Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Hot List for 9/2007

So I finally figured out how to share my gift of music selection with the blog world once again.

I think you guys liked my stuff…I’m almost sure you did…That’s what some of yall told me LOL

So here is my newest compilation….LMAO

Featuring the newest song by Alicia Keys…”No One”…It’s hot!

And a few others songs I’m really diggin…

DJ DIVA August Blaze 7

Come on and bounce with me….

and now that I’m back up and running….requests will be completed (wink wink S23. LEE!)

You can tell I’m Happy in ATL…I got my mojo back..LOL

I’m thinking of having blogger get together in Oct…Holla if you wanna come through…Strictly brown bagging it LOL…But I’ll feed ya.

Now back to the music…which song are you diggin on the list?


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