Thursday, March 09, 2006

Signs As Clear As Day

I have to post before yall start sending out search parties and the po-po after my non blogging behind.

I am coming to you live from the Metro North train up to CT. ( well I was...I typed this on the way to work)

I am working again yall.

I know you’re like “Hey … didn’t she already have a job?”

Yeah…but do to circumstances beyond my control…and those in my control…That job is done. And believe was for the best!

Besides…with the help of the Lord and the blessings he has been sending my way….i have had more than enough funds to tide me over until I found a job that I really wanted. Remember back in Oct…when I did my hundred?...I told yall that I wanted to move down South. That I needed to move down South. It is time for me to own my own house. My kids need to be closer to their father in Atlanta. I need to be closer to my Grandma and C in Memphis.

But despite the fact that I knew I NEEDED to do these things and that it was what God put on my heart to do…I still tried to avoid the move…and created excuses to stay here…I’ll give you an example…and a personal testimony.

In February, a international financial advisory company called me for an interview. I had not sent them my resume…but they picked out my resume from an employment service I had signed up with last Dec. I went for the interviews…but the job is located in CT.

The people I interviewed with were very nice people. Apparently they thought I was too because they offered me the job the next day. At 45,000 and overtime…and a raise after 6 months. The firm has offices in every major city in the world. Including Atlanta and Memphis and I could transfer anywhere after a year.

I told them yes but then Columbia University called. They also had my resume and wanted to interview me. The position they were offering seemed like a dream come true. I interviewed and they immediately wanted me to come back for the second interview with the Director. On the same day I was supposed to start for the CT company. I called CT and told them I couldn’t take the job. I really felt as if Columbia would be the better choice…especially with the free tuition option.

The CT job was very disappointed. They asked why I couldn’t take the position. I told them that the commute was too much for me. 2 hours on the train and bus and until I got a car…I really couldn’t see myself getting my children up at 5 am…just so I could get a job by 8. I figured this was a good excuse and I went ahead with the second interview on that Monday. The interview with Columbia’s director of BlahBlaah…was incredible…She took me out to breakfast at a swanky place on Madison Avenue…and we really connected. She was leaving the next day for a conference and assured me that she would be calling me upon her return…but I wasn’t officially offered the job.

During that week of waiting, the CT company kept calling me back to see what they could do to get me to come work for them. They called me everyday. Finally I relented and said that if I could work a modified schedule of 10-4 during the week and work weekends…that I would consider it. They had 4 conference calls amongst themselves to try and work this out. The partner was convinced that I was the one to work with him and he wanted to do whatever they could to get me in there.

Thursday night…I agonized over the choices I was making. I prayed to God as I usually do and said:

“Lord I put this in your hands. Thy will be done. I want to follow the path you want for me. Wherever you want me to go…I will go. Where You lead me Lord, I will follow. If you want me in CT, I’ll go. Please just send me a sign so I can know that it’s from you.”

That night I slept really well and even forgot about my prayer and problems. The next morning, the CT job called.

“Diva, we can offer you the following : an interest free loan of $1500 to help you get a car. We are also going to increase your salary to $47,000 so you won’t feel the payment coming out of your check. We will give you this money along with your first paycheck on 3/17. You can work 10-4 during the week until you get a vehicle and make up the time at home. We have purchase programs with all of the major dealers and we can help you get a low price as well as a low interest rate on your car. We also have home buyer programs for you should you decide to buy a house. We will also pay for online training for the Harvard Business School”

That was my sign.

The Lord showed me what I needed to see. I took the job.

But you know what? I still wasn’t happy about it.

Until I talked to the twins.

I asked them if they wanted to move to Memphis because I could get a transfer as early as next April. Their little faces lit up so brilliantly. They were so happy at the prospect of moving and getting a house…and they miss their father so much…It would be better for them to be only 4 hours away from him…where we could coordinate visitation during the weekends and vacations…I knew I had made the right decision. They will be closer to their father. And I will be with my grandmother who needs me…and my sister C who needs me.

The Lord really does provide for all your needs and helps you make the right choices….

I can testify to that.

So I’m working now. They gave me a brand new IBM Thinkpad that is with me 24 hours…so you know a negro is happy!

I have to thank Jesus for showing me the way!

See how my (the Lord's) original plan is working out?

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