Monday, December 03, 2007

3rd Anniversary Worldwide

I want thank all of you for your prayers. I believe in prayer and I believe that all of yours helped. In the Dominican republic, they pray for nine days before they close the tomb. Thank you joining us in prayer.

Grief is a mother. Yeesh. I never knew it would feel like this.

I was very very very close to my father. And he was to me.

My 3rd year blog anniversary has come and went.

Have I ever found my nitch?

I have gone from a gossip....a personal dating blog...a Radio blog.

And some of yall have really stuck in there with me.

Jumped with me from Blogger to my not so secret blog....flirted with me at Vox and spent some time at Wordpress before jumping back with me to Blogger.

I mean there's my Husband Scribe...who is my very best friend in the whole world....who read my blog before he actually met me...and still decided that I was the hottest thing on the planet. Listened to some real bullsh*t...and recognized the hate for what it was. Promised me a way of life...agreed with the vision because it matched his own. Lives and loves with me in this wonderful house. You remember the rent money in the roses? Yeah that ish is still going on. My husband takes very good care of all of us. You remember his post on Trickin? He still thinks that his latest post here entitled "MY Wife DJ Diva"!

But my peoples who been down with me since Year know who you are. I look at your links , your old comments and I see you Nikki..S30/23....Leezie...LB (after I grabbed you)...even Swayzee and Chosen are back and forth on the scene. Once in a while Suzette jumps in and Ms. Tee and I have both grown together on our mutual cross country travels. Cymple and Unforgiving been hopping around too.

Safa has been sticking in there with me for a long time....with of course my baby Sis Sylvia who just had a beautiful baby girl!

My dudes have stuck in there too...EJ Flavors...whom I consider my radioblog mentor..always makes me step my game up. Flavoooor Fave!!!! and his beautiful, wonderful wife Eve.... Prodigal Sun who has been a brother to me...Daveywayne who has become a part of our family. A Gentleman is back on the scene...

I have new friends too. Sherri...running a cool ash site......Southern Black Girl, Sunshine and Sharon...and those who jumped over the broom from Wordpress like Mad Poetic and Chokkklit Soul (who just had bundle of joy) and Erica B whose skills always astound me!

I appreciate all of yall. and the ones that read me and I haven't mentioned...I'm sorry...I truly am. Please leave me a note in the comments so I can add you to the Blogroll which I just threw up over there on the left side. It wasn't intentional...please believe me.

I have no idea what this blog will be like this year. But unlike some of my friends...I'm sticking around this piece. No, I don't make money off this blog....I don't have thousands of readers...I'm certainly no Perez Hilton.

But I got friends. All around the country...and that's the beauty of blogging. I would be friends with everyone of yall in the physical...and it is my intention to meet every one of yall.

S30 has always liked my Worldwide Wednesdays. So in honor of her request to day...I will throw up my very first post. I'm still very proud of it and other Worldwide Wednesdays that I have done:

Friday, November 19, 2004
Brazil U.S. connections

While surfing the net on interesting blogs I came across some fascinating things about Brazil. Noam Chomsky posted a thought provoking piece on the U.S's determination in having Brazil to be chosen as the country to expand the Security Council. Yeah I said it...Brazil! Who in f cares about Brazil? So I read it. What kind of underhanded country do we live in? Chomsky connected dots I didn't even imagine were drawn. Long story short: the U.S can't afford to have Germany or France, who would the most logical choices, gain any type of leverage or even power. From what I see the U.S. is really trying to prevent any real major alliances. God forbid Japan lined up with China! Woe be upon us if France and Germany linked up(though it would be kind of funky in they meetings). Britain and Tony Blair are our boys! Most people don't know that our First President George Washington said in his Farewell Address, "be wary of foreign alliances, attachments, and intrigues". Looks like we have jumped head first into all three. So does this mean the U.S and Britain are the only ones who get to unite and hold the largest voting block in the Security Council? Well, if they gonna expand it, why not Brazil? We been basically helping them out for years. If you read the article on CNN, they basically tell you that Brazil wants to run South America. Which would alleviate our efforts to rule the whole continent. Let Brazil do it since we control them?

Well why is it interesting to me? I am currently taking Latin American Civilizations in school and considering we just finished studying the colonial period of Brazil and the decimation that the Europeans inflicted on the natives. One of the most horrible ways was with the Bible. Nasty missionaries and their smallpox and venereal diseases wiped out half from trying to spread the gospel. When looking at the current census provided by the CIA, 55% of the population is white (European), which also means they have a majority vote from the gate. They oppress the hell out of their minority population. FUN FACT FOR African Americans: According to Philip Curtain, a noted historian, by the completion, the on paper end of slavery in 1870, Brazil had the largest amount of slaves in the entire Western Hemisphere ; a grand total of 3,646,800. The U.S. came in second place with a paltry 1,552,100. Brazil is also one of the largest and successful drug smuggling countries in South America (don't believe all the hype about Columbia).

Seems like we'd make excellent bedfellows, don't ya think? I mean the U.S. and Brazil sound like sibling nations. Brazil, being the younger brother ready to enjoy some serious domination down there in South America. Like the Indians against the Conquistadores, those other countries don't have a chance!

Considering that I wasn't even aware of the flooding in the Dominican Republic that played a part in my father's death....I MUST go back to staying abreast of the news everywhere! Plus this Presidential race is providing great I'ma have to talk about that as well. I will also continue with my mixtapes and soul stirrings because...well because I'm DJ Diva!

My 3rd Anniversary....I don't know why...but I feel kinda special.

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