Monday, March 31, 2008

Monday Mixtape: Chicago Stepping/ Sean Levert

Hey Everybody!

It's time for the Monday Mixtape!

This week's mix is about Chicago stepping. Not the electric slide style of stepping...

The holding your partner close and swinging them out in gracefulness...and then back again. They hardly ever played slow jams in New York City clubs so when I traveled to other cities and experienced sensuousness of blew my mind.

R. Kelly broke the mold on my dancing experience with his first stepping tune "Step In The Name of Love". R. Kelly in the black coat(swoon) Instead of maintaining a respectable distance from my partner for fear of unwanted me and my partners were holding hands and really experienced an in tune, synchronized two-step. I would practice so many variations of it in the house, playing with my steps, kicks and twirls, that my twins are very good at stepping too. .
The DJs in New York would play the stepping tunes...but they never went further and played the slow jams that were good for stepping too. So my mix will combine what I've learned from both New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. It is heavily sprinkled with R. Kelly because he's my favorite but I'm sure you will enjoy some of the other tracks too. Shoutout to my girl Amneris who requested some slow jams for her birthday last week. The Brian McKnight is for you girl! I never knew about the Jon B song so I was very excited about finding it! The Curtis Mayfield is a classic and Gerald Levert has quite a few good songs for stepping.

Sidenote: At the passing of Sean Levert, the R&B community is in shock. My condolences go out to Eddie Levert and his family. To lose both of your sons at such a young age must be terrible for him. I wish you God's strength and blessings on your family during your time of grief.

Enjoy the mix!

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Track Listing

Step In The Name Of Love - R. Kelly
Red Carpet/Pause Flash - R.Kelly
Love Signals - R. Kelly
DJ Don't - Gerald Levert
For The Night - Musiq Soulchild
Touching - David Banner
Stepping Out - Big Gipp
Where Do You Want Me To Put It - Solo
Steppin' into Heaven - R. Kelly
If - R.Kelly
Beautiful - Damien Marley ft. Bobby Brown
Falling - Jamiroquai
Give Me Your Love - Curtis Mayfield
I Choose You - Willie Hutch
Stay - Temptations
Find Myself In You - Brian McKnight
One More Dance - Jon B
It's Your Birthday - R. Kelly
Happy People - R. Kelly
Step In The Name Of Love (Remix) - R. Kelly

(Pictures from SteppersUSA)


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