Monday, December 17, 2007

Scribe Takeover #10

Are we up to #10 already? It may be more but my husband Scribe deleted his entire "Documenting" blog and restarted a new one called Scribe Professional-The Morning After...Thank goodness I snatched so many of his pieces!

If Anyone is ever wondering how my husband feels about me, feels about being married to me, or feels about being the man in my household...You can read it for yourself. And please remember...I DON'T HAVE TO SHARE HIM WITH ANYBODY! Except for my kids and his momma (You know who this reference is for...I'm glad you're still reading...maybe you'll learn something!)

I've been a cad....Its been too long since I wrote anything of substance in appreciation of my wife DJ Diva--how foolish. Surely by now she must think I have lost something for her. Maybe somehow her words no longer move me. Or maybe her allure has faded in some way. Perhaps she thinks her kisses aren't as sweet, her touch no longer raises hair, yeah, arm hair....or maybe I'm just getting used to her. The answer is no to all of the above.

My wife is my everything. Everything.She's the woman I look forward to at all times. She's the woman whose honor I want to protect. She's the woman I look for in my sleep. She's the woman I lean on in times of despair and the woman I want to impress above all others. There are days I stare at her sleeping gently (Shut up, I know what you're thinkin') and I am amazed how far we have come together in such a short period of time. Through it all, we stared at each other, said "I love you" and moved forward. Real love. I have the kind of love you can't buy, reproduce or fake. You can't produce it with sex alone. You can't entice it with a hot car (unless its a red corvette...damn u Prince!).

My wife looks at me and knows me sometimes better than I know myself. They say women are like that, but none of the women I've been with have been this in tune with what makes me tick. My wife knows me, and she still hasn't fled....glutton for punishment I I don't deserve her and that's why I work so hard to keep her. You know, I look at her in royal terms and some have said that I am just plain whipped...perhaps. YAYYYYY TO BEING WHIPPED! Cause I get "it" when I ask and whenever she wants "it". I never feel cheated emotionally in this union. I never feel like there isn't anything my wife wouldn't do for me. My only hope is that she knows that there isn't anything I wouldn't give her. I hope she knows that whats mine is hers and she can bet the house on that. I hope she knows that she is the sexiest fucking woman I have ever been with. I hope she knows that I dream daily about Juicy and the Girls...some of my dreams are wet, others are during the day.

She's one of the few women I've met who would be justified in being a total, complete, snob. Sort of like, um, But she's way more down to Earth than I'll ever be. I'm so high-brow the stick in my ass has started to install insulation. But Diva is the life of our home. She is the party, she is the dance, she is the songs. She is the queen and the leader. She is the hell-raiser and the peacemaker. She works hard and expects the same from you. She earns respect simply by being who she is, which cannot be said for so many people I come across. My wife is dynamic. She's a hell of a writer and lord knows I wish she would just write 100 pages of something hot to shut alot mutherfuckers up and put them to shame. She's an innovator and she does it all with positivity and drive. Its a hell of a thing to watch and experience.(Bolding added by Diva)

Because of my wife I am...

Living in Stone Mountain, GA

Working at a HBCU in a position I love

A Father

A Husband

One happy Black man.

I cherish my wife. Sometimes when some of her old flames call (I hate these my daughter would say) with all that "How you doin'" ish, I get tight. First of all, Negro, you had your time to say all you needed to, now she gone, and here you are calling years later cause in the immortal words of Biggie, "You want that old thing back". Nah Negro. See...this is what happens when Negros think they pimps and then they realize they're not...they just got lucky. I've never had any such delusions. I never wanted to have Diva...I wanted to KEEP her from Day 1. She continues to be the illumination in my life. An angel sent to me to set and keep me straight. I am so grateful and so lucky to be married. With the way people talk about their wives and husbands I wonder if I'll ever be so disenchanted. I can't imagine that ever happening. I love my wife more than anything. I need my wife more than anything.So no, the allure has not faded. No, I am not falling out of love, or have forgotten what she means to me. I am basking in her prescence in my life. Sometimes its enough to just hold her in her sleep. Sometimes its enough to just know she's there.But um tonight....I got an appointment with Juicy! You hear me Diva?!? I may even bring a napkin.

I love you Diva, you can put that on everything. -Daddy


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