Thursday, September 27, 2007

Over Thirty Thursday/ Old School R & B vol.1

I am having so much fun digging through my crates!

As Scribe said in his comment on the last post….there is a wealth of music floating around the house….stuff that I put together while I was active in the DJ life…Old School, Rap, Slow Jams, Spanish Music, Reggae…you name it …I played it!

But for today…we have:

OVER THIRTY THURSDAY/ Old School R&B Vol 1 !!!!!!!!!
(click the title for the music)

Music for those who were born in the 70’s…

For me…the 80’s was the beginning of my DJ career…My mom and dad were clubheads…who used to do the hustle in the living room to practice their routines before they hit the disco….My mother began to ask that I put the needle on the records. Then when she realized my talent for it…she would tell me to keep the party going! While her and my godmother drank a half pint of Bacardi…I would keep playing her 33s and 45s…until they finally were hyped up enough to hit the discos…As a result…my memory for the hottest songs of the 80’s is quite extensive…

Disco…that will be next thursday LOL

I wanted to share the track listing…and why these songs stuck with me so long….

1. Aint No Stopping Us Now- Now this of course is a classic. I don’t need to say much do I?

2. Keep On- This song always reminded me of struggle and perseverance. One of my dad’s favorites…I love the break that comes around minute 6…REACH…REACH…You’re almost THERE! Don’t you…let nobody…keep you…from reaching the top!

3. I Hear Music In The Streets - Man…watch my mom and godmom work their big asses around the livingroom to this song was straight comedy! Classic Line: “When I hear the music, I can’t help but get down“…and I still can’t…..

4. Over Like A Fat Rat - Come on man…who doesn’t know this song?

5. One Night Love Affair- Whoa…I mean like whoa…This song came out in the 80’s…but it was such a testament to my life in the 90’s….What woman doesn’t identify with this song? Classic line:

“I’m a fairytale princess in search of a knight,
and I never believed dreams come true
I’m just like you”
6. Victim: my personal all time favorite song. Period. I identify with song soooooooo much. How many times have you been a VICTIM? I know I have been….too many times to count! Candi Stanton really put our feelings into words…the idea of meeting a man…thinking it will be great…only to realize that he has moved on to the next bitch….chick I mean LOL

Classic Line:

“Already, I’m being left at home

I wonder what it is

that makes a man leave a girl so all alone

Another woman is usually the thing

Running round just don’t seem to change

I’m a Victim!”

WORD Candi!!

7. Watching You- My uncle Al used to love this song….he would change the lyrics and it always ended up that nobody was watching anybody LOL

8. Let It Whip- My mother would put this on before she would beat us…Nuff said!

9. Circles- I remember spinning around and around in the livingroom with my father…I am still a great hustle dancer thanks to him! LOL

10. Give It To Me Baby- My dad would come home from his club hopping, tore up from the floor up, and throw this on at 4 am. Used to wake up everybody in the house! But he used to get what he wanted LOL…Now this reminds me of my husband …he’s always begging for it! LMAO

11. Just Be Good To Me- This song didn’t have an impact on me until later in life…when I was trying to rationalize being with a player…It didn’t work obviously….but while I was a Hebrew…and in a polygamous relationship….it provided me some solace….

12. There’ll Never Be- Why come I didn’t know that was El Debarge until I was grown?

13. Gotta Get You Home- eh…I just liked this one LOL

I hope you enjoyed my first Over Thirty Thursday…Stay tuned for more…


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