Monday, November 05, 2007

Drought/ November Jams

It’s time to write again.

Think about a drought. That’s what Georgia’s in now. A terrible drought. Everyday there are pictures and footage of the sinking water levels in GA. Just when Scribe got used to doing the lawn….there was a news bulletin letting us know that we were in a water emergency and that you bet not be caught watering your grass. Apparently some folks chose not to listen. There have been over 2000 violations. Don’t get it twisted…your neighbors will call the peoples on you.

I have used that term “the peoples” since I was little. People of authority, the law and generally anyone who had the power to shape your life. I have tried desperately to disconnect myself from the peoples….but somehow they always end up in my life in some form or fashion.

I’ve been going through a drought of my own. Do I regret the circumstances of the choices I made to get into that situation? Sometimes. I don’t dwell on it too long. My family needs a strong woman in this house. A woman who sometimes may make a questionable decision, but in the end, lives turn out better because of it. They need a woman of vision. A woman who can take the worst and turn it around. A woman who can hope, plan, scheme and pray about how to make life better for those around her. Someone who can see the big picture, and why we are here on this earth and what her charge in life is and who never lets go of a personal goal for herself. So I try not to beat myself up too much.

The difference now is…there’s someone else in this house. Someone who can sooth that woman’s heart. Who takes charge without questions. Who can make the dragons fly away. Who can see the full portrait of the piece we’re painting, yet can remember that the particular shade of blue we’re painting now, this corner of our life’s tapestry, has more red and yellows that I thought it did. He pushes me toward my goals and dreams. Not much of a “Don’t talk about it, be about it”, more of a “Yeah, that’s cool, But let’s couple this with this”. A constant thinker combined with an active personality. A calming, yet exciting dynamo of laughter and kindness. How did it come about that he dropped out of the sky into my arms?

Doing this time of hardship that we faced, I had no desire to write. This time I wasn’t going to try and justify the moves I made that led us to this. That part was shared with my husband. My best friend. Who could understand why I did what I did, because he saw me come home every day downtrodden from that school in Memphis. Saw my weakened spirit, although victorious every battle, that the soul was battered and weary. He saw what would happen if I continued with the original plan for ATL. He said it was ok. That I didn’t have to do it. Helped me devise a plan and we acted accordingly. Was it convenient for everyone else? No, but it was the only way for us to choose. We wanted different jobs, a different way and a life that we chose.

As you can see, I’m writing again. That must mean something has changed in this equation. We did get the jobs we wanted. Maybe you didn’t hear me. We got the jobs we wanted. I mean really, really wanted! In thinking about it, it had to be divinely inspired. I am working for the largest state school in ATL. Which allows me to continue my original dream of becoming an English Professor and possibly Dean someday. For free. I have a nice office, great bosses and limited contact with b*tch shit. I probably won’t be writing that much in the next month or so, I have a lot of work related classes to take and my lunchtime will be spent at the writing studio getting my personal statement and writing sample together. There is the matter of the GRE’s as well.

And my handsome, sexy, and wonderful husband? He got his dream too. He working at a very historic HBC, which gives him the opportunity to dress up in suits and ties everyday and become “Oh, the cute guy in the corner office down the hall”. I’m married but I ain’t dead. I’m still the jealous green eyed sprite! It’s just great that we work 20 minutes away from each other, so I get to carpool with him. That’s right! Drop off and pick up! Them bourgeois witches ain’t getting my husband LOL He is extremely happy with his elevated position and I am too. My husband makes more than I do. This may be crazy, but it feels good. These two months haven’t been easy, but the visions have become reality.

He’s going be taking care of all three us for the next year or so. Majority of my check will be laid aside for plans and visions. I am reminded of this woman I saw on the news. 5 years ago, she and her husband decided to start going green. They attached rain barrels to their house to be able to use the rain water to water her garden. Of course there was no drought 5 years ago, but because of what she did then, she is able to have the prettiest lawn today on her street. Compared to her neighbors, she is living in the Garden of Eden. If nothing else, we have learned to become like Joseph in Egypt. We’re getting budgets together and setting up for DDay. Valentine’s Day. Because…

2008 will be about getting our shit straight cause in 2009 we’re going to be living fine!

Mark my words.

Things are not completely back to normal, but in spite of the drought, things around here are starting to look pretty green.

Here's November's Playlist...Enjoy!


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