Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Monday Mixtape: Luther Vandross Fast Mix

Hey Everybody...It's time for the Monday Mixtape!

Yeah...I know it's Tuesday. Did I mention that I'm a mom and wife? LOL

I'm also the chick that puts it down twice a week. Show me some love!

This week I'm featuring Luther Vandross.

I miss him so much. I will posting his biography on Thursday, along with a double mixtape of his slow songs. There's time to submit your favorites in the comments.

Luther Vandross was full of Aries chacteristics. A typical diva, I will have to dig a little to get some of the good stories. Of how he often threw shade to other divas. I'ma have some juicy tidbits LOL

But in listening to all of these Luther songs (that I own), I reveled in the fact that Luther sang about all kinds of love. Secret, repentant, hopeful, expectant and romantic. The strength and conviction in his voice when he sang "Wait For Love" convinced me to do just that.

Enjoy the music of an Aries Man close to my heart. I'll always miss you Luther!

Listen Here:

Download at the Mixtress:

Track Listing

The Glow Of Love
Never Too Much
Bad Boy (Having A Party)
Stop To Love
'Til My Baby Comes Home
I Really Didn't Mean It
Best Things In Life Are Free (ft. Janet Jackson)
Give Me The Reason
Love The One You With
Power of Love
Can I Take You Out Tonight
Your Secret Love
If I Didn't Know Better
Wait For Love

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