Monday, January 21, 2008

The JayMoney Prince Workout Mix

What had happened was...

I been spending a lot of time over at Twitter. I chat with some of the best in the podcasting world : EJ Flavors, Fave, Todd Kelley, Mr. Fresh, Darren Keith and Honey Soul. That's not in any particular order but they are all at the top of their game. EJ being my mentor. By mentor I mean he had no problem reaching out to me and sending me tips and help. These guys have been giving me shoutouts and props in their awesome podcasts and I'm just as humbled as can be! I've met and reconnected with many people like Amneris and RPM. One of my newer folks is JayMoney. He's a techie and does live shows which could provide great knowledge. The Prince workout started out like this:

JayMoney- @dj_diva I think someone..hint hint should produce a mixed tap just for workouts, like so many mins of speed then slow down then 04:49 PM January 16, 2008 from web in reply to dj_diva

Anyon who knows me knows that I am the biggest Prince fan on the earth.

I own all of these songs and more so Prince bet not step to me!

Well I have been wanting to start podcasting for mad long. I have been posting mixtapes in the form of short lived radio blogs and extensive playlists. Lately I have taken the route of Imeem Playlists...and those are cool. But my wonderful husband got us a new laptop because my old one died....and lo and behold I had enough space for DJ mixing software. The request was just what I needed to try it out for something worthwhile. Because you see...JayMoney said in exchange he would give me a new layout. I think you all would agree I need one. That's why I love can connect with so many different people. Trade is a beautiful thing peoples...

I'm a little rusty and I'm working some kinks out...I'm kinda tired so I didn't record an intro..not to mention Prince is hard as hell to mix because all of his songs begin very distinctively... but here because of the @JayMoney challenge...I present to you

The Prince WorkOut Mix

Play here

Download Here.

It's my first one so please be gentle in the comments LOL

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