of Black and Hispanic in my dating history
79. I’ve cheated before
80. I’ve been the “other woman”
81. and ratted him out
82. I won’t do that again
83. I never messed with any of my friends boyfriends
84. I have an enormous music playlist in my head
85. I used to kiss my Under the Cherry Moon poster
86. I think Prince is the best performer ever, ever, ever
87. I think Michael Jackson is overrated
88. I’ve dated people who are now famous and the light skinned dancer from the Father MC video "Treat em Like They Wanna Be Treated"
89. I could kill myself for being so quick on the trigger
90. I will be famous
91. Although I am already in my head
92. I can’t stay mad long
93. I can’t keep money long
94. I love to shop
95. I hate my car
96. I wish I had a garage so I could do my own car maintenance
97. I don’t want to move to Memphis
98. I’m going to move out of NY down south in either 2006 or 2007
99. I’m smart enough to get a PhD

100. I will be the first college graduate out of my grandmother’s 75 descendants.

Dang…I though this would be hard…but I had so much to say and I didn’t even scratch the surface.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Halloween Karaoke/ The costume is.....

I was considering to the Halloween Party as my main main. My favorite singer of all time


But then I would need :

And nobody sells Purple rain-coats (LOL love the pun)

So then I thought Janet...I do sing her songs...

But then my lazy behind looked at the flyer that's been sitting in my feathered, zebra, Black velvet purse (My momma brought it)

And I found out I can go as my Girl..My Favorite Halloween Costume:

I'm psyched because a lot of people say I look like her

I just dont have the boobs....

I'll take pics...For those of you who want to meet me there...I wont get there until 8:20 ish...I have class tonight but I will def be there.

It's Twenty 20, on Warren St between Church and Broadway.....

See ya later!

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

We don't have to...

I wish I had the time to give Rosa Parks a lengthy commemorative blog piece...I can't because life is just so busy right now for me...New furniture...getting the car fixed...writing papers....singing...too much stuff to do this week... The radio blog will probably remain all week..

But I will share a story with you guys about my wonderful twins...

Every year from January to the end of February, the Montessori school that the twins attend gives extensive lesson plans on African American History. Their first year in Pre K, I was thrilled with their little crayoned pictures of Malcolm and Martin. They had little songs and speeches...just too cute...

However, one day in June of that same year the twins had an "episode". "Episode" meaning they collectively and unconciously do something totally in tandem without missing a beat. As if they had the same thought. It happens quite often..

I was taking a late class- Shakespeare on Film- and they had to be picked up by a babysitter. The babysitter took them home on the city bus (they hardly ever take public transportation).Once entering the bus, the babysitter puts them on first and says "Twins, go on ahead to the back of the bus and pick a seat". The twins both turn to her in unison and say:

"We don't have to sit in the back of the bus. Rosa Parks didn't and we don't have to either!"

They then picked out seats near the driver..

Rosa Parks was and is so important to us as a people and a nation. The fact that she had such an impact on my twins, at such a young age (4), way after African American History a true testimony to her longevity. I am so proud that she lived such a long life...And although it was sad to hear of her passing....I feel much better that she lived such a long life and died of natural causes. Thank the Lord that he left her here for 92 years. We were blessed by her time on this earth.

Monday, October 24, 2005

All Hallows Eve Again...

ALL HALLOWS EVE (click for Radio Blog)

1. Remy Martin-Conceited...(Word!)
2. Joe - Just Relax
2. Syleena Johnson - Special Occasion
3. Jamie Foxx feat. Jermaine Dupri & Kanye West - One Night Extravaganza (Remix)
4. Jamie Foxx - Unpredictable (Feat. Ludacris)
5. Trey Songz w-Jay-Z - Only You
6. Twista - So Lonely (feat. Mariah Carey)
7. Twista - When I Get You Home (A.I.O.U.) (feat. Jamie Foxx And Pharell)
8. Santana Feat. Big Boi Of Outkast And Mary J. Blige - My Man
9. Black Rob - Ready
10. T.I. - Lets Get Away
11. Three Six Mafia feat. Young Buck & 8 Ball - I Gotta Stay Fly
12. David Banner - Two Fingers Ft. Jagged Edge
13. Trina ft. Trey Songz - 50/50 Love
14. Chris Brown- Run It Remix (for Lisa and hubby)
15. Ricky Martin Ft Fat Joe, Amerie- I Don't Care
16. Sean Paul- We Be Burnin'
17. Akon,Vybz kartel and friends - Gun Session (Remix)
18. Richie Spice - Youths Are So Cold
19. Jaguar Wright Ft. Genuine - Sorry
20. Trey Songz - IN THE CLOSET (Husband's version) Yeah I know...but I like his voice
21. Trey Songz - Hatin Love

For all those interested...CD's are $7 apiece including shipping and handling...72 hrs or less...

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Doing Seven

If you haven't been reading me this weekend...I'm glad...I had a little rant posted...but I removed it...Sorry...But to the 2 folks that posted a reply? Thanks!...

Grayse tagged us...and Sway did here's mine...

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1. Obtain a PhD in English (35) and a law degree (45). Also at least start medical school after law school.(55)

2. Finally use my father's last name: Perez de Portorreal . (You see why it was problem?)

3. Visit the Seven Wonders of the World. (before they get demolished by hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, moonsoons, mudslides etc.)

4. Meet Prince.

5. Sell my book.

6. Buy a house..with my own private (meditation, reading, sewing,bullshittin) room, power tools for me to play with in the garage, and a stripper pole to slide down in my bedroom.

7. Understand love and God.

7 things I can do:

1. Shoot a gun. (38,45, shotgun)
2. Use a knife in a fight
3. DJ for 8 hours
4. cook Spanish food and Soul food at the same time
5. write a 5 page paper in 2 hours.
6. Raise two kids on my own
7. Love

7 things I cannot do:

1. believe in the word can't ( I wonder if you understand...)
2. remove my burns
3. Share my man
4. anal sex
5. Stop being smart
6. take back my Ex-husband, the Angry Dwarf, etc..
7. Understand cowardly lions/mens

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Voice (the deeper the better)
2. Eyes
3. Honesty (but I haven't found it yet)
4. Confidence
5. Ambition
6. Reliability
7. Physical Chemistry

7 things that I say most often:

1. Hey.....
2. I don't care if (Tatyana or Tyara) told you to do it!
3. Put some damn clothes on!
4. Nah...I can't talk about that right now...
5. I wish a mutherfucker would!
6. That (bitch or nigga) is crazy!
7. I'll take care of it.

