Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Mixtape : Diddy Makes You Dance Vol.1

Hey Everybody!

It's time for Mixtape Mondays!!!!!

This week I decided to do a mix of Diddy inspired music. There wasn't a night that I was in the clubs that I didn't hear a Puffy track. So I put some of my favorites together for this week's mixtape "Diddy Makes You Dance Vol.1"

I hope he doesn't pull a "bitchass-ness" move and have me shut down like he did "A Hot Mess" last week! That was really a hot mess! So to avoid that, I didn't put the the track listing on this post. If he wants to know what's on it, he better have someone from his team listen to it!

You wanna dance? I'ma make you dance!



Download at The Mixtress:


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