Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Meme Time!

Ladylee of the afgan fame tagged me...and I'se so thankful Celie!

The meme is: Post the first sentence of the first post of each month (something like that). Like Ladylee did...if I had a picture I'll post that too! Also please not that some of these were taken from my old site BossyDiva over at Wordpress where I blogged most of the year...

Wow. This week has been frustrating. I have so many topics in mind to write about. It has been quite a long seven days.

Memphis.I have finally separated from what I thought were my roots in New York City and took a plunge into the unknown yet familiar.
Can I just tell you I'm happy?

We’re baby planning. LOL

I forcibly requested that LADYLEE of the cat and garden fame tag me to do a meme….Nobody hardly ever tags me…and as a result…I hardly do any….

A hodge podge piece of course.
I should have said n*ggas don’t think…nuccas…however you want to say it….but apply it with each section. Got it? Just insert Negroes..etc…you get it….you’re smart if you read this blog LMAO!

My grandfather? I wrote about him back in October 2005, paying homage to one of the most important men in my life….
Upon my grandmother’s return from NY she hit me with the best news of my life. News that made me stop in my tracks and I bursted into tears.

(Post script...on 12/31/07...yes I will be in Memphis to see this monumental event!)


I love being married.

I am having so much fun digging through my crates!
As Scribe said in his comment on the last post….there is a wealth of music floating around the house….stuff that I put together while I was active in the DJ life…Old School, Rap, Slow Jams, Spanish Music, Reggae…you name it …I played it!

Here's my playlist for new music in October (so far LOL)...


Rest in Peace My Wonderful Father

I want thank all of you for your prayers. I believe in prayer and I believe that all of yours helped. In the Dominican republic, they pray for nine days before they close the tomb. Thank you joining us in prayer.

Thanks Lee...That was fun...

I'm tagging: Chokk, Mad Poetic, Nikki (who prob won't do it LOL), and Young Miss....and anybody else who wants to.

(Look Leelee...I got it done on the same day LOL)

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