7 Celebrity crushes:
2. Boris Kudjoe (I actually dated a very good lookalike)
3. Marques Houston (u see that Naked video? Jesus!)
4. Brutha Code (for his humor of course...never actually seen him)
5. Maxwell
6. Shakeira
7. Sade

7 people I want to do this:(forgive me lol)

1. Miz PowderPink
2. Sassywow (write something already!)
3. Lisa
4. Cymple
5. LadyLee
6. Serenity 23
7. Zeezy for Sheezy

Friday, October 21, 2005

HOUSE It Out!/ Karaoke pics

I came home tonight with House music on my mind....So I threw together a little somesing for yall to rock to at work on your happy Friday

Check out HOUSE ...with a little tribute at the end to my mentor: DJ the DJ...Darryl James

Remember it's just a taste...DJ Diva believes in licks! LOL

Holla if you hear me on Carl Bean and Candi!!!!

Grayse's meme will be posted this weekend...cause I know noneyall really care about my Sevens....well maybe you do Grayse since you tagged me...LOL

Below you will find pics of me at 20/20 tonight...I had a ball...

I sang "What You Won't Do For Love" by Bobby Caldwell....I miss my duet partner C....We always did it together...and were so into it...people thought we were dating....but nah...she's really my cousin...and my best friend LOL

Here I'm singing...and looking at the DJ like he's retarded...Dude turn the bass down...Just kidding...DJ Oz was cracking jokes...

But Ellis and I had a great time until his stalker showed up...and got mad...then friendly....Boy...women can be a trip!

Feel Free to provide your own commentary LOL (but only if u have some sense LOL)

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Too Serious About Some Ish

Have you checked out my SEX Radio Blog yet

I’m starting to feel unloved LOL

My brain is fried…

I am finally sitting down to write the ten page Paper on Baldwin…due 2morrow…Lawd! Lawd! I really should have came home after class last night!!!!!!

But you know me…DJ DIVA never does what she supposed to…I went out singing again. I swear since I wrote about it ….I am just thrilled to steal a few hours away…

Now mind you…it’s not just singing…It’s a lot of joking and dancing going on too.
Karaoke Peoples Love To Party.

So a Monday or Tuesday evening feels like a Friday or Saturday night….Once you get inside the Karaoke area…It wouldn’t matter if the sun was blazing outside…It’s On like it was 1 am!

We was doing the Soul Train line at one point…(don’t ask…I’m the one who suggested it LOL)…It was a lot of fun…I can’t wait to go back Thursday night. Next Thursday is the Halloween party and it’s themed “Come as your favorite singer”…I was thinking Chaka Khan or Tina Turner…Any Suggestions?

But as with every event I go to…I must make a commentary….Sometimes I don’t let yall see them… (holla if you want the explict X rated page for the Carl Thomas Ski Trip)

20 Ways To Know You Take Karaoke Too Damn Seriously!!!!!
(in no particular order)

1. You bring your own mike.
2. You bring your own music. ( Errbody don’t carry the songs u like to sing)
3. You get mad when somebody sings your songs. You may even approach the person and tell them not to sing it (It happened last night LMAO)
4. You counting the heads to see when u coming up next
5. …and get mad if someone gets called up twice before u
6. You have a special “Karaoke” outfit.
7. Or choose clothes …saying I’ma rock it tonight!
8. You have special back up singers…(Roy, Thomas and Mike are the only ones who can back you up in your rendition of “The Love I Lost”)
9. You consider Tuesday “Practice Night”…
10. As if Thursday is “Professional Night”
11. You have Multiple cd’s specially recorded of you singing a Karaoke concert
12. …and try to sell them to your friends.
13. You ask the DJ to turn up the bass…or treble …or something
14. Hell you ask the DJ to put in a special echo
15. You won’t sing with so and so…cause she sang with that other guy last week and you don’t like him cause he sings your songs….
16. You over sing the singer currently performing…so errbody knows you’re better (Guilty after 2 hennesseys)
17. You insert lyrics sang by the original singers during a live performance …that you have memorized. (and nobody knows them but u)
18. Or lyrics you made up that you think would sound better.
19. You think that if you hit on the DJ …you get called up more often.
20. You honestly believe you better than Luther, Barry, Teddy, Chaka…you get what I’m saying.

There you have it…If any of these apply to you…Seek help and try not to go to Karaoke more than twice a week…Like “Practice Night” and "Professional Night” LOL

Like me ;)

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


a throwback to my blackpanet days LOL

Yes...DJ Diva finally has a radio blog...

I am so f-ing proud of myself right now....

First of all let me tell you that I have morphed into a computer expert. Been fixing crashed computers, upgrading windows software, and tutoring in Microsoft Office.

I am the Hood's Help Desk for my block!

So in my journey to fix these damn computers...I decided to do some work on myself. I knew I needed a website...but honestly I didn't want to pay for it. I sat back and admired and envied my main man EJ Flavors...

Well Now I have a site!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Click in and listen to my newest creation

Sex-Harlem style!

just click on the first song and try not to touch yourself when you're at work...LOL

(the actual website should be up by this weekend with ways to contact me for your own mixtapes...for now just enjoy the radio blog)

And for all of yall requesting this radio blog...u better leave a comment...shit...even if you didn't request it.... leave a comment...I need to know how it's working...and if you like the songs ;)

Testing Radio Blog

Like I said...this is a's coming shortly...


Monday, October 17, 2005

Internal Struggles

I got back one of my papers. I will admit that I'm a little pissed. I got an "A-/A".

What the F&*^?

I had a feeling I would screw this paper up. The professor wanted it in the first person. I never do that in a paper. I'm an English Literature major...YOU NEVER USE THE FIRST PERSON!

I wanted to say to the professor... "Just give me the damn A....I did the extra credit question! F&*%er!" The extra question that nobody else even tried!

I had an Internal Struggle not to smack his ass...

Here's the question and the paper...oh..and it's in Philosophy...

Tomorrow? Monologue from the "Taming of the Shrew".

Question: Out of all the definitions of piety discussed in the Euthypro, pick out the one you think best. Out of all the definitions discussed in the Meno, pick the one you think best. Can you hold them consistently? or would living by them at the same time lead to contradictions in your actions? Explain, keeping in mind Socrates' criticism of your chosen actions.

Internal Struggles with Piety and Virtue

I chose definitions of piety and virtue that are not perfect. Socrates was able to question them so thoroughly that the original experts (Euthyphro and Meno) were unable to stand by their own descriptions. I also have my own dilemmas with confirming them as absolute truths within my own religion: the Church of God in Christ (COGIC). I do believe in the possibility that these definitions that I chose as the best ones, have clarity and can be found within the Bible, which I hold as the absolute truth. I also believe that within the Bible I may find a way to live a pious and virtuous lifestyle.

