Thursday, March 02, 2006

3's and 4's

I'd rather be on the ones and two's... I have my first gig as DJ Clean Spirit!....I'm excited...yall wish me luck...I playing at a celebration of a person's life...She is still alive...however she has terminal cancer....I will be playing healing and uplifting I guess you can imagine that I can't play T-Pain!

Well here's my memes...plural cause I owed LadyLee her tag...and It would be wrong of me to do Sharon's first...and that would reek of favor-tism...And Lord I don't wanna do that! ;)

So here's my 3's and 4's.... I really wanted to write about fools today and how you can find them according to the BIBLE...and I really need to write about Raul Midon...but now that will have to wait...I may still do it today...since we're expecting another snowstorm GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

DJ's 3's and 4's

3 screen names I have:

1. Domprncssa
2. DJ Diva 1973
3. AriesGirl

3 Physical things I like about myself:

1. My eyes
2. My lips
3. My breasts (Kill me...they still dont hang LOL)

3 Physical things I don't like about myself

1. My size 8 1/2 feet
2. My nose
3. I love there's nothing else


1. KFC- At 13...I posed as my 16 year old cousin...and obtained working papers in her name....and my first job as "Chris" was in Kentucky Fried Chicken. I worked the "Chicken Little" station. I would make 5 and eat 1. It was a good summer.

2. Translator - At 17 I convinced a publisher that I spoke Spanish and French fluently and I translated Spanish and French faxes...I lied...but I had some knowledge and a very good dictionary.

3. Bird Experimenter- In Temple I had the luck of finding a work study assignment with the Psychology Department. My job was to put them in these boxes and time them to see if they would learn to peck a lever for feed. But my main part of the job was weighing the pigeons twice a week and feed and water them....Those birds would freak out when I entered the room with my know I needed my music....I broke only one wing during my tenure...of which I'm proud...cause those damn birds would peck the webbing between my fingers...and the wing got broken when I tried to wear gloves...I did such a good job...that they wanted to promte me to working with the rats............I quit. I'm from the ghetto...we don't do rats.

4. Hotel Reservationist- I worked for Leona Helmsley.for.5.years. and. survived. Nuff said.


1. Purple Rain: I saw this in the Nova theater 8 times at the age of 12. It was my first video tape...AD bought me this on DVD when he brought my first DVD player. I introduced it to the twins about 2 years ago....I may just watch it again today. You will also want to include "Under the Cherry Moon", "Sign o' The Times (Concert Movie), and "Grafitti Bridge" to this as well

2. Dune: The SPICE...Man I am crazy about this flick. I sat through the mini series on channel 11 a million times...ok maybe 30...but I will sit for hours to watch this movie...Include "The Fifth Element" as a close second.

3. Amadeus: As a kid I saw this over and over...and I still cry when he dies at the end.

4. Conan: This is not an optional movie. When its on...I watch it...Period......I may have fallen in love with the Hebrew the moment when he told me he owned the soundtrack on tape..(I'm aging myself)

3 of my everyday essentials

1. My cellphone
2. Music
3. Sanity

3 of my favorite musicians

1. Prince (that's a no brainer)
2. Sting
3. Aretha Franklin

3 of my favorite songs

1. "And God Created Woman"- Prince
2. "Victim"- Candi Staton
3. "I Live You, I Love You" - Chaka Khan

3 of my hobbies right now

1. Blogging
2. Crocheting
3. Playing the Help Desk to the ghetto


1. Harlem, NY
2. Da Bronx, NY
3. Philadelphia, PA
4. Westchester County, NY


1. Grey's Anatomy
2. All Law and Order's
3. All PBS, CNN, News period
4. 24


1. Jamaica 2X- The first to Montego Bay to get married on the beach...the second after my Ocho Rios to get my groove back with AD...I'm going back to Negril...

2. St Maarten

3. Atlanta's All Star Weekend: We drove 22 hours in a snowstorm to get there

4. Philadelphia: right before the blackout in NY a few years ago...I had dropped the twins off with their father and went to Philly by myself for four days to learn how to line dance.

Ok well that's enuf....with all the other meme's I've done...this should be good enough!

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