Friday, February 03, 2006

Out of Touch/ 20 Bits

"You're out touch
I'm out of mind
Going out of my head when you're not around" - Hall & Oates

Since the accident I have been schelpping around on mass transit.

Oh My GOD!

I don't do Public transportation. Or at least I didn't since I moved here to the neighboring county, outside of New York City. 3 1/2 years ago.

In that time I had become really, really spoiled. I was always warm. Played my music on high at all times. Sang and danced in my driver's seat. Heck I used to drive barefoot cause I was so comfortable in my car. Whose pics I am going to post this weekend...You have to see that crash to believe it was a miracle...

But I had been so abosrbed with my little body armor/flying machine.

But taking cabs to buses to various trains....My God.

Last night I took 2 cabs and 2 trains to get to church...I was late..but so happy I got there in time to see the visiting Evangelist sing with a bass guitar and teach a reviving message...We danced last night yall...ALL over the place... got my 2 step going too...LOL

I learned some things on public transportation...

So inlight of all the serious talk...for Friday's entertainment...we will have

20 Bits on Public Transportation

1. I need an Ipod. Badly
2. I realized that people look at you funny if you sing out loud
3. when you're playing a tape player
4. without a FM/AM receiver
5. People really do just get up and come outside
6. without washing their face or brushing their teeth
7. Or choosing matching socks
8. Some folks really do have demons on them
9. I never had to sit on a train for 20 minutes because there was a sick passenger in the car in front of me.
10. I forgot I could walk a mile. Easy
11. The twins are happy it rained cause now we will take a cab to school this morning instead of walking to school.
12.PT really helps time management.
13. Nobody squeezed next to me in my car. Blech. SHE/He Touched me...Blech!
14. 10 cell phones in one train car/bus is really too much.
15. I learned I can listen to a conversation in Russian, Spanish, African, Ebonics...Not understanding one word...but being nosy enough to enjoy each click and clack.
16. People stare
17. I am beautiful
18. I smile a lot
19. I'm really friendly
20. Public transportation aint so bad...I love to people watch

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