One of the definitions for piety that I found in the Euthyphro is “something which the Gods love”. This definition applies to my life because in my religion (COGIC), we are taught numerous behavior traits which our God prefers. My religion is a monotheistic one and presents less of a problem than the polytheistic beliefs held by Socrates during his time. In my religion we are also taught to believe that the Bible is the Word of God and contains one harmonious and sufficiently complete system of doctrine. We also hold the Word of God to be the only authority in all matters and assert that no doctrine can be true or essential, if it does not find a place in this Word. Through the Bible we are taught the specific items that God shows approval of. In Philippians 4:8 tells us that in our daily lives we should think about “whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” By following this admonishment by the Apostle Paul, we should be able to live pious lives as COGIC Christians.

At different times in my life, I have found it impossible to think of things lovely or pure. There are times when life seems so bleak, that thinking of a nice day or how someone received justice does not cross my mind at all. Another classic example of my failing to live up to the Holy instructions of the Bible is found in 1st Corinthians 3:16-17, “Know ye not that ye are the temple of God, and that the Spirit of God dwelleth in you? If any man defile the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are.” I am a smoker. I have been smoking for years. I know that this habit is an affront to my God and the religion I believe in, yet I still indulge in this horrible pastime. As a result, I am living in opposition against that which I believe in so strongly. As with Socrates, I am unable to confirm concretely that this is an action specifically banned by God because it isn’t written in the Bible and wasn’t told to someone that I know personally directly from God. I have to believe by faith that this act is harmful to my attempt to live a pious life. Faith is not easy, so like Socrates, I continue to question my doctrine to get a concrete answer to the question of piety and what would be actually pleasing to my God.

A characterization of virtue given to Socrates by Meno is “the desire for things honorable and good”. I believe that this classification best describes virtue in my religion. The Bible tells us in Romans 14:19 “Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace, and things wherewith one may edify another.” By continuously seeking tranquility and uplifting one another, we can avoid the pitfalls that accompany evil thoughts and desires. By wishing good for my fellow man and following a path of righteousness, my desires will be praiseworthy and suitable to the God I serve. Another way of obtaining virtue in my religion is the receiving of the Holy Ghost within your personal self and The Holy Ghost will provide you with virtuousness and incorruptibility.
I have been known to make trouble occasionally. I know that I don’t always have my fellow man’s best interests at heart and sometimes I will ignore them in order to gain personal achievements. I try to believe in the scripture that says in John 14:26 “ But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you.” At this point in my life, I am still awaiting the arrival of said Holy Ghost. I cannot say that I ever received the Holy Ghost, but I have seen its presence dwelling in others. I can also say that these Holy Ghost filled persons are very holy and virtuous. I have to continue to have faith that the Holy Ghost will fill me at some point and enable me to desire all things designated as virtuous. Socrates believed that no man would ever truly desire to do evil instead of good. I actually disagree with this principle. I have encountered some truly evil people in my life and I know that they really had no intention of doing good things. Therefore I cannot agree with Socrates’ dissention with the above definition of virtue by Meno.

The definitions I chose of piety and virtue are not perfect. Socrates found a way to poke holes in them and I also have my own problems confirming them as absolute truths. However, I still believe in the possibility that they are true and that within the COGIC doctrine; I may find a way to live a pious and virtuous lifestyle. In order to do so, I must receive the Holy Ghost to fight the internal struggles that lie within every human being and adhere to the scriptures in the Bible that detail the correct path to follow.

-Literary Diva

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Tree Tings Mahn!

I read it so I was tagged by Princess...I'm late in getting around to this...(And late to church too)

[1] People who say they can't do something. Can't isn't in my vocabulary.
[2] Men
[3] Why we all just can't get along? (Rodney King)

[1] Digital camera
[2] Number to call for my grandmother's blood cleansing medicine
[3] Cup of lemon herbal tea (trying to quit coffee)

[1] visiting all the sites on my page
[2] Talking to C
[3] Watching VH1 Soul (Kelis- "Get Along With You")

[1] Visit the Seven Wonders of the earth
[2] Appear on TV hawking my new book
[3] Meet Prince in person

[1] DJ for 8 hours
[2] cook Spanish food and Soul food at the same time
[3] write a 5 page paper in 2 hours.

[1] serious
[2] cynical
[3] witty

[1] give up on love
[2] threesomes
[3] believe in the word can't

[1] Jesus
[2] Prince
[3] Me

[1] A lying boyfriend
[2] the devil on your left shoulder
[3] The President

[1] Yeah right...
[2] really?...
[3] humph...

[1] Fried Flounder with Linguine
[2] Jerk Chicken
[3] Sweet potato pie

[1] Love
[2] play the piano
[3] HTML

[1] Coffee
[2] Vodka
[3] Hennessey

[1] Archie and Jughead
[2] Jackson Five
[3] Electric Company

[1] Kiss
[2] hug
[3] Love

Friday, October 14, 2005

Milk and Cookies

“Him say we can’t have no Milk and Cookies.” Bernie Mack

I really hope yall enjoyed all this blogging from me this week. Vacation (Thank the Lord for the Jews) has been really nice and it’s time to get back to work. But before I go back to posting twice in a day every other day or so… I must tell you that ……

VH1 Soul is the shit! If you don’t have this in your digital cable line-up…you are really missing out. I’m sitting here right now watching Brand Nubian’s “Slow Down”…at 10:30 in the morning! Last night I missed all of my regular shows…including “Everybody Hates Chris”….They had a SWV mini concert and I couldn’t miss it. R&B and lite HipHop videos all day….every day…Thank God! I can play this all day and not worry about the twins watching? How great is that? They play Lyfe Jenning’s new video with Fantasia…”Hypothetically”…

"Jesus said Hi, God said why you ain't on your mission?" Classic!!!!!!!!!!

You must check it out….of course I was up on it months ago …but nobody listens to me…I need a radio blog like EJ. This morning the twins and I were singing along with Next’s “Too Close”…I could watch Common’s “Testify” all day! No they didn’t just put on Jon B “Don’t Talk”!!!!!!!…Give me a minute while I indulge in some blue eyed soul…

Yall need this channel in your lives…

Milk and Cookies…

The picture above is of my friends and I at the tender age of 19-20. We went to the Jones Beach GreekFest (amidst all of the objections from various boyfriends). Looking at this picture…I see the innocence…

who would wear a french roll to the beach? Diva!

