Sunday, February 04, 2007

Far Away from here

"Far away from here
far away from here
far away from here
just jump in a taxicab
pack a bag
and get away fast


I have finally separated from what I thought were my roots in New York City and took a plunge into the unknown yet familiar. It has been seven days since Scribe and I packed a van and drove down to relocate our family.

Am I happy? What? Are you kidding me?

Yes..I am. I am very happy.

There are no neighbors. No loud talking chickenheads (yes now I can speak freely since I moved! LOL)…sitting on the stoop…or throwing their men out of the house.

My children are still in NY. That bothers me a lot. A week is really too long to be without them. Yet there had to be some adjusting so it actually worked out better.

Scribe is happy. We live in a very beautiful house with parquet flooring. Rent free courtesy of my parents. For as long as we want to stay here.

Which for him won’t be too long. LOL …My fiancé is a complex man whose ideals far surpass my dreams of how a man should take care of his family. The amount of pressure he has put on himself this last week consistently made me alternate between, fussing with him, pleading with him and large bouts of inner pride. We have enough to tide us over financially for a while so pressure really isn’t needed.

Speaking of fiancé….

My grandmother lives down here. Grandma Diva is also very complex. Until she met him she insisted on calling him my friend. Earlier this week I had an opportunity to tell her that she should probably start calling him my fiancé since he got me a ring LOL. She laughed too and continues to refer to him as “your friend”.

Until she met him.

My grandmother took one look at Scribe's handsome face and promptly fell in love! LOL

He was respectful and talkative with her….and she ate it up…

So much so that she told him to call her if I acted up. Which I do a lot of. Scribe has mucho patience.

She thought my ring was beautiful and commented on the high quality of the diamond.

Later after we left, she called to tell me :

“Oooh Diva, he’s handsome. I believe he looks better than your ex-husband. Smarter too. Diva I think you done really hit the jackpot!”

I was happy to hear it. Somehow…throughout all of the drama ….my family has fully accepted Scribe and now regard him as a family member. My mother would now rather give Scribe instructions on the house maintenance instead of me. LOL

They believe in our love and what we are trying to accomplish and that means a lot. So much.

Grandma offered the use of her expansive backyard for our wedding reception. My cousin…the assistant Pastor of her church offered to officiate the wedding…

I am hereby making a public plea for Nikki of Infinite Ink to do my wedding pictures LOL (terms to be discussed of course!)

May 5th. Cinco De Mayo. The day I saw my love for the first time. A year to the day I will be named Mrs. Scribe.

Can’t wait!

So far so good in Memphis. With two job interviews next Tuesday with two very good companies and more certainly to follow….I am extremely happy to be here!

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