Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Our First Valentine's Day

Today....after 9 months of pure love....It's Valentine's Day.....

I haven't been too into the holiday in years.....but this year I really understood what a love gift meant....

God really must love me....He gave me a wonderful present last year...well in advance of this flowers to chocolates to diamonds to chip....but a wonderful man to love and take care of me....and in this last week it has really been through "in sickness and in health"!

I demanded that Scribe not buy me one thing....and I meant it.

This was not a day that he needed to prove anything to me at all. He has already done that and there couldn't possibly be anything to give back to him in return. I'm so lucky that he thinks my love is enough. I'm thankful that I have so much to give him.

But of course we had to get each other something. In the last few days we've been sneaking around town....trying to find the best cards we could for each other....with all of the posts we written about loving one was difficult to find a card that expressed what we felt....

But without further ado...I present...

Scribe and Diva's First Cards.... (break out the tissue LOL)

First up?


For My Sweet Valentine

You tease me with your eyes
and thrill me with your kisses,
Impress me with your mind,
remind me life is bliss
You serenade my ears
with your sweet talk on the phone
and leave me softly sighing
at the scent of your cologne

You fill my world with color
even when the weather's gray
and have me smiling secret smiles
with thoughts of you
all day

You move me and you groove me
I can't help but let it show
Sweet baby, I'm so into you
(As if you didn't already know)

Happy Valentine's Day

and now from my Daddy

With you is my favorite place to be

whenever i am in your arms

i'm in my favorite place

and when i gaze into your eyes,

i see my best friend's face

without you near to share my life

i don't know what i'd do....

cause every day i find myself

much more in love with you.

Happy Valentine's Day

I cried with I got me it was so special.....I asked for permission to post them...and he said yes....So while he's drawing my nightly bath...which he does every night and not just because it's V Day.....I decided to share a portion of my gift with you guys....

I hope you had a good day too.

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