With curls in the front? Diva!

I guess I wasn’t really planning on swimming…and it was windy as hell…We had to wash and comb our hair for 2 days to get all the sand out. Funny…I’m actually smaller now than I was then….All those mens in thongs…It was my first experience with Greek outings…Yall are crazy!

There’s a quiet phenomenon that occurs when women reach the 30 range. Younger men look quite tasty. I’m not talking about 4 or 5 years younger…I’m talking 8-10 years younger. Milk and Cookies range.

Milk and Cookies? What the hell is Diva talking about now?

M&C = He’s too young to drink…so you have to give him milk and cookies when he comes over.

Now for some reason….a woman dating someone that young? She’s looked at as a cradle snatcher. Is she crazy? Why would she want him? He’s just a baby…she should know better. But yet…It’s ok for grown ass men to lust after



But I keep hearing flack when I say Damn…You know Chris Brown? He reminds me of someone…and maybe 16 is a little young…but…



Borrowing the words of Diggs…they could all get it!

Yeah it’s a fantasy…but I’m human right? Because I crossed the threshold of that so-called dreaded age…I should immediately cease all appreciation for the male attractiveness if his age is below legal state levels? I’m not a pedophile…But soft skin, hard abs, tender feet…Really I’m not R. Kelly..... But some of these boys is looking good. When I was 19, there was no limit to the men, who10-12 years older than me, thought I was mature enough to handle a real relationship. And I was. But more likely they really wanted something fresh…Which I still am LOL

Being a “M&C” had it’s benefits too. At 19, I was dating well-known DJ. My friends and I had unlimited access to the hottest club in the city for years. Even after we broke up. I went to trendy parties and hung out at KISS-FM. Granted... I was probably more mature than most 19 year olds. I had my own apartment, worked full time and went to college full time…so I had it going on LOL…But the age difference was still there. The naiveté. DJ got dumped for “The Indian” when he went on vacation and didn’t call me once. He came back from Jamaica and went on the radio. When I heard his voice over the airwaves without calling?…I changed my mind (Like Keyshia Cole) I had a short attention span even then…But we remained friends. Even until today. My DJ mentor…I wish he would get a damn website already.

I listened to a story this summer about a guy who is my age…dating a 19 year old. It almost made me mad…until I remembered that I was once that girl. Then I listened closely to the tale. Similar circumstances jutted out from the narrative and I was able to see the older man’s point of view. I also understood that the couple’s goals and ideals were sharply different and because of this… their relationship was doomed. He went to pick her up from work one day and she was leaving with another fellow…a younger fellow….I was reminded of unmarked cars following me to school…to ensure that I too…would not follow the unfaithful path….When we are young …we have unlimited choices…sometimes this doesn’t change

At this point in my life…I’m know I can’t do Milk and Cookies….There are too many places that I need to discover with a partner who is also tired of the constant whirlwinds associated with the dating scene. A person who is in between manhood and adolescence is not equipped with the mental stability needed to form a long lasting union….or so I think….

But I have female family members and friends who have indulged in M&Cs once they reached the “Flirty 30” stage. Some of the relationships are still lasting until today. I guess I can’t really judge…

But what do you think? Could you? Did you?

I still got it Dammit!!! LOL

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Time Will Reveal

I know just how you feel
But this time love's for real
In time it will reveal
The special love that's deep inside of us
Will all reveal in time
” Debarge

I wanna hear this in the morning next.

Strong Men in my life part trios LOL

Nah seriously….in continuation of my train of thought this week….How could I not talk about my Dad. That what I call him. Dad. It’s so short and quick…but so to the point. Because that’s what he is. I hope I don’t get choked up before I finish this post….

My stepfather entered my life at 18. At this time I had already left home (went away to college). When I came home and got my own place, the only contact I would have with him would be on the chance occasion that he might be home when I stopped off to see my Mommy. I don’t think we had that many conversations. LOL He was very quiet and unassuming, but I could see immediately his love for my mother. He drove charter buses to Atlantic City and would often work double shifts. He didn’t want my mom to work. He took care of her and the household. At the time, I will admit, I wasn’t that shocked. See… that’s what my mom always said that a man would do and it was what we were used to. Now I look back and I’m like Damn! Dad gives my mom money every week just for her own pockets? WOW!!! How many of us wish for something like that LOL…But he does it cause he’s from the gentleman generation. And he loves my mommy.

But like I said…I didn’t really pay much attention to him. I was wrapped up in my own life. Until I was leaving to get married and he pressed 50 bucks in my hand…for my own pocket he said. LOL I laughed…but I used it LOL…When the twins were born…he was right there at the hospital…His grandbabies he said…My dad has another daughter who is probably 5 or 6 years younger than me…but he never got to see her. Her mother moved her away when she was two…and he never had any other children. At that moment I heard him say that ....I looked up like…”Wow, he really does consider me his daughter.” I began to pay attention to him. Seek out his advice. Talk to him alone. I found such a interesting man behind the quiet façade. Then him and mom got married. Wow…How beautiful. The wedding was simple…and attended by my twin brothers and her best friend. I DJ’d the reception and gave a speech.

He has always held a job. Always had a car. After I helped set him up with his first computer, he taught himself everything he needed to know and has a thriving Internet business on the side now. He loves to vacation and will spend hours driving to Memphis so my mom can spend months at a time with my grandmother. We spend time discussing politics and he is an active member of his union. When they went on strike a few years ago, I loved seeing him on the line when they showed it on the news. I was so proud. He stands up for what he believes in. And he believes in family. He didn’t let the idea of another man’s children deter him from becoming a great father. I know my brothers feel the same way. He knows I love my real daddy but he also knows the depth of my love for him.

This man is the perfect grandfather. For example last weekend, he took to twin terrors to the Gameroom…..Alone….All day….Just because he loves to spend time with them. When they stay the weekend with my parents…They spend time with him learning about computers or watching the Nature channel, while he imparts all kinds of knowledge to them. The twins adore him. “Grandaddddaaayyy”…is one of their favorite songs LOL He is always concerned about us and stops by at least twice a week to make sure we’re ok. Every time with a few dollars…”Just for their pockets”, he says.

Time really did reveal …what a wonderful person my my Dad is. And how much love he has for our little family. My mommy has the perfect guy…I love him to death for that. He has really shown me what love looks like. I appreciate him for that. When I get married again? That man is walking me down the aisle…

Slow Jams On My Mind

1. Al B Sure - oooh this love is so
2. Az Yet - Last Night
3. Color Me Badd - I Wanna Sex You Up
4. Debarge - Love Me In A Special Way
5. El Debarge - Time Will Reveal
6. Force MDs - Tender Love
7. Guy - Piece Of My Love
8. Guy - Lets Chill
9. Johnny Gill - My, My, My
10. Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever
11. Rene Moore & Angela Winbush - Your Smile
12. Melissa Morgan - Do Me Baby
13. Miki Howard - Love Under New Management
14. SOS Band - Tell Me If You Still Care
15. Stacy Lattisaw with Johnny - Perfect Combination
16. Blackstreet,SWV-i can't get you(out of my mind)
17. Blackstreet - Don't Leave Me Girl
18. The Branford Marsalis Quartet - Harlem Blues

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Sweetest Hangover

If there’s a cure for this
I don’t want it
I don’t want it

If there’s a remedy
I’ll run from it
I’ll run from it

Think about it all the time
Never let it out my mind
– Love Hangover (MS. ROSS)

Also the song I sang at 20/20 down on Church St last night…..

I do have a hangover…in both senses. I have to shake it off somehow before 9 pm tonight at Coogan’s Parrot Bay on 93rd and 3rd …For????????


I went to Karaoke last night with one of my best friends Ellis. He’s the twin’s godfather. Since I was writing about the strong men in my life this week…He should definitely be included. I never really talked about him before…..but he gave me permission so Yippee!!

Carmella is fond of saying that I was on a Karaoke tour for 5 years. She’s right. I must have hit every bar with a karaoke machine from here to Philadelphia …Yeah I went to Karaoke when I went down to learn line dancing…a whole ‘nother story!

I love to sing…but I’m scared of Public Speaking? Yeah…my first song took me 4 drinks of courage juice (Tom Collins). I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. Yeah chile….I poured my heart and soul into that one. At the bottom of this post you will see the Diva’s Greatest Hits. All the songs in my karaoke repertoire. From there began a long journey through bars and bowling alleys LOL. I became quite a good bowler as well. And chess too for some reason….I digress…

This began 12 years ago…As you can see…. the birth of my twins kinda halted my stellar career…A lot of dreams were deferred. But at the close of finishing one of my dreams…I have decided to return to my love of the stage.

Why? Cause this is how it feels…..

They announce my name. It makes me so shy and humble. I say a few words to make folks laugh and bemoan my singing skills. The screen lights up and the music begins. Those who don’t know me are waiting to see how you will sound. I hear “Oh, she gonna sing that?” “Hmm, I hope she good”. Those who know me smile and say “Sing Diva!”. The words light up…but I don’t need em. I’ve been singing this song in my head, shower, car, house for years. My body angles towards the mike and out comes a voice that I can’t hear but I can feel its slide up my vocal chords….True and strong. My heart smiles and my ears pop. The melody lifts me above my amateur status and for a brief moment in time….the song is mine…I made it…I claim it.

Applause and it’s over…until they call my name again.

That’s how I feel about Karaoke…and I am sad that I let it go for so long. But I’m baaaackkkkkk!!!!

Best Buddy

And who better to hang with but my best bud Ellis. Perfect gentleman. 12 years of unwavering friendship. Also the best singer I’ve ever heard. He’s married to a wonderful woman and we are also friends. They have 6 children. Their youngest is a year younger than the twins. Most of the time it’s just me and Ellis hanging out though. He doesn’t drink. He can’t. He saved and a Elder (not at my church). But he drinks his soda and sings Luther, or Barry, or Teddy, or Lou Rawls even? The women lose their damn minds! He receives karaoke cards saying, “ We miss you” or “Where you been?” if he don’t hang out. Women stalk him everywhere he goes. Panties are left on the car. They investigate his credit and add charges to his bills if they work at Verizon or Cablevision and such. This sometimes presents a problem for me because they immediately think that we are together and their minor hatred of me in general magnifies!. When they see we are just friends….they become at ease. But it is hilarious to watch. I know he loves his wife. And he would never cheat. Ever. He bet not…I would kick his ass!

But me and Ellis have developed a relationship that has stood through all of my major love relationships. I never once hesitated in introducing Ellis to anyone. Anyone who gets to know me will know about him. But what’s funny is the reactions the men give him.

Here’s his take on the past..... Ellis said when I wasn’t around…

The Hebrew Israelite was very snide with him. Like real sarcastic. “You sound real good…singing with MY woman” LMAO

The ex-husband said..”Damn man all these women love you cause of your voice? I need to learn how to sing” Shows you where his head was…

The funniest was who Ellis called the “Little Fellow” (I call him the Angry Dwarf) LMAO Ellis said that he looked like he wanted to fight him…but Ellis wasn’t scared cause there were no stools around for the little fellow to stand on” DAMN MAN THAT WAS COLD!!!! He said whenever they came in to contact…the little fellow would mutter under his breath LOL

I say all that to say…Ellis has been around for a long time and nobody ever had to worry. We are as true as friends could be. We never crossed any boundaries or even suggested it. He knows that I love him only as a friend. I think we really bonded because of our love for Karaoke. But if we’re out together? Perfect gentleman…I said that already right? Holds the door, hold out your chair, picks up the tab, helps you on with your coat, walks you to your door or calls to make sure you got home safe. Calls to make sure your hangover is all right after 2 Hennessey and cokes cause your ass is a lightweight now LMAO. But never once does he expect anything in return. NOTHING

He knows a spot to go to every night of the week. If I wanna go out, he’ll always say yes…and since the twins…he has been having to do a lot of convincing to me but it worked…

He is another strong man with admirable convictions in my life…and I’m thankful to have him…

I can put the books aside a coupla times a week and hang out for two or three hours…and experience that magic feeling … LOL And besides…. it’s always fun. I can’t wait to sing again later on tonight ....

DJ Diva’s Karaoke Greatest Hits (No particular order)

1. Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
2. Diana Ross - Love Hangover
3. Madonna- La Isla Bonita
4. Vanity 6- Nasty Girl
5. Janet Jackson- That’s The Way Love Goes
6. Madonna –Vogue
7. Madonna – Like a Prayer
8. Crystal Waters- 100% Pure Love
9. Crystal Water- Gypsy Woman
10. Crystal Water- Making Happy
11. Prince- Little red Corvette
12. Prince- Morning Papers
13. Prince- When Doves cry
14. Prince-Let’s Go Crazy
15. Roberta Flack- Killing Me Softly
16. A Taste Of Honey - Boogie Oogie Oogie
17. Donna Summer - - Bad Girls
18. George Michael - Kissing a Fool
19. George Michael- Faith
20. Ike and Tina Turner - Proud Mary
21. Tina Turner- Private Dancer (Ellis’ favorite)
22. Chaka Kahn - Ain't Nobody
23. Gwen Guthrie- Ain't nothing going on but the rent
24. Mary Jane Girls - All Night Long
26. Blondie - - The Tide is High
27. Carol King - So Far Away
28. Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams
29. Annie Lenox- Walking on Broken Glass

I need to update my songs that I sing…LOL

Monday, October 10, 2005

It's was Men's Day!!!!!!

Yesterday was the 89th Annual Men’s Day at my church. What a festival we had! Every year the men of the church put on a special program. And we have a lot of men in my church…. They all coordinate their dress and ties. It’s really something. The picture above is of me and my grandfather. Mr. William Turner. Scroll down for my dedication to him. And don’t tease me either…I go to a strict church with no make-up or dangling earrings allowed. COGIC is no joke. So anyways….

As you can see I went as sharp as I could with all of the restrictions. I even wore my own hair lol… My Momma bought me the hat. She has great taste. Grandma brought me the Purse LOL…I wore red and gold from head to toe…inside and out (if you know what I mean) I was surprised a lot more women didn’t dress to the nines…I mean it was Men’s Day…But I guess I’m the only Jezebel…As you can see by the shape of the suit…I’ve lost a lot of weight but whatever…it’s an 8 but I think I’m hovering around a 4 now…My Auntie Bobo will take it in for me..Do u read my blog Auntie? (I think she does…and my Auntie Pam too) If yall do read the blog…you are hereby instructed to come to KT on Oct 26th for Annual Women’s Day. I’ll be singing in the choir. Oh and Auntie Bobo…I need you to take in my White and Gold suit too. We all have to wear white and I’m going to dress the twins in white too…LOL I gets my church on!

So back to Men’s Day. What a spirit filled day it was. There was an all male choir. They sang yall.. It was crazy. Like their baritone voices rose above the balcony and sailed out into the clouds hanging over Harlem. And my grandfather was up there too. Wow. To see so many men singing about a love for Jesus was just incredible.

The opening Preacher was Elder K. B. from South Carolina. He spoke on Genesis 3:6. Yeah…the one where Eve gives Adam the apple. When he announced it…I will admit I was a little hesitant. I was wondering if this sermon was to tell men to be wary of temptation…from a woman…LOL Yes I know…it was a Hebrew Israelite flashback. But he actually used it to tell about how once they ate the apple…Adam and Eve learned shame…and fear….and decided to hide themselves from God. To me that showed that they learned stupidity too. How you gonna hide from God and he made you? Messing around with the serpent will turn you dumb. He also preached about hearing God walk. You may wanna read the scripture so u'll know what I’m talking about. It was deep.

At the evening session…. (Hell Yes I went back!) …They had the Grand March. That’s when all the men march around the church. Well it started out as a march…and ended up the Soul Train Line. Chile them mens were dancing down the aisle…Some stepped like they were in a fraternity and some did a tambourine salute (you had to be there) …But it was a beautiful sight. Our Hispanic brother Emilio marched without his cane…which was a joyous sight. Our two Caucasian brothers, Art and Daniel, were also in the march…and seemed to keep in step most of the time... But they love the church…and we love them. Grandaddy Bill marched too…no dancing but he smiled a lot when he saw me.

The women? After the men marched…put on such a shouting display it looked like the AKA’s, Delta’s, Zeta’s and all the rest of them stomping women were out there! LOL (I love yall). I couldn’t take pictures because it would have been rude. But I sure wish I coulda shouted with them. I really need to learn!

All in all it was a great day. I was in church from 11am-8:30pm. I was complimented by men from age 18-80 LMAO…”you sure is wearing that red Sister Diva” LOL I was hugged twice too tight by the married soloist and kissed on the cheek by the new handsome YOUNG minister ( Both of them are in the pic…and not the man singing lol...I will only disclose via email LOL) I will admit…these things bothered me a bit…because if anyone knows me …They know I am not fond of physical contact by the opposite sex unless I know you…know you. And even if the minister is single….I vowed to stay out of the 20-28 range…..And I reached out my hand to both for a handshake…and both pulled me in.. Hmmmm…I’ma have to watch both of these brothers carefully… The Soloist kissed me on the lips last year…before I knew he was married…and I didn’t know it was coming…He did it so quick and I was sitting in my car….I told Grandma and she said it was a “saved kiss”. The only “saved kisses” on the lips I know are between a man and a wife…Nah…I’m gonna keep my distance from Mr. Soloist. His wife is on the Ursher Board and you know those women have eagle eyes! I don’t need no ish in my life. Lord Have Mercy! But that I'm looking at this picture...the organ player is fine too...LOL...Hmm....I always wanted piano lessons...I'm such a flirt...and I'm just kidding..... ...... ....... LOL

My Grandfather

I just wanted to post a special piece to him.

I have known Mr. Turner since I was 5 years old. He was my Grandmother’s boyfriend. I say was because she moved to Memphis and left him here about 4 years ago. Cold right? She never claimed him as her man….but I think she’s regretting it now. But anyway… Bill as we’ve called him..has always been in our lives. He has no children. He has no family in New York except for all of us. He has only one sister who lives in Virginia. He always had a steady job. After he retired from the Police department where he worked as a janitor, he worked in the Post Office as a Mail Handler until they forced him to retire from there too. For the past 27 years…I cannot imagine a family function without Bill. I can’t remember a time when we needed him and he wasn’t there for us. My grandmother raised 10 grandchildren by herself in the 80’s and 90’s. But she wasn’t always by herself. Bill was there everyday. Having no children of his own, he psuedo-adopted everyone of us. He bought vans instead of cars…so that he could drive all of us to church…in time for Sunday School…every Sunday. He drove the little ones up the hill to school every morning. He would change his work schedule to accomodate us. Any time you needed to go somewhere…Bill would be there. He drove me and my best friend Tusharra down to Virginia for a 3 college tour…We were the only tourists LOL. He drove me and all my stuff to Philadelphia to Temple. Then came back to get me when I was ready to come home. And drove my grandmother down once a month to visit me in Philadelphia and over to Franklin Mills so we could shop.

Every year, for about 6 years..Bill brought my Grandmother an engagement ring. Every year she turned him down. I couldn’t understand her reasons. This man had money whenever she needed it, did everything he could for her including pedicures in front of the TV while they watched CBS. I used to make a joke about his “foot tools” in his front shirt pocket. Bill was always prepared…Now of course…after we kids would go to sleep…and grandma was relaxed…you know what was going down….But never in front of us…They always kept the illusion. But I won’t even try to understand why she never acknowledged him.

He did do some strange stuff...Like he used to bring her cleaning supplies that he would pilfer from the Police Academy. Now I always got a kick out of it cause I thought Bill was sticking it to the "man" LOL...Well.. Bill would put the liquids into what ever container he could find. One day we came home from church and all the kids were excited because we had seen Bill put all this soda under the kitchen cabinet before we left for church. So we were looking foward to cold glasses of soda when we got home. Yup...You guessed it...Bill put the Pine cleaner in the Pepsi bottle and the Ammonia in the Sprite bottle. We had glasses filled with ice and was ready to pour. Thank God Jermaine was the only one who liked Sprite and he smelled the ammonia before we could pour the Pine/Pepsi. We almost didn't believe him cause he was the "slow" cousin.....Ok so sometimes Bill didn't think. My grandma wanted to KILL BILL...LOL...Bill was banned for 2 weeks....and the time he told me and my cousin Lenora we couldn't go swimming at Colonel Pool (Pronounced Ca-low-nee-all) on Edgecombe..."I don't know about that there 3 feet" is a classic quote!

All I know is that I need acknowledge him. I let everyone in church know that Mr. Turner is my grandfather. I had to. He is a wonderful man and has attended all of my special events (graduations, children’s birth and birthdays, wedding reception). Always there. The look on his face when I introduce him as my Grandfather? Priceless. So proud. So connected. I don’t think any of my 40 some odd cousins claim him. But I do…And will always continue to do so. And when I call him up to say “Grandaddy, how u doing?” and the phone call is short and sweet….I know that I made his day…..

He is one of the reasons I set my bar so high for the men in my lovelife to reach.

William Turner….my grandfather….one of the strong men in my life …..And I’m so grateful to have him…..He turns 70 this year…Thank the Lord for his presence in my life.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Buried Under Books Part Deux

I’m sickly today. Actually I was last night too. So much so that my delirious behind watched “Civil Brand” last night. Horrible.Horrible.Movie. Lisa Raye and Da Brat should definitely not be in another movie together. It only highlights their individual lack of skills.

I’m feeling sick. Up at 6am on a Saturday during a weekend I don’t have the girls. Crazy! I know what I’d rather be doing this early….My stomach feels weird…I’m dizzy and I have no appetite. Which isn’t good. My mother is already giving me the crooked eye. She said, “Baby, you aint throwing up or nothing, right?” I can’t seem to get through to her that my weight loss of 40 lbs came from eating healthy, plus an abstention from hormones. All she can see is that I’m the second skinniest in the family (Meeka holds that title with her skinny butt)…and it bothers her. But Mommy, I’m good. Well sick…but ok.

AC had to be cancelled. The reasons?…oh so many…but first and foremost…City College screwed me again. Why am I not surprised? I also have ish due in :

Philosophy: 1000 words on Socrates, King and the act of civil disobedience.
Baldwin: Ten pages on 4 topics (And the professor thought my other two papers that I posted here were very good)
Writers of the 20th Century: 3-5 pages, plus a web page
Speech: Monologue from “The Taming of the Shrew” (my favorite Shakespeare play) and a persuasive speech (Sassywow suggested Charities)

So once again…I’m sooo buried under books. Thank the Lord I’m out of school next week. I need to get them finished before I see Harlem again. I know he’ll want my full attention.

I had a looooong IM with Prodigal Sun yesterday. He is so my boy! Check out his site. He seemed awed by my family tree…but while I was breaking it down to him…I shocked myself…we will soon have 5 generations descended just from my grandmother…That is impressive. And she’s only 72. We’re either very blessed or very hot. LOL

So my blog brother…here’s the playlist:

Michael McDonald

1. Michael Mcdonald - I Keep Forgetting
2. Michael Mcdonald - What a Fool Believes
3. Michael McDonald - You Belong To Me
4. Pattie Labelle & Michael McDonald - On My Own
5. Michael McDonald - All In Love Is Fair
6. Kenny Loggins & Michael McDonald - This is It
7. Michael Mcdonald - Sweet Freedom
8. Doobie Brothers - Black Water
9. The Doobie Brothers - Drift Away
10. Doobie Brothers - Free Ride
11. Doobie Brothers - Jesus is Just Alright with Me
12. Doobie Brothers - Long Train Runnin'
13. Doobie Brothers - Takin' It To The Streets

Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Cup of Trust

Damn...I am still listening to EJ's Rock and Soul Mix...Stevie Wonder and Hall and Oates...Jesus! ...and I have to be in school all damn day 2morrow.

"Trust - who do ya?
Trust - what makes U a real lover?
Trust - I put this question to ya
" - Prince

When do you trust someone? Is it an automatic thing from the beginning...or 40 years later when you know it's just about dead and stinking anyway?

Seriously...I put this question out there....When do you begin to trust?

Can we honestly ever say that we trust implicitly? Or than in Jesus? But then don't we doubt Him at times too...even as small an amount as a mustard seed?

I am usually fond of saying:

"They start out with a full glass, I take sips to follow the bullshit and then...wouldn't you know it? The glass is empty...Gotta Go!"(Diva,1998-present)

Sometimes I swallow...

So the glass ends up emptier... quicker.

But do we really start out trusting someone 100%? From jump? That would be a little foolish too...wouldn't it?....Shit...I know I lie sometimes....It may not be as harmful as "Yeah I tested negative" and you as positive as the double line on my pregnancy test 7 years and 8 months ago...No... I wouldn't lie about something as serious as that....But I did lie and say I made some food that my neighbor cooked....Served it up nice too! Could he have trusted my cooking afterwards? Of Course!

But when you ask someone something important....when can you trust that they are telling the truth?

That's why I guess I love Christianity so teaches you about faith and trusting..but then again the Bible even says "All men are liars" (Proverbs).

I'll tell you this...I want to trust completely again... and...

I said it before...I like the answers I got...and maybe I'm naive but I'm gonna trust in them...Cause the cup is still full...

3 Days till AC

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Supermom/ October Chill Remix

Me and Sassywow are going to Atlantic City for the weekend....Thelma and Louise....Guess who I am....We both are overdue for a vacation...Lord I hope we don't get in no trouble...but we probably will....Some gambling, some drinking, some clubbin...big tings...any bloggers up for going? or live in AC? Holla!!!

Blogger somehow managed to lose my post for the October Chill Mixtape…But I’ll include it at the end of the post.

I lied today.

Today I lied on behalf of my baby…It tweren’t a big lie…But a lie nonetheless…

Tatyana has always been a day dreaming child. When she focuses…man…the child is brilliant…but she’s also quite willful….more so than her sister…She shows her emotions easily (like her momma) and can be stubborn (also like mom lol) …She’s been having a problem with her teacher….Teacher asks her to do some class work and Tatyana ignores her until she’s ready….in a Montessori the child stays with the same teacher for 2 years so her teacher is already used to my child. Well, this year the teacher has been yelling at my child.

*eyes narrow*


This teacher has been yelling at my baby and making her so nervous she goes to the nurse because she feels like her heart is racing. What kind of yelling is this teacher doing? This happened last week…and I had a nice talk with Tatyana…But when it happened again yesterday? I knew I had to confront this teacher. So today I didn’t pick them up at the drop off point…I waited in the principal office…Whatever I had to say…was gonna be heard by all of the necessary parties…

I looked that woman dead in the face and said….

“I understand if you are having a problem with Tatyana. At home, there are times where it is hard to get her attention. However, I have a problem with your methods. In my house we don’t scream or yell to get our point across. That is unnecessary and only leads to the child developing that bad habit. My home is quiet and peaceful and if you notice, when you yell at her she looks shocked and nervous (Teacher nods). That is because she isn’t used to it. If you must discipline her, please use a time out or stand in a corner method. It wouldn’t do for her to be scared of you because this might make her unable to concentrate and reach her highest potential under your direction.”

Now I know I lied…I know that I have yelled at the twins before…But honestly? It isn’t often. I hate yelling. And Tatyana really does give a nervous jump if you yell at her…so I use that voice very rarely.

Also? Ain’t nobody besides me, my momma and their father is allowed to be yelling at the twins. Ok maybe a member of my family if really highly necessary…But I don’t think that it is ever really necessary. I really wanted to smack the shit out of Magilla Gorilla for hitting them that one time…but I made sure that La-crazy knew that his wife was under a Final Warning (one time is all it took)…I may be smaller than King Kong…But my ass is fast like Mighty Mouse! She would have been admitted to the hospital where she worked as a security guard for messing with my babies again…with lumps like that wolf/cat in the Bugs Bunny cartoon…”Two or Tree lumps…Pop.Pop.Pop” (I love cartoons)

Now on the flipside…maybe the teacher was agitated trying to call Tatyana to do something…while managing 20 children on her own (the aide was out that day). It may have caused her to raise her voice…And I let her know that I understood her point of view too….

But no more yelling…I made my point clear…She lucky I'm a professional.....

I was my baby’s Supermom today. It felt good.

Now here’s the October Chill Mixtape Remix….

1. Remy Martin - Conceited
2. Chris Brown - Run It
3. David Banner - Play
4. Juelz Santana - There It Go (The Whistle Song)
5. Akon - Belly Dancer
6. 50 Cent - Outta Control (Remix) feat. Mobb Deep
7. Kanye West - Heard 'Em Say (Feat. Adam Levine of Maroon 5)
8. Kanye West - Touch The Sky (feat. Lupe Fiasco)
9. Young Jeezy - Soul Survivor (Feat. Akon)
10. Twista feat. Trey Songz - Girl Tonight
11. Alicia Keys - Unbreakable
12. Kanye West - We Major (Feat. Nas & Really Doe)
13. John Legend - So High feat. Lauryn Hill -
14. Dwele - I Think I Love You
15. Bow Wow ft. Ciara - Like You
16. Missy Elliott - Teary Eyed
17. Jaguar Wright - Sorry feat. Ginuwine
18. Nickleback - Photograph
19. The All - Dirty Little Secret
20. Lifehouse - You And Me
21. Frankie J - More Than Words
22. Eric Benet - I Wanna Be Loved "I feel you Eric...I really do" I keep playing this one over and over

Here are the lyrics

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Can A Leopard Change Its Spots?

Did you know that a cat only catches her prey 1 out of every 7 tries? Wow..I say "her" because everybody knows that it's the female who does the hunting. Unless the male is single and running around with some buddies. But once a male cat gets a woman? He ain't looking for no more food. Sounds like humans LOL

Ok Sway…I’m ready for my little discourse on the possibility of change. This is a touchy subject and I have been very open previously on the subject of homosexuality. I don’t have a problem expressing myself…because it is through dialogue that we are able to bridge communication gaps and gain enlightenment.

Sway shared a story regarding a Christian reformed homosexual who married his longtime girlfriend in her post "Fruity Cars, Broken Weddings..uh switch that". Read the post here.
It is precisely these kinds of stories that led me to my earlier conclusion that homosexuality was a choice and not a trait developed prior to birth. But even putting that aside….Is it at all possible for something like this to happen? Yes…

but since this blog is about Diva?

Let’s talk about if would Diva do it….?


Love yall….Lord do I have love for the children!

But I ain’t marrying one of yall because you got “saved” and changed your mind about what you wanted. I have that mustard seed that they speak of...and I know I don't have all the answers. But I know this...whether you chose the “life” or were born into it....No.

If you chose it?

Man…I don’t have the right equipment. If you really did choose to like the link sausage and the patties…my salmon croquet isn’t really going to satisfy your breakfast meat needs…..It’s cool…I ain’t mad at you…but if you’ve been taking it like a champ for years…I don’t have the tool for that either…And I ain’t getting nothing with straps either! So eventually…you will be looking the filler I just can’t give. I know what it feels like to be filled LOL and it aint no joke!...You just can't turn your back on that feeling...No Way!

If you born that way? (Great song too by the way)

You're fighting a battle with God and your true self by marrying me…You may feel like marrying a woman is the correct moral thing to do and it would be a constant inner struggle for you…and something that I might not be able help you deal with …or to watch…I am comfortable in my skin…I know who I am…and that how I can deal with this world…To be with an emotionally conflicted man (because that’s what I think such an individual would be), would cause too much strife in a marriage. I think that such a person would running from his true self and would never be able to love me in the way I need him to. I also don’t think the Lord makes mistakes…so if you really were born that way…then that’s the way you were meant to be…and not with me…

Maybe I’m wrong…and some wonderfully reformed homosexual…might complete my family at a later date….Ha!I sincerely doubt it…I mean seriously…and he would have to have zero femininity…but like I said…not gonna happen…cause as soon as you come clean about whether it was a choice for you…or you were born that way…but now through the help of Christ Jesus you were able to change you life around and no longer desire the dizzle?

I’m showing you the door….

So the answer to your question Sway?…No I do not think it will work LOL

What do yall think